Mercury in Cancer/complete description

Mercury in Cancer: characteristics of the planet in the life of a Cancerian

The sign of Cancer, the fourth of twelve in the Western Zodiac, is part of the trio of Water element signs, along with Scorpio and Pisces. This sign is ruled by the Moon and has, as its main feature, intuition. Cancers also have shyness and a feeling of protection as outstanding characteristics that refer to the symbol of their sign: the crab. Mercury in Cancer

However, just as the planet Mercury can show us in the astrological chart, the Sun (which represents the ruling sign of your chart, in this case Cancer) is only one of many components responsible for the characteristics that emerge in individuals.

Ahead, you will be able to observe what are the characteristics of these people and stay on top of everything about Mercury in Cancer . Do you imagine what this could mean?


The planet Mercury, in the birth chart, symbolizes the intellect. This attribute represents the way we reason, speak, act, write, communicate, and also how we move in the world.

Just as most signs have many differences, the position of the planet Mercury influences people in different ways, as you will see below.


The person who has Mercury in Cancer has deeply ingrained emotional patterns. She is a person who values ​​safety (her own or those of others) and the family environment, has a natural ability to show affection, love and compassion for others, being very transparent and clear when expressing her feelings.

These people tend to absorb a lot of information, even if unconsciously. As shy as they may be, when people who have Mercury in Cancer communicate, they do so with feeling, demonstrating the importance of what was said and, in this way, attracting people to the dialogue.

They tend to have their thoughts and attitudes influenced by their emotional side. In some situations, they can be influenced by other people. Therefore, working on developing your own opinions and thoughts is necessary.

A very prominent aspect is the excellent memory of people who have Mercury in Cancer. They often recall past moments and conflicts very easily, which makes them analyze the new based on what is already known whenever they seek to understand how to manage a situation.

Planning and analyzing the unknown can be uncomfortable for these people. They also don’t handle sudden changes very well and tend to think that everything that is said around them is about them.


People who have Mercury in Cancer, like Cancerian (people like Sun in Cancer), are very emotional. They tend to fall in love easily, and when they are in a relationship, they demand reciprocity and give in body and soul. Despite being shy, they give their best in love relationships.

Mercury-Cancers do not tolerate betrayals, shallow relationships and value stability. People who have Mercury in Cancer are homely, like to plan the weekend, enjoy good times in a quiet and safe place. Safety is very important to Mercury Cancer, and because they have this protective spirit, they do everything in their power to preserve their partner’s safety.


For Mercury-Cancers, communication encounters some difficulty, since the signs of the Water element usually do not express their thoughts and opinions. Thus, in a professional environment, the person who has Mercury in Cancer prefers to refrain from expressing his opinion, believing that he could cause some problem if he did.

Although they don’t adapt well to chaos, they are quite calm and can be less prone to disturbance and thus overcome limits and obstacles never imagined by others.

One of the gifts highlighted by Cancer‘s influence is caring for others. This tendency to care for others makes it easier to see when someone close to you is sad or upset about something. Faced with this situation, Mercury-Geminians opt for dialogue as a first step. In this way of dealing with people, including in the work environment, people who have Mercury in Cancer pass the image of welcoming.

Coincidentally (or not), considering that people who have Mercury in Cancer are better listeners than talkers, many of these people follow the profession of therapist. Also, some people show skills in business, household matters, food and consumer product matters, and real estate.


People who have Mercury in Cancer consider their friends to be their own family. They tend to be better listeners than interlocutors, which allows them to have a select group of friends.

Even though they are kind and gentle, anxiety can cause them to have some disagreements with friends during a conversation. This is mainly due to not being able to focus on everything at the same time, which can cause them to notice some things and ignore others. Therefore, they consider intimate gatherings more attractive than large social events.

As shy as they are, people who know them do not realize this, as they are always looking to exceed this limit to receive their friends with elegance. Mercury Geminis are excellent friends, who give themselves whenever necessary to welcome and protect those close to them.


In the family, the person who has Mercury in Cancer, although introspective, remains present alongside the family. They are loving and kind, and care for the safety of their loved ones, including their family.

Mercury-cancers’ memory is very good, which allows them to keep the good times and family conversations, and can refer to this at any time. Their thoughts are often turned to the family level as they want family ties to prevail.

During an argument, because they are very sensitive, it can happen that they make a “tempest in a teapot”, but because they are beings of great love and compassion for others, this can be overcome.

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