How to win a Libra woman/complete description

How to win a Libra woman?

The people of the sign of Libra are those born between days 23 September and 22 October. If you know someone discreet, sociable and very correct, you can believe that she is a Libra. Libras are of peace and love! No wonder that its symbol is the scale: Libra women seek balance in all things, whether at work, in the family, in love or within themselves. The Libra personality is beautiful, inside and out! How to win a Libra woman?

Libra woman hates shack. People who speak loudly and like to show up are annoying. Libra conquers everyone around because of her elegance and sweet way of being. She doesn’t need to scream to get attention.


Libra woman loves love. Although she likes to always have a lot of people around her, she is looking for her happy ending. She is very loyal and always puts herself in other people’s shoes. She doesn’t like to disappoint anyone. Despite always looking for balance, she can be very indecisive when it comes to love. Read on to understand more about what to do to win a Libra woman.


Libra likes company. It’s normal to see her surrounded by friends, so if you want to conquer this queen of goodness, you will have to understand that sharing her with others will be normal. She wants to make everyone happy and CAN’T BEAR the thought of letting anyone down or hurting anyone.

You can’t be jealous or want to lock her in and drive her away from your friends or projects. Her sociable side is very strong. If you want her to choose, chances are she’ll choose her friends over you.


Libra LOVES talking. And she doesn’t know when to stop. If you let him, she’ll chat for hours on end, but the chat is fine. Hear what she has to say and join the debates. As she is a very fair and diplomatic person, she likes to hear the opinion of others, even if it is contrary to her own. Get informed so you can share your ideas and views. This is very exciting for a Libra girl. How to win a Libra woman?


As a Libra woman is very rational and analytical, it is difficult for her to air her feelings or put herself in a situation where she feels vulnerable. In this part, she is very unstable. She is reserved and likes her privacy.

However, she is very romantic and dreamy. Search for a prince charming for your happy ending. Love her and make her feel safe. Two ways to help her are: 1) share your feelings first; 2) use her rationality to your advantage and show her why it’s important for her to show her feelings.


As Libra is kind, kind and dear to everyone, it is very common for people to fall in love with her. You’re probably just another one of those who couldn’t resist her charms. Don’t try to pressure her into making a decision. Libras like to think hard before making a decision. Remember the balance I told you about? She won’t do anything without first thinking through all the possible consequences, as if you were a game of chess. So don’t even try!

Be patient. Show her that you are a sincere, stable person and that you want a future with her. She won’t invest in you if she doesn’t feel that you are sincere in your intentions and your feelings.


Pound woman is very affectionate. She likes to give affection and to receive too. She is very tolerant and forgiving easily, but don’t abuse it either because she is spiteful. Remember that she keeps her feelings to herself and only talks about them when she explodes.

A Libran wife will always put her husband’s interests first. She likes to see the people she loves always happy. She is not attached to material things. Being native to the Air element, it is light and well-lived. It doesn’t take much to be happy. It’s very easy to please her.


The Libra native hates conflict, so don’t look for silly reasons to fight. Before arguing, talk. She will be more rational and understanding than if you raise your voice or throw things in her face. How to win a Libra woman?

As she runs away from the conflict, Libra will hardly tell you if something is wrong or if she was hurt by something. It’s natural for her to keep everything inside until she explodes. Pay attention to the times you let her down or didn’t do what you promised and try to apologize and resolve the situation.

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