Lock dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about lock really mean?

Dreaming of a lock means that you have been keeping something very closely guarded and that you think it belongs only to you. It could be something material or a secret, a confession, or even a trauma from the past which influences your life in a negative way. Padlock dreams often connote that something is secure or locked. Lock dream meaning

If this is bothering you, find a way to get rid of that burden. You don’t need an untimely situation to open the lock, just act naturally, with balance and maturity. You’ll do fine.

What dream about lock means can have more than one interpretation. It may be related to your financial or emotional situation. It is necessary to analyze some aspects of the dream to reach a conclusion of the real meaning of dreaming with a lock. However, be careful when dealing with business or your love relationship until everything becomes clearer to you.


Dreaming that you see a lock means that you want to make a radical change in your way of being. You’re a shy person, withdrawn beyond what you’d like to be, and that’s really got to you lately. You know you need to be more expressive to overcome this feeling of shyness, but you can’t get rid of the shackles created by your own mind.

Your desire is to expose your wishes and fight for them, but when everything seems to be moving towards that, you withdraw and let the opportunity pass. Your dream lock needs to be opened, and only you can do that. Put your fears aside, fill yourself with courage and boldness and steady your steps.


Dreaming that you open a lock means that you are waiting for the right moment to make some changes in your life that will provide you with a financial leap and stability in the sentimental field. If you are already in love with someone, take this opportunity to cement that relationship. But if you still haven’t found your better half, get ready, because she is walking towards you. Be calm and wait. Lock dream meaning

As for professional life, be more daring and don’t be afraid to expand your knowledge and show your potential. The time has come to be recognized for your achievements. Be audacious, however, be careful not to infringe upon the rules of the hierarchy.  


Dreaming that you lock a lock means insecurity about the relationships you have with the people around you. You are always accompanied by the feeling of betrayal. His desire is to be able to control everything and everyone so as not to be surprised in the future. And this fear greatly involves your thoughts.

It’s obvious that you have a lot of care for the people you love, but you can’t control their attitudes and desires. It is an inappropriate protection, as everyone is an individual and needs time and space to live.

Closing the padlock can be a warning for you to relax and reflect on your procedure. Be lighter, more natural, more friendly. Everything will go smoothly.   


Dreaming of a big lock means your desire to be bolder in many aspects of your life. In the professional field, you withdraw and fear being more daring. But if you want to climb some steps that you think are important for your growth, don’t be shy, go ahead. Respectfully, being riskier will only benefit you, even financially. Lock dream meaning


Dreaming of lock and key means that some situations may be involving you. If your loved one is in possession of the key and throws it away, it indicates that he will always be loyal to you. If in your dreams you are looking for the lost key to open a lock, it symbolizes the end of obstacles involving your financial life. However, be careful with your spending. Waste can generate new financial conflicts. But if, being in possession of the key, you can’t open the lock, it signals that you will have some hassles at work that could bring losses. Stay tuned!


Dreaming of a small lock means that you are a person who adapts very easily to new situations and various changes. There are no obstacles that prevent you from mastering them and finding perfectly suitable resolutions. Everywhere you fit easily.


Dreaming about a rusty lock means that you’ve been stressed because of some situations that don’t unfold over time. There is wear and tear that is definitely bothering you. Whether in the professional or personal field, you need to be more energetic in your attitudes and get rid of what ails you so much. You are currently living in a kind of mental self-indulgence, and then you find it difficult to act in a way that eliminates these annoyances.

Maybe you need spiritual help. Try to get more involved with a religion or a philosophy of life that brings you encouragement and teaches you to better deal with these situations in life.


Dreaming of a lock closing something of value means your own qualities, which are very valuable to your life, which are being curtailed by yourself. It’s as if you keep your most essential attributes to yourself. Don’t be afraid to be real, to show your personality. Present your virtues. Keep in mind that you are a person of great value and everyone around you needs to know this. Open your mind, open your heart, open your arms and take on the world. Feel free to live and many doors will open, good opportunities will arise. Lock dream meaning


Dreaming that you cannot open a lock means insecurity, fear of following the plans outlined and fulfilling your wishes. The fear of moving forward is so great that it has kept you in the same place for a long time. If you want changes that give you the desired future, fight for them. Let’s get down to work, as nothing moves by itself. It takes strong arms and a determined mind.

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