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The sign of Libra is formed by all those born between the 23rd of September and the 22nd of October. Libra is the cardinal sign of the Air element, that is, they are individuals who are more evident in the influence of this element. Librans are ruled by Venus, who is the goddess of love, so we have individuals who like the beautiful, and who are also lovers of freedom. Libra Quotes

Like all other signs that receive a stronger influence from Air, Libras are always thinking about everything around them, their minds run wild, like a whirlwind. The natives are people who like to think things through, analyze all sides of the issue before deciding, because they always want to do what they consider fair and right. No wonder that Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac, is represented by the scale.

Due to the need they feel to make their decisions safely, they sometimes end up exaggerating this caution a little, and that is why they can be seen as indecisive individuals, who hesitate before taking decisions. They don’t like to take part in something without being 100% sure of it, which sometimes leads them to sit on the fence and act neutrally.

Like the characteristics of all signs, Libra weighting itself is not a good or bad thing, it is a tendency that can be positive or negative depending on the situation. While it’s good to analyze everything before deciding, on the other hand, there are situations in which choices have to be made right away or the opportunity will be lost.

With all this in mind, the phrases that best match the sign of Libra were selected, according to each of the decans. The date of each of the decans will also be mentioned below, but you can always check more on the subject by consulting your birth chart. Libra Quotes

Then check out the phrases for Libra:

  • “The unlimited spirit is man’s greatest treasure.”

The first decan of Libra corresponds approximately to the days between September 23rd and October 1st. The Librans of this deanery have as their main ruler the planet Venus, which gives it more accentuated characteristics and influences from this star.

To begin with, we must remember that Venus is all about passions, Libras with this influence have a greater emotional reaction, and do not have so much the typical coldness related to air. They often have difficulty reconciling their feelings with reason, and so they tend to be quarrelsome and nonconforming.

On the other hand, when this influence manifests itself in a positive way, the potential is unlimited, once the native has the desire and the means to achieve his goals. Therefore, the phrase that matches the sign of Libra indicates that what we have most valuable is a spirit that does not attach itself to anything, that is capable of keeping itself in harmony.

Another interesting aspect is that the members of the first deanery are loyal and loving people, they are probably the Librans who give themselves the most, since there is a great interest in being with someone in a balanced way. However, it is important to remember that what you are looking for is someone who is free with you, you will have big problems with any relationship that makes you feel stuck, as you seek an ideal of living without limits. 

  • “God writes straight in crooked lines.”

Librans born between the 1st and 11th of October belong to the second decan of this sign, and are ruled by Uranus. This combination suggests unconventional individuals, with more rebellious and nonconformist tendencies. They are individuals with a great critical sense, they are always looking for the reason of things and they do not accept as an answer that something is simply that way and that’s it. Libra Quotes

As they are very inquisitive, original and creative, one of the phrases that match the sign of Libra has a lot to do with the way they act, always questioning the traditional and looking for new ways to do things. The natives of this deanery are often challenged, but in the end they have great ability to achieve those results in a way quite different from the conventional one.

There is also the issue of being individuals who get distracted and get lost in their thoughts more easily, since they are always looking for new ways to deal with the things of their day to day. Because they are somewhat confusing, they sometimes stray from reality and conflict with Libra‘s tendency to weigh facts objectively.

The second deanery Libra is independent and has a strong personality, does not accept being controlled by others, so it is not uncommon to see individuals from this group getting into certain conflicts. As much as the sign of Libra is in essence a sign related to thoughtfulness and restraint, the Uranian influence implies a greater attachment to its original way of being and acting. Be careful not to be too isolated or overbearing, the key is Libran balance.

  •  “The secret to success is balance.”

Third Deanery Librans, born between October 12th and October 22nd, have Gemini influences as they are ruled by the planet Mercury. They are very rational and analytical individuals because of this astral influence, and it is probably the most measured and discreet decan, since the natives are not so inclined to impose their opinions.

Speaking of opinions, Mercury is the fastest of the planets, it represents the messenger god, and therefore its opinions are constantly changing. Therefore, they are more contained in this aspect precisely because they know, or have a good idea, that everything is subject to change, so there is no need to fight for anything in particular. Libra Quotes

The phrase that matches the sign of Libra for the third deanery refers to one of the greatest Libran maxims, which is the question of balance. Yes, it’s important to be open-minded and receptive to change, but it’s also essential to have personality and assert yourself at certain times.

No Libra has a very easy life, as the Libra ideal, harmonious balance is difficult to achieve, however, the rational and analytical side that comes with the Mercurian influence helps a lot in the process of finding logic and reasoning in things.


Finally, what can be advised to Librans of both deaneries is to always preserve the conciliatory attitude, trying to understand all sides, but be careful with those situations where an immediate response is needed, we are not always able to think as much as we would like. on certain occasions.

Also take into account that life is an eternal learning process, we are always building knowledge and the phrases that match the sign of Libra were selected in order to help Librans to seek a little more self-knowledge, which is the key to the growth. Libra Quotes

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