Lava dream meaning/volcanic/black/burns/people under lava etc.

Meanings of Dreaming about Lava

In dreams we can see fascinating things, when we are in the dream plane, everything can look and feel very real, we can even feel disappointed in reality when we realize that everything was a dream. Lava dream meaning

Sometimes it is not necessary to have an experience close to what is dreamed of to have an experience so close to reality. Possibly never in our lives have we seen real lava, in fact, perhaps we have only seen it a few times on television and we know a little about it from the documentaries we once saw.

It is common to dream about certain things that have been present in our daily lives lately. We may have spent hours watching documentaries about volcanic activity or perhaps some movies about volcanoes. These images can be taken as reference by our subconscious and associate some internal aspects that are reflected in dreams.

Dreaming about lava is more common than it sounds, especially if we are going through complicated situations that make us more sensitive than usual. Most of the time we are aware that we repress most of our feelings or it can also be the opposite, that we show more than we want.

There is no doubt that dreaming about lava can be a very representative dream. Anything involving fire or heat is beyond our control and can cause fear because it is uncontrollable.

Nobody with common sense wants to burn in fire and that is something that can scare us, thinking we can get burned. Therefore, dreaming about lava can become an extremely disturbing and mysterious experience. Lava dream meaning

What do dream about lava really mean?

As we already know, our feelings are often repressed and in some cases the opposite is true. When looking for the  meaning of lava dreams, we have to think about what kind of person we are.

Whether we are the ones who keep their feelings in a safe and throw away the key or those who show everything they have to give and don’t keep their feelings in a dark box.

Our subconscious plays an important role when we dream of lava. It sends us signals that we should pay attention to our feelings to avoid hurting someone close to us, or it could also be that we ourselves could be hurt by the other person’s feelings.

Dreaming of volcanic lava

On many occasions, the emotions that bother us are fading over time. Things are changing and our perspective is not the same anymore, it is now positive. However, dreaming of volcanic lava may indicate that once all the emotions that once plagued us are gone, it will be difficult for them to bother us again.

Seeing lava in our dreams is not an advertisement for something good or bad. It is a warning that days will come when certain repressed feelings will surface aggressively, motivated by a long time of repression and the tiredness of being hidden.

Dreaming of volcano and lava

As we already know, dreams also give us signs and this interpretation is proof of that. If we keep a lot inside of us and even if we are not aware of it, our subconscious is affected by some repressed emotions that we didn’t have the courage to face. Lava dream meaning

If lava flows from the volcano in all directions, it means that we are operating in an environment that exerts a lot of control over our actions and this could be the cause of many truths that have not been spoken for a long time to come to light.

Dreaming of erupting volcano and lava

As we can see, dreaming of a volcano with lava represents this accumulation of repressed emotions and when we assert our own will, those close to us are likely to be somewhat affected. Dreaming about the eruption of that volcano indicates that soon an eventuality will present itself that will make us explode once and for all, destroying everything in its path.

It is very difficult to contain all the emotions for life, there will always be a trigger and when we dream of an erupting volcano and we seek the interpretation of that dream, we can see that soon we will not be able to take it anymore and they will have to listen to us.

dream of fire lava

This dream is another warning sign. We often want a person even though we know that he is not the one who will be with us. Dreaming about magma can be interpreted as a love relationship that can make us lose track of time and cloud our vision of important things and this hinders our growth. Lava dream meaning

You have to be very careful with this interpretation because this person won’t be there for a lifetime and it’s probably not a lasting relationship worth sacrificing our future for.

dream of black lava

The interpretation of this dream is a bad omen, seeing black lava in our dream speaks of a person we consider essential to our emotional stability may be at risk of death or having an accident. After all that, we can go through a difficult emotional period.

If the black lava touches another person in our dream, for example, a person very close to whom we really appreciate, that person will live a difficult test in which they will need our support to overcome this moment.

Dreaming of lava that burns me

The interpretation given to dreaming of burning lava speaks of drastic changes in our lives. According to this interpretation, the change is so great that everything we are now will be reversed. We must also be cautious and be aware of new developments so that we are not worried. Lava dream meaning

Changes in our lives will occur little by little, thanks to all the effort we have made. Good times are made to wait and little by little are enjoyed. But this is just the reward for our work, we must not deviate from the course and keep looking forward to pursuing our goals.

