How to win a Taurus man/complete description

How to conquer a Taurus man?

He is practical, organized and intense in everything he does. Born between April 20 and May 20 , Taurus has Earth as its element and Venus as a planet. This makes him down to earth and down to earth, but also passionate, as Venus is the planet of love. How to win a Taurus man?

As a boyfriend or husband, the Taurus man is a companion at all times, as he enjoys taking care of the people he loves. Hardworking, responsible and very loyal, Taurus only loses patience in the face of disorganization. He likes to see everything in the right place and hates change. And it takes the need for stability to the love relationship. Let’s know now how to conquer a Taurus.


Although he is a great lover, the Taurus man takes a little longer to get involved and fall in love. It’s just that he’s not very used to creating castles in the air. Everything about him is based on the real and only surrenders after feeling that he can trust the person.

Another characteristic of Taurus is that he has difficulty expressing his feelings. It may be that he is slow to take the initiative, even if he is interested. This mix of shyness and rationality is part of the Taurus charm. But don’t think that he, being rational, won’t give in to passion. When a Taurus man loves, he wants to be attached to the person and is a unique lover.


There is no doubt that the Taurus man has a penchant for the pleasures of the flesh. This means that he loves to eat well and date a lot. If you offer this combination, delicious food and a lot of affection, he will be in love.

As it is the traditional type, dating a Taurus is the greatest tranquility. At least when it comes to programs. He is not the type to agitate and will often exchange any event or ballad for a dinner at home. And the way he is affectionate, you won’t want anything else! How to win a Taurus man?


If you want to know how to win a Taurus man, a good way is to understand a little about his personality. Although he is a practical and down-to-earth man, he can live a great passion, if you know how to conquer him. Here are some ways to tame this bull.

1.Be feminine – Taurus likes women who explore femininity in every detail. High heels, clothes that enhance your body and a sexy perfume. That is, women dressed to conquer.

2.Invite him to dinner at home – Taurus loves to eat well and prefers to be at home dating rather than rocking out at a club. Combine business with pleasure and he will be sure that you are the woman of his life.

3. Tease him in every way – More than seducing, the Taurus man likes to be conquered. Caresses, massages, soft music and an exotic perfume are part of the mood to leave you in the clouds.

4. Awaken your protective instinct – He likes delicate women who don’t hide their vulnerability. You don’t have to be submissive, but ask for advice and help. He will love taking care of you.

5.Be Organized – The Taurus man appreciates order in all departments. His house is immaculate and he expects the same attitude from his partner.


Like any other sign, not everything is flowery in the coexistence with the Taurus man. For this relationship to work, you need to know some of his quirks and flaws to be able to lasso this angry bull. Check out:

1.Avoid confronting him – He is very stubborn. So don’t want to beat him in an argument. Better to give in right away and talk about it later when he clears his head. How to win a Taurus man?

2.Don’t want to change his routine – He has difficulty changing habits he’s cultivated for years. Accept it as it is. After all, quirks are part of its charm.

3.No contingencies – He likes everything well planned and is very uncomfortable with last minute changes. Don’t show up unannounced or cancel an appointment at the last minute.

4.Don’t play games – The Taurus man doesn’t interpret subtleties well, he prefers that you say exactly what you want.

5.Don’t be too emotional – Taurus’ practical sense means that he doesn’t have much patience for crying and drama.


In a flirtatious environment, it’s easy to see how a Taurus man behaves. He’s not the type to go on the attack. He likes to watch calmly and doesn’t always understand the signs that a woman is interested.

Taureans are more shy and take a while to take the initiative. Don’t think he’s slow. He just likes to assess the terrain before approaching. Take the first step and you’ll discover a fascinating man who will spend the entire night looking out for you.


If you’ve met a broken-hearted Taurus, chances are he’s devoted himself intensely to a relationship that turned out badly. Taurus places a high value on stability and security and is literally lost when a relationship breaks up. He needs a foundation for life, as he tends not to be adventurous. Here’s what to do to win (or win back) the heart of this wounded beast:

1.Welcome and take care of him – He is not effusive in showing affection, but he loves to receive.

2. Provide him with an organized and stable environment – ​​If he has recently split up, help him get his house in order by cleaning up what belongs to the past.

3.Listen to him – Let him vent before giving advice. How to win a Taurus man?

4.Show that you value stability and security as much as he does. All he wants in a relationship is peace and trust.

5.Capriche in the look – Attraction is the first step in the birth of a new passion.


With his sensual nature, the best way to win over a Taurus is to awaken all his senses.

1.For the nose – An enigmatic, oriental and very feminine perfume.

2.For the touch – Silk sheets, caresses and massages.

3.For the eyes – Complete production, from head to toe, without forgetting killer makeup.

4.For the taste – A good wine, strawberries or any delicacy that makes your mouth water. Besides you, of course.

5.For the Ears – Sensual music and whispers in the ear. How to win a Taurus man?

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