How to win a Capricorn man/complete description

How to win a Capricorn man?

The Capricorn man wants to build a life together, with solid foundations and for eternity. Born between December 22 and January 20 , Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn and the element Earth. Easy to understand why Capricorn men in love need to trust deeply before surrendering. But when you earn their trust, Capricorn will be your lifelong lover and protector. How to win a Capricorn man?

It’s not easy to grab this mighty man, but follow the tips on how to win a Capricorn and he’ll be in your hands. Remember, however, that trust will be the key to your success.

The Capricorn man strives to get what he wants, is not afraid of work, and wants a comfortable and stable life. He often looks stingy, as he doesn’t spend money unnecessarily: the so-called “cow hand”.

The Capricorn man, when he loves, gives himself completely. He loves giving and receiving affection, even though he seems shy at first. But that’s because the Capricorn man in love needs to be absolutely sure you’re his goddess. Then he builds the relationship step-by-step, unhurriedly but with the pure intention that it will be forever.

Learn how to unlock Capricorn Man. It’s not an easy task, but guided by the tips on how to make a Capricorn fall in love, you will transform him into an irresistible and unforgettable lover.

When in a relationship, the Capricorn man is faithful, he is focused on building and keeping what he wants. And it will demand that of you too.


  • Be discreet. Capricorn male is the most serious in the zodiac. He doesn’t like showing affection in public or exposing his private life.
  • Show a little insecurity. When a Capricorn man loves, he likes to take care of his wife. That’s why you often find Capricorns hanging out with much younger women.
  • Be patient. Capricorn Man will test you. He wants to know your life, your opinions, your ideals, and especially your character. This is because Capricorns in love give themselves totally, without restrictions. He needs to make sure he’s on safe ground.
  • Be constant and loyal. The passionate Capricorn man hates the unexpected and the unusual. Planning and organization are its strengths. No improvisations with Capricorn. How to win a Capricorn man?


  • No big public demonstrations. A peck is enough for a Capricorn man. But everything is possible in a neat way. Let him get used to it slowly.
  • Don’t engage in gossip, especially if the topic is your Capricorn god. The Capricorn man hates to be the focus of conversation.
  • Don’t buy compulsively. The Capricorn man is thrifty, buys only what is necessary and does not accept to waste the money earned with so much work. Follow this tip and others on how to win a Capricorn and he will go crazy for you.
  • Don’t invite the Capricorn man to wild and rowdy ballads. He prefers quieter situations, where he can enjoy a harmonious ambience and a romance for two.


  • Be fun, get your passionate Capricorn man to laugh. Behind this serious and melancholy man there is someone wanting to learn to smile.
  • Praise your partner. Capricorns in love like to be admired by their partner. Tell him how good he is in bed and how happy he makes you. Value his performance.
  • Caress his knees. Capricorn males are very sensitive on both the front and back of the knees. Abuse of touches, kisses and a delicate massage in this region. All in homeopathic doses to make sure he gets used to it. The Capricorn man in love will go crazy.
  • Take control in bed. Capricorns, when they love, allow the woman to assume that role and follow her. But no wild sex right away. Take it easy, the Capricorn man is like a young virgin waiting to be taught. How to win a Capricorn man?


  • Tell friends and family about it. Gossip makes the Capricorn Man out of his mind. He hates being the center of attention and having his life exposed. But be careful. You will lose a lot of points in his concept.
  • Have wild guy sex. When a Capricorn man loves, he needs security to surrender. He will be terrified and run away from you. Is this what you want?
  • Spend shit on his credit card. The Capricorn man will be mad. If you want to see him angry, but have his closet full of clothes, this is the way to go. Wait for the consequences.

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