Dreaming that you see people under the lava

If the lava has solidified and you see people who have been trapped under the solid lava, then from now on you will see how the people around you are trapped by a problematic situation, and although you feel inclined to help them, you must endure Remember that Oftentimes, you can’t help someone out of a pit if they don’t express a desire to get out.

Dreaming lava and the end of the world

These dreams of volcanic lava and the end of the world can seem like a disaster and a little scary. But there is good news, after every disaster or devastation there are changes and rebirths. Many, if not all of the islands in the world have emerged from volcanic eruptions.

After having dreamed that a lot of lava flows at the end of the world and reading its interpretation, we should think about having the opportunity to renew ourselves and start those projects and goals that we have been waiting for a long time.

Dreaming of lava and ice

This dream of lava and ice is one of the most interesting interpretations, as we can see how these two things are as far apart as heat and cold. We can relate this to a battle between feelings and thoughts, where we don’t know what to do in a difficult situation to come. Lava dream meaning

Dream that lava is chasing you

This dream means that currently in your life there are major personal problems that must be resolved as soon as possible to prevent them from getting worse. Feeling surrounded by lava is a clear representation that you cannot run away from your problems without first solving them. You must deal with what makes you uncomfortable to move forward.

dream of yellow lava

A pale lava is a sign of resentment; it is likely that you have already lived or are about to experience a situation, the result of which can leave you with the bitter aftertaste of resentment. This type of lava is easier to deal with as it involves superficial events which, if handled properly, need not be fixed in our consciousness as major events.

If you see lava touching your feet, then a person who has resented you for a past quarrel will find a way to get back at you. It is important that, despite the damage this can cause, do not choose revenge as a course of action, as this could be the beginning of a path of bitterness.

If you see that a person you know has been hit by this lava, assess your relationship with that person, it is likely that there is an unresolved issue that you must resolve.

dream of red lava

If burning lava appears in your dream, it is because you will face a situation that will call your emotional stability into question. It is possible that you doubt everything that was known to you and new paradigms are derived from this process. Lava dream meaning

If the lava reaches you, it is because you will suffer the betrayal of a loved one. A person you trust will likely turn their back on you or abuse your trust.

If you see that someone else is burned by that lava, then old grudges will surface, causing harm to our loved ones, as they will be the ones who will be impacted by our reaction.

Dreaming of solid lava

You are a stubborn person, so inside you continue to manifest paradigms and ways of proceeding that are out of date; And although you’ve found that this doesn’t do well, you continue to cling to this model. This dream invites you to open up new forms of action, as the choices you have made so far will not allow you to advance along new paths.

Solid lava can also be related to past events that have stuck somewhere in our memory and remain there, influencing how we perceive the world.

Dreaming that the lava advances little by little

There is a highly emotionally charged situation that is being orchestrated, although most likely you haven’t realized it yet. This dream alerts you to this situation. Lava dream meaning

If you are standing still and the lava is moving towards you, there is a situation that has slipped out of your hands and although you will see it slowly, it is inevitable that it will happen and its effects will be devastating.

If, on the other hand, the lava moves away from the area you are in, be happy, as this is an unmistakable sign that you will overcome an emotionally charged situation and come out unscathed.

Dreaming that you dive into the lava

If in your dream you dive into the lava, it is a sign that you are a person who has started to develop destructive attitudes and that it is affecting your ability to move forward and become a better person.

When you voluntarily choose to hold onto emotions that don’t do you any good, you get into situations that don’t make you happy. In doing so, you are closing yourself off from the possibility of a new beginning and drawing into your life situations in which you are the best version of yourself. Lava dream meaning

On the other hand, if in your dream you observe other people in the lava, then it is evidence that lately you have felt tied down by a family situation or by people to whom you are emotionally attached.

Dreaming of the lava that gushes from a volcano

It’s a sign that you’ve stored a lot of things inside yourself, and although you may not be aware of it, your subconscious is affected by repressed events that you didn’t have the courage to face.

If lava is spurting in all directions, you are developing in an environment that has exerted too much control over your actions and is about to explode. Then, when you do, all the people who are in contact with you will be peppered with your determination to exercise their own will.

If you see that lava from that volcano comes to you, you are stuck in a harmful relationship, in which both parties are being affected by the emotional pressure they are being subjected to. Lava dream meaning

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