Flying bats in dreams/biting you/flying everywhere/attack you etc.

Meanings of Dreaming about a Bat

Dreaming about bat . Dreams are encrypted messages in our subconscious that our brain sends us at night when you walk in what is commonly called as the “dream”. Or in other words, when we sleep. Many times you may have heard that humans do not use even 10% of their mental capacity, and there are people who claim that one of the powers that man could have would be to predict the future. Flying bats in dreams

There are hundreds of legends, including world famous stories, in which people from the past, through their dreams, could see what could happen in the future and thus avoid it, as an example is the biblical character “Joseph of Egypt” , who according to the book was an expert in dream interpretation.

And the first American Indians who wove “dream catchers” to protect their dreams and therefore their enemies could not get into their minds and see what they dreamed of.

Since then, there have been stories that have evolved and today new stories about dream interpretation are still being born. There are different types of dreams, but today we are going to talk specifically about the meaning of dreaming about a bat .

Bats are little nocturnal animals that most people are scared of , because they are still a mystery to the science world in many ways and also because in the world of audio visual arts to have used these mysterious animals as symbols of death and it is very related to vampires.

So, most people associate with these alluring and fascinating animals of death through all the stories of antiquity in which they appeared only in times of disaster and panic for the same as for the movies that generate fear among audiences, but what make us dream of bats ? Or why do I dream about bats? Keep reading to find out. Flying bats in dreams

What do dream about a bat really mean?

As in the movies, dreaming about bats foreshadows misfortune and death, as well as great situations that will come into your life and change it. But to know the true meaning of dreams, the dreamer must be as detailed as possible, because everything seen in the dream can be a key piece in deciphering the message our brain sends us.

The meaning of a dream can change depending on the context or situations the dreamer is going through. The dreamer will have to analyze his life context and thus continue with the meaning of the dream.

The meaning of dreaming about bats can vary depending on how you feel while you are in this dream, as if you feel panic and terror, it means that you are or will be in a situation in your life where you will not feel safe. But if, instead of feeling panic or terror, you feel fascination and live with them, it means that you are a person without insecurities and adventurers.

dreaming of flying bats

When several bats are observed flying in the same direction, it is an indication that there will be a number of important economic problems in the near future. It is possible for the person with this dream to take extreme measures with their finances to avoid losing money in large amounts.

The flight of bats has always been related to the completion or beginning of new stages. The direction in which you are heading may also indicate what these changes are in real life. It depends on the context in which these animals appear, so it is important to note the details that appear in the dream.

If these animals head towards a building, house, forest or any other space, they will give us indications that this could happen soon. If you observe how they fly and find themselves inside a cave or other similar enclosed space, this could be an indicator that drastic changes are taking place in a couple’s life. Flying bats in dreams

It is possible that these new situations are faced with improvements in our behavior, as well as in the way we treat other people. Watching bats inside a cave also has another meaning, it is associated with repressed feelings or hiding important information. It is possible that you have emotional issues that do not allow us to express ourselves freely.

When these animals appear during the day and in herds, it is a symbol that we are probably not paying attention to reality. We may be ignoring some issues that should concern us. When you have this kind of dream, it is a sign that we should improve our personal and family relationships.

Dreaming of bats that bite you

Dreaming about bats that bite you, this dream has 3 different interpretations, but all negative. The first interpretation is that, in the immediate future, you could be diagnosed with a serious illness. The second portends the death of someone they loved.

But it can also reveal that you feel someone is cheating on you; you are on alert, not letting your guard down to defend yourself against any kind of deception.

Be careful with your friends or co-workers, even your family. The people you least suspect are the ones who cheat, take care of whom you trust fully.

Dreaming that a bat flies everywhere

When you have this dream, your subconscious wants to tell you that you are present in the lives of very toxic people, lately you have been related in the most harmful way to your health, the worst thing is that there are people who are being harmed by their attitudes .

The most recommended thing is that you take the time to be alone with yourself, to meditate on the possibilities of permanently changing the relationships that surround you, the people you live with and thus realize that you deserve the best in the world and not you deserves to be going through these moments of your life. Flying bats in dreams

dreaming of many bats

Dreaming about many bats is a dream with a positive meaning as it increases your personal maturity. This means that you are learning from all the lessons you have had in life and have begun to mature.

If bats are white, it means you will acquire knowledge and purity. But if they’re gray, you’ll get more basic knowledge.

Dream about bats that attack you

Dreaming about bats that attack you is associated with the previous dream, as it means that there is someone who tries to deceive you or deceive you without your noticing.

The meaning of this dream is usually more accurate for the professional field, take care of your business and the people around every move you make. Don’t let them fool you, you already have an advantage because you realized that you should be more cautious from now on.

dream about bats and tie them up

Dreaming about bats and tying them up means you are giving solutions to the difficulties that were in your life. You are a fearless person who faces life’s situations with a cold mind to find a solution to everything.

Dreaming of bats indoors

Dreaming of bats indoors, this type of dream has a negative meaning, as it announces death within the family. You should be careful about members of your family who have family illnesses. Prepare for your physical disappearance as it is inevitable. Flying bats in dreams

dreaming of dead bats

It is possible that in the dream the bat is dead from different causes. If from the beginning you noticed the animal’s presence, but did not realize that it happened or did not participate in its death, it may indicate that you are feeling guilty about something that happened recently.

