Neptune zodiac sign/complete description

Neptune characteristics in signs

In addition to the positioning of our famous sun sign, which characterizes us as Aryans, Taurus, Gemini, and so on, our personality is formed through the positioning of other stars and strategic points in the sky at the time of our birth. And, among these stars, is the planet Neptune . Neptune zodiac sign

Known in Greco-Roman mythology as the God of the Seas, like the waters, Neptune brings a great capacity for change and intuition. With respect to the formation of our character, it is related to our creative capacity and inspiration. It indicates our main capabilities when adapting to change and evolution.

Neptune is very connected with our hobbies, what makes us happy and happy with life. It takes approximately 165 years to complete a cycle in the zodiac and spends 14 years in each sign. It is quite common for someone to be born without any influence from the planet and, in the middle of life, receive a long visit, being very influenced psycho and emotionally.


Neptune in Aries is a symbol of the desire for philosophical deepening. All the impulsiveness of the individual ends up becoming a very strong desire to know oneself and to go beyond its own limits. This planet brings much more rationalism to the sign, making people with Neptune in Aries more focused and investigative.

On the other hand, they may feel very proud of themselves and close themselves off from meeting people they judge to be inferior. They can become unbearably competitive, being difficult to deal with and taking doubtful actions to achieve their goals.

Currently, and until 2026, when Neptune must enter Aries again, people who have Neptune in this sign were born between 1861 and 1875. Neptune zodiac sign


Until then, people with Neptune in Taurus were born between 1875 and 1889, and are usually very dreamy, like to dedicate themselves to their own hobbies and enjoy the smallest moments of life, such as contact with food, sex, cinema, arts, and so on.

They are quite expressive and enjoy researching and getting to know in depth different characteristics of the universe. They greatly value contact with nature and life. There is a negative influence of Neptune in the sense of knowing how to handle money well, they may be inclined to waste or be dishonest in their finances.


People born between 1889 and 1902 have Neptune positioned in Gemini, and are usually very inspired by communication with other people. They are closely linked to poetry and to intuition itself. They are usually writers, albeit for hobbies, or are very attached to music and composition.

People with Neptune in Gemini are usually quite restless, like to be always creating something, and involved in new activities. They may have some difficulties in relating to more practical people and jobs that require a lot of concentration.


Neptune in Cancer indicates a great need to be connected with those you love. People with this combination in their birth chart are often very artsy and easily connect with those they trust.

They are very emotional, intuitive and idealistic, Cancer is a sign ruled by the Moon and, like the seas, the combination of these elements also attracts a lot of creativity and a personality that is often seen by those closest to them as a lunatic. Neptune zodiac sign

Currently, people who have Neptune in Cancer are those born between 1902 and 1916.


Being born with Neptune in Leo indicates a strong desire to be known around the world for his great and brilliant talents. Indeed, those who were born with Neptune and Leo have many artistic abilities, often multiple and that are like gifts, perfect even without much training.

People with Neptune in Leo like to demonstrate these skills and are not afraid of being judged. They are very idealistic and romantic, which leads them to create a lot of new things, but which can also lead to an over-reliance on other people’s approval. People born between 1916 and 1929 are those who have Neptune in Leo today.


People with Neptune in Virgo are very careful with those they love. They are very organized and their creativity is more focused on imagination than on creation and invention. They like to keep in touch with nature and feel happy when they have a chance to be alone with their own thoughts.

People born between 1929 and 1943 have this combination and may have a tendency to develop psychic problems, mainly related to self-criticism and difficulty in externalizing their own feelings.


Born between 1943 and 1957, people who have Neptune positioned in Libra are very independent and are looking to find their own voice in the universe. They can reveal themselves as great writers and poets and are always in search of knowledge.

They tend to have a lot of strength of opinion and transmit what they believe with great vigor and determination. They are very inquisitive and find it difficult to accept rules and orders that are imposed on them. Neptune zodiac sign


People with Neptune in Scorpio are very mysterious by the double influence of water, considering that this is the element that rules the sign. They are very intuitive people, alive and receptive to change. Their energy draws different personalities close, who see them as exemplary individuals.

Because they are very concerned about their own emotional preservation, they may have selfish feelings and difficulties in opening their hearts and talking about what they feel and think. They are usually linked to the arts, but generally occupy positions of admiration and not creation. Neptune was in Scorpio between 1957 and 1970.


Born between 1970 and 1984, people who have Neptune in Sagittarius are very positive and are always looking for an ever deeper connection to the world around them.

They are usually very enthusiastic about life and fall in love easily, both with people and with religious or political movements, cultures, artists, in short, anything that gives them an impulse to believe in something bigger and a freer life.


Born between 1984 and 1998, people with Neptune in Capricorn can feel a little lonely in the world and misunderstood. They seek material stability, but their heart also yearns for more emotional comfort.

These natives may feel insecure in interpersonal relationships, but they are always looking to fit in better in society to feel good, they are very honest, but tend to look much more on the negative side of situations. Neptune zodiac sign


People who have Neptune positioned in Aquarius are often very politically engaged. They are solidary people, who are attentive to the feelings of those around them and always try to be on good terms with those they love.

They have very strong opinions and generally don’t like to be contradicted. They can feel lonely and misunderstood in the middle of the world, emotionally disconnected from the people around them, even if they live with them normally. Neptune was in Aquarius between 1998 and 2012.


People born from 2012 until the year 2026 will have Neptune positioned in Pisces, seeing life and the world in a very positive, energetic and romantic way. They tend to like innovations and are very creative and inspired. They can have multiple talents at once and are quite self-taught.

This combination has some negative sides, such as the exaggerated feeling, which can make these people idealize the world too much and end up being disappointed with reality. But they will be very dreamy subjects who will manage to put many goals into practice. Neptune zodiac sign

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