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Sign of Pisces: Characteristics, Love, Personality, Qualities, Flaws – Complete

Pisces , the dreamer of the Zodiac. The most sentimental of signs. The one who always finds himself between two paths: from placidity to emotional explosion. Pisces description

Governed by the Planet Neptune, Pisces is a Water sign, as are Cancer and Scorpio. Your keyword is sensitivity. Facing the harshness of reality is your biggest challenge.

Want to find out everything about Pisces? Immerse yourself in this sign’s personality and discover why it can be gentle like a river or churning like a surf.


Situated between Aquarius and Aries, the date of the sign Pisces is from February 19th or 20th until March 20th . This variation in the beginning of the sign is due to leap years, in which February has 29 days.

Twelfth sign of the Zodiac, Pisces is the last, the ultimate, the one who embodies the virtues and defects of all the others. Ready to ascend to higher dimensions, far above the uncertainties of this foolish world.


Pisces was the first symbol of the early Christians, before the cross was fixed as the visible mark of Christianity, a spiritual sword thrust into the earth. In this case, Pisces indicated prosperity, food and abundance. In Greek Mythology, the two little fish already appeared, associated with Eros and Aphrodite. Pisces description

Legend has it that a terrible monster named Typhon attacked Aphrodite and her favorite, Eros. They then asked Zeus for help, who sent two small fish, who carried the two on his back to a safe place. The goddess Minerva gave the little fish a great reward: they were taken to the stars, giving rise to the Constellation of Pisces. The Romans called Eros Cupid and Aphrodite Venus.


One sign, two paths – There is a reason the sign of Pisces is named in the plural. Like Gemini natives, Pisceans are dual, double and often multiple. So much so that the image that represents the sign is two Pisces going in opposite directions.

Pisceans can be this or that. And they coexist well with apparently contradictory characteristics, which can emerge at different times: sometimes very calm, sometimes very crooked. One moment generous, the next relentless. But despite some instability, the nature of Pisces is essentially tender.

Also among the characteristics of the Pisces are a high level of emotion and the ability to give oneself. On the other hand, their needy side can make them a little possessive in relationships.


If your birth took place under the sign of Pisces, we say that you have the Sun in Pisces. This makes you a Pisces, with all the tenderness and vulnerability that is peculiar to you.

We are now going to enumerate some characteristics of Pisces, his personality, virtues and defects. A quick dive into the mysteries of this sign can make living with a Pisces person as calm as a river of clear water.

Characteristic Pisces – Sensitive, deep and loving, Pisces natives can also be, because of the duality of the sign, ruthless and incapable of forgiving. That’s because your passionate soul can be turbulent with emotions. Like the image representing the sign, there are two types of Pisces swimming in opposite directions. It’s too much emotion, it never stays on the surface. Pisces description

Deep Empathy – A Pisces person is a person who knows how to put himself in someone else’s shoes. So much so that he not only understands, but suffers the pain of those around him, or even from the other end of the continent. On the one hand, he can be the best of companions, as he is always willing to welcome and help. On the other hand, you need to control your sensitivity so you don’t let yourself be affected by other people’s problems.


If there’s one thing Pisces isn’t, it’s an individualist. Dreamy and emotional, he suffers a little more than people of other signs. They are usually attentive to the other, get involved in humanitarian causes and let themselves be affected by social issues. The typical Pisces person only feels good when he can do good.

Now that you know a little more about the characteristics of the sign Pisces, know that even being represented by a double image, Pisces are unique. So if you’re not a Pisces, don’t try to be like one of them. It’s neither easy nor difficult. It’s just impossible.


As we mentioned before, Pisces is a sign that has a duality of behaviors and personalities, which makes it present opposite characteristics at some point. The Pisces suit can become irascible when hurt. The generally reserved person can become talkative and outgoing at a special moment. But like every sign, Pisces also has a darker side that can and should be controlled. Know some of your faults.

Too many dreamers – dreaming is not a defect, but living in the moon world can be. Pisces, when not encouraged to put their feet on the ground, can end up injuring themselves a lot in real life. He has little practical life skill and dreams of a perfect planet where everyone is kind and companionable. This is beautiful in books and movies, but you have to face reality to earn your place in the world.

Fickle – Some say that, in behavior, Pisceans can be a little bipolar. It’s that many times, with their sensitivity, they absorb pains and hurts for a long time until, in a moment, they explode and freak out. The ideal would be not to take life too seriously and control your emotions more. Living is for the strong, someone has said.

Little Ambitious – The brainless Pisces doesn’t care much for material things and can have difficulty with money, investments and calculations. Undemanding, he doesn’t need much to live on and his lack of ambition can leave him a little stagnant in life. Pisces description


Pisceans love intensely and deeply. When matched, they can be the most faithful and dedicated partners. Also in friendship, they are extremely loyal. However, when mistreated, reports indicate that they can become the worst enemies. That’s because Pisces is so dedicated to the one he loves that, when betrayed, he is deeply hurt and finds it difficult to forgive. On the other hand, it is likely that, aware of their high sensitivity, Pisceans create an emotional armor to prevent further injury. That’s when they stop being the trusting little fish to shut down like an oyster.


Due to their natural malleability, Pisces people usually get along well with all signs, or at least they believe so. They have more affinities with Cancer and Scorpio , who are also water signs. The relationship between them flows easily. But it is with their opposite sign, Virgo, that Pisceans live one of their greatest dualities: either they are very happy or very unhappy.

Pisces and Virgo , more than deep waters – The natives of Pisces need the relentless logic of the Virgos, their concreteness and their feet on the ground. When this is resolved well, they find a safe reference for their dreamy personality and can thus gain emotional stability. Pisces description

On the other hand, with Pisces, Virgos also open a door to their guarded sensibility, allowing themselves to dream and love without fear. But the opposite is also true: Virgo‘s critical view and eagerness for practicality can make the romantic goldfish run away. Or rather, swimming.

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