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Meaning of friendship

The symbols of friendship are those that symbolize the affective bond between the parties involved. Friendship is a relationship based on complicity and affection between two people or a group. Friendship is an affective bond between individuals. This relationship can exist between people of different ties and gender, such as cousins ​​and brothers, for example. Friendship symbol meaning

Still in this perspective, friendship can come from different niches, such as work, college and even between neighbors. There are also those who classify as best friends, who put the person in a prominent place. This is because such term can mean a brother or someone in the family.

It is worth mentioning that this affective relationship has some pillars, such as trust, affection, reciprocity and attention.


For the friendship to happen and solidify, it is not necessary that the parties involved have the same tastes, desires and dreams. In some situations, differences act as the link between individuals. In these cases, the other party may have points of view that are unknown to the other, in addition to adding ideas and information.

Friendship means continuous discovery, intimacy and dedication. Considering that friendship begins when the company is pleasant, several subjects come to the fore, such as politics and relationships, for example. At that time, the people involved tend to exchange experiences, materials read about the subject and perspectives. Friendship symbol meaning

Friendship is one of the essential feelings in life, as this feeling goes beyond barriers of color, gender, culture, nationality and age.


Initially, it is necessary to mention that the symbols of friendship are those that symbolize the affective bond between the parties involved.

Therefore, observe the symbols of friendship and their meanings below:

  • infinity and a heart

The symbol of infinity, associated with the image of the heart, is seen as a symbol of friendship, aiming at the fusion of eternity and the heart.

  • Infinite

The infinity symbol, which is also known as the number eight horizontally, represents the absence of the end.

  • Link

The tie symbolizes a solid and consolidated relationship. It is worth mentioning that this symbol is often used when we want to refer to a true friendship.

  • Heart

It can be said that the heart is a universal symbol of love. Thus, the heart symbolizes many feelings and, among them, friendship. Friendship symbol meaning

The birds are seen as a symbol of friendship, given the fame that have messengers of the gods. Therefore, the bird symbolizes the friendly relationship of men with the gods.

The clasped hands can symbolize unity between parents and children, couples and friends. This symbol refers to the idea that the more support, the greater the caress.

  • yellow Rose

It is known that the color of roses can influence the meaning. While red roses are attributed to individuals in love, yellow roses symbolize friendship and happiness.


It is important to mention that friendship for Greeks and Romans was represented by a young, beautiful and female figure.

In the Greek context, the young woman, who wears a robe, appears with one hand on her heart and the other under a typical tree in Europe. Regarding the Roman scene, the young woman who is dressed in white, wears a crown of flowers and securely in one hand two hearts. Such posture portrays the union of the feeling that is born with friendship.


Here are some suggestions for friendship tattoos:

  • Anchor

Anchor tattoos can be done between couples and friends.

The anchor is used to secure a vessel. In this sense, the tattoo would represent both physical and emotional strength. Furthermore, the anchor reminds us of the idea of ​​stability and trust.

  • Constellation

It is common for people who have mutual friends to get constellation tattoos . It is common knowledge that for many years the constellations were used in navigation. From this perspective, the tattoo would symbolize that you are heading in the right direction or that you have found your way.

  • Two figures joined by a heart

The heart is the link between friendship. In this scenario, once two people are connected by it, conflicts tend not to have as much importance or impact. The love between friends makes everything lighter and more understandable.

  • four leaf clover

The four-leaf clover is known to symbolize luck and prosperity. Parallel to this, there is also the representation that each leaf of the clover has a meaning, namely: luck, love, hope and faith.

  • some common passion

When you have a friend who has some passion or common goal, the tattoo becomes something to remember. If your passion is travel, you can draw an airplane or a world map , for example. In the event that some drink is the common interest, the tattoo could be a glass of wine .

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