You may have made a decision or acted in a way that you now regret. You may have noticed a change in the way people have handled these events recently. Therefore, this dream may indicate that it is time to reflect and make changes in attitude.

If in your dream you observe yourself killing a bat, it is possible that you are trying to eliminate certain people and problems from your current life. However, if you are not a person who acts violently with animals and you feel harmed by this situation in which you feel uncomfortable; then this dream will have a positive meaning.

The dream indicates that you are ready to face any negative situation that comes your way. If during the animal’s death we hear its cry or the sound of how it is dying, then it is an indication that we are going through a distressing moment in relation to our mental health. Flying bats in dreams

It is possible that the person having this dream is suffering from some illness, for which they face a terrible fear of death. Generally, the death of an animal in a dream means you are not acting honestly.

Likewise, when these animals appear in nightmares, they are a reflection of bad behavior and insecurity. Therefore, to regain our own security and also to improve our attitude; it will be necessary to identify which aspects of our personality and attitudes must be reformed.

Dreaming of the scream of bats

This dream means you are not surrounded by the right people; that’s when there are truly negative people around you, when the bat squeaks in your dreams, your subconscious means that there are negative people in your environment who want all the harm from someone, the world for your life, but nothing happens, it’s not the first time you’re going through that moment and it’s the last time.

dream eating bats

This means that your subconscious is telling you that you are taking on a problem that is not yours that definitely dominates you, especially when that problem belongs to someone in your family, you want to hide something of your personality.

With what you are not completely comfortable with, it is most recommended in these cases that you take the time to be alone with yourself and consider the options to change this attitude that enslaves you.

dream that a bat chases me

If in the dream you have a passive and calm attitude, it means that you have a great capacity to face the problems of your life without difficulty, you have all these to overcome, because absolutely nothing affects you.

If, on the contrary, in the dream you are anguished and full of fears, it means that you are afraid of the possible future, you are not absolutely sure of the decisions you made, however, it is what it is and you must face your life in the best way : with his head held high.

dream that you talk to a bat

And what are you talking about in your dream? It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember the conversation, because talking to animals, almost any animal, symbolizes the need for knowledge, represents your more curious side and your desire for knowledge.

In this case, as you are talking to a bat, we understand that you want to know all the secrets of the night and learn how to use this power and this magic that you have in you.

dream that you kill bats

Certainly, this dream brings a certain calm and tranquility, despite the violence it contains. That emotional vampire, that toxic person we talked about earlier, has finally stopped exercising his power over you.

Do you think it hasn’t happened yet? Do you think you still haven’t got rid of your poison? Well then, the dream he’s talking about is your need to start getting rid of that bond. It’s also urgent.

Dreaming of having a bat as a pet

Most people have a cat or a dog, but you prefer the silent, nocturnal company of a bat. What happens? Absolutely nothing.

Or it happens that you can see beyond appearances, that you have a gift for discovering the best in each person or situation, and also not afraid that the way of doing things is different from the conventional one.

dream that you are a bat

This dream has a very important message for you. The time has come to accept your differences, to understand that you are a special person, to discover your gifts and abilities, to lead a more authentic life, getting closer to you, to your essence. No matter the appearance or the conventions, it’s time to be yourself. Flying bats in dreams

Dreaming about a bat inside a cave

When you dream of a bat inside a cave, it can be interpreted as a big problem. It can be a sign that many problematic situations are arising both in the workplace and in the personal.

If you don’t try to solve your problems now that they are small, in the future they will become so big that you won’t be able to control them. If you want peace and quiet, you need to work on it now.

dreaming of a black bat

If the bat is black in the dream, most people might think it’s something negative. However, the meaning is much more precise, signaling that the end of something is approaching.

Perhaps in the workplace, in a love relationship, with your friends or on your projects. It’s not necessarily something with a negative connotation, but it requires great care because you’re going to face big changes.

dreaming of a white bat

When a white bat appears in a dream, it can be a harbinger of death. Some family member or close relative is about to die.

You need to start spending more time with your family, taking care of them and supporting them at all times to make the most of the time you spend with them. It could be that the death of one of them is near.

dream of catching bats

When you have a dream where we caught one or more bats, the dream can mean that you are finally struggling with the problems and sticky situations that have plagued you for a long time.

You have overcome your fears and finally started to eliminate your problems one by one. Soon there will be a stage of prosperity and happiness without all these problems.

dreaming of little bats

If in the dream many small bats can be seen, the dream means that there is a lot of gossip and negative energies surrounding the dreamer’s life. Flying bats in dreams

They may also have a bearing on the fact that there are many things the dreamer doesn’t like, aspects of his life he would like to change, things that are irritating or inappropriate for him.

Dreams of screeching bats

This dream means that you are not surrounded by the right people, that’s when there are truly negative people around you, when the bat screams in your dreams, your subconscious wants to tell you that there are negative people in your environment who want all the harm from world for your life, but nothing happens, because it’s not the first time you go through this moment, but the last time.

Dreaming about bats during the day

Daytime bats in your dreams, they say you should be careful of someone who wants to harm you.

dream about blind bats

This dream is about the need to create a problem where there is definitely not a problem, that is, blind bats are obviously problems, but fictitious, where only you see them head and foot.

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