Maori symbol meaning/Complete description

The  Maori  are indigenous peoples from New Zealand, which is located in Oceania. This country was one of the last places to be colonized in the world. Maori symbol meaning 

Because of this, their  culture  is almost completely free from outside influences, maintaining strong and endearing traditions.


A  culture  is made up of symbiology’s, habits and customs. And it is this process that identifies and distinguishes a people, making them unique. Therefore, the Maoris as a nation are no different.

Their beliefs and habits are surrounded by respect for nature and all beings that inhabit it: trees, flowers, animals. And in their spirituality, each is considered sacred and so revered.

One of the ways to pay homage is tattoos, or in the native language, moko . Considered an art among them, they are used to differentiate the social position of the inhabitants and also represent their  culture. Maori symbol meaning 

The more noble and powerful the native, the more tattoos he has on his face and body.

Among these tattoos, there is the representation of the  Arraia Maori .


The  stingrays  are marine fish, light and beautiful, which are part of the family of whales.

They are not aggressive beings, but when tested or feeling threatened they react instinctively by applying a sting with the thorn they have in their tail on their oppressor.

The  Maori  consider it the representation of wisdom, protection and danger.

Its lightness of movement indicates that wisdom is subtle, but when provoked, pictured by the stinger, it can be complex and dangerous. Maori symbol meaning 

And while it represents that danger, it indicates protection reacting against that threat.

For these reasons, this icon is not limited to being used only in Maori customs, it is widely disseminated around the world. 

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