Hungry dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about hunger really mean?

Dreaming of hunger means negative issues, a feeling of foreboding, that is, an omen, a bad feeling or even the feeling of unhappiness. Hungry dream meaning

By the way, hungry dreams can usually be caused by the fact that the person is feeling hungry or even by the worry that another individual is starving, or even by world hunger.

But, contrary to popular belief, the meaning of dreaming of hunger indicates prosperity and hope for better times.

So, in that sense, what does it mean to dream of hunger? In general terms, dreaming of hunger symbolizes that you will have a lot of divine protection, spiritual empowerment and unexpected gains.

However, dreaming of hunger can also represent that there are some problems, which can be spiritual, emotional or emotional.


Dreaming that you feel hungry is a sign that you need to improve your life, maybe something is going wrong in your home within the family and for this reason you feel an anxiety to achieve better conditions for you.

This dream indicates that you are dissatisfied with the life you lead, not in relation to the ambition to possess material goods and wealth, but in relation to your spiritual being.

These are issues of the soul that you are eager to improve, maybe they are due to unresolved issues or even pending situations that generate dissatisfaction and a great emptiness.

The representation of dreaming that you feel hungry symbolizes this emptiness and the need to be satiated by solving the problems you are experiencing.

The tip is to charge yourself less and forgive more, family issues can be difficult to resolve, but there is nothing better than having a harmonious home.

So, first, practice self-forgiveness and develop this feeling for others as well.


If you dream of another person feeling hungry, this is an indication that you should pay attention, as it represents that someone very close to you is in need of help. Hungry dream meaning

Perhaps that person has not yet expressed this need because of the shame they feel, but it is time for you to reach out and help others, helping to solve this problem, which can be a spiritual and even material issue.

If the situation is spiritual, it is recommended to be very sensitive and tactful when helping, as your advice will be valuable in that person’s life.

In addition, your words will weigh heavily on that friend‘s future decisions, so think carefully before speaking, try to be kind and give helpful advice that can help solve the problem your friend is facing.

In this case, it is as if you are helping to feed that person through energy, as words have vibrations and participate in the energy of the Universe.


Dreaming about a baby (whether it’s a newborn or a big baby) can be quite nerve-racking, in addition to causing panic in people who don’t know how to handle a baby, it’s heartbreaking.

But enacting this baby dream means you are neglecting some aspect of your life, be it physical or emotional.

Dreaming of a hungry baby thus symbolizes the need to adequately feed some area of ​​your life that is being left out.

It’s time to take care of your self-esteem, invest in your image and reserve a special moment just for you.

Or it can also symbolize that you must pay attention to some emotion that is afflicting you, in any case it’s time to take care of yourself and develop your self-love better.


Dreaming of a hungry child, just like dreaming of a hungry baby, can cause us great discomfort and even look like something awful.

But, its representation regarding the meaning of hungry dreams is very good, since children, when they appear in our dreams, indicate good omens and, above all, great news.

That is, this dream symbolizes that something very good is about to happen, maybe it is an indication that the family will grow, a new member will arrive to make your family even more happy.

On the other hand, dreaming of a hungry child can also symbolize that you are putting aside some important aspect of your life, indicating that you should feed your inner child with a higher spirits when seeing the good in life. Hungry dream meaning


Already dreaming of other people hungry symbolizes that you will have increased profits and unexpected earnings, symbolizing good news for your finances.

When you see other people hungry in a dream, it means that the hunger actually symbolizes the envy other people will feel for your career advancement and your current position.

Thus, you should be careful not to suffer this harassment or even these negative attitudes of envy.

The ideal is to try to protect yourself by holding back more, keeping your thoughts positive, and thus avoiding the envy of others.

In fact, the best thing to do is to be more discreet in relation to your life and your financial gains, so you don’t arouse the envy of others or even those interested in your company.   


If you were dreaming of feeding someone hungry, it represents that you have the essence and property of your nature to help others, reaching out to someone in need is part of your characteristics and defines who you are.

In this way, you get into the habit of being helpful and helping in whatever way you can through your empathy.

And, as this is a rare feature, continue to be so, the Universe will certainly reward you when you need it, good deeds are always rewarded by the constant energies in our life.

So be grateful for what is good in you and continue to be charitable and helpful, these are times when we most need solidarity.

It’s also worth encouraging other people to be like that. Sometimes, simple gestures such as hugging, listening and allowing someone to vent alleviate a lot of pain for that person.

Also, dreaming of feeding someone also represents that you have strong spiritual protection.


Dreaming of someone you know feeling hungry symbolizes that you need to take better care of your relationship.

It could be that some situation has displeased you both, opposing thoughts or even some embarrassing issue may be holding you back.

But, remember that your bond is stronger than just small issues that can and should be fixed.

As always, the best thing to do is to sit down and resolve the differences, because, however difficult the issue is to be resolved, dialogue will always be the best alternative.

Do an analysis together and propose changes in attitudes that can improve the relationship and overcome the current crises. Hungry dream meaning


In the case of dreaming of their own hunger, it represents that this phase of anguish that they have been suffering is ending, as well as the anxiety and expectations that have been afflicting them.

So, initially, try to identify the reason behind these feelings and then take the time to relax, because soon you will find a balance in your life, through mental stability and emotional tranquility.

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