Dreaming of ex boyfriend/date with/argue/kissing/missing/dead etc.

Meanings of dreaming about ex boyfriend

Every time we wake up from a dream or nightmare, we often wonder what the meaning of the dream we just had is. That question becomes stronger when we dream about our ex. This type of dream about the previous partner is usually very recurrent when the cycle with that person was not closed or by chance in life you meet that person again. Dreaming of ex boyfriend

And it’s just that remembering specific people in your dreams can be disturbing and confusing, especially if it’s someone you’ve shared an important part of your life with.

The first thing that comes to your mind is probably doubting how you feel about this person. However, there is no reason to worry, because dreaming about an ex boyfriend can have a different meaning than you think.

After waking up from that dream, your mind can make you want to think that that person who was once special to you is thinking about you, which calls into question your feelings for your ex. You shouldn’t worry, just keep reading and you’ll find out what it means to dream about your ex.

One fact that you find interesting is that certain cultures interpret this type of dream as a sign that that person is still in love with you or is thinking about you. However, these meanings can vary depending on the context of the dream.

For this reason, we’ll explain what it means to dream about your ex-partner according to the context of the dream so that you know what’s going on and whether you really want to have a relationship with that person again or if it’s an unimportant dream that you you have to let it fall by the wayside and get on with your life.

What do dream about ex boyfriend really mean?

It is very likely that after these dreams you wake up scared and nervous, wondering what this could mean. This is something more common than you might think, because your ex is a person with whom you keep many experiences and good memories.

Another aspect you should consider is whether your relationship with your ex has recently ended. There is a stage of grief or adjustment when this person is still present in your life, so you will regularly dream of this person.

Having dreams about your ex can be one of the parts of your new process of adjusting to the breakup. Memories and lived experiences with that person continue to make noise in your subconscious, so it is very common for you to see them reflected in your dreams.

However, there is something you should keep in mind: this type of dream is not always a sign that it is related to your old relationship. There is a possibility that in your life there are several issues or elements that you must take care of and give a quick solution.

Dreaming that I have a date with my ex

Dreaming that I have a date with my ex is a reflection of the beautiful experiences you had with him or her, the beautiful memories you have of that person and that you will always keep in your heart. But be careful, it doesn’t mean you miss him or want to go back.

Dreaming that you argue with your ex

There are nights when, instead of dreaming, when we get up, we think we had a nightmare. When the reason for your dream was a fight or argument, the dream means that there is still something unresolved and the other party intends to speak again and pick up the reason.

It means that the other party wants to resolve or at least the situation is clarified to avoid confrontation and the breakup is amicable.

Dreaming of dating your ex again

This is the most common dream and doesn’t mean that you desperately want to go back to him or her, but that big changes await you in your life and in your current relationship. Lots of new things will happen that you don’t expect.

dream about kissing your ex

If you dream of kissing your ex-partner, it can mean a lot of things depending on your emotional state. If you’re dating someone else, but you dreamed that you kissed your ex, it means that with them you enjoyed something you can’t enjoy with the person you are now.

However, if you don’t have a partner, the meaning is very clear: you miss your ex-boyfriend, you still want him, and you die to get back with him. To better understand, check out our article as well: what does it mean to dream of kissing?

dreaming of ex boyfriend with another

Dreaming that your ex is with someone else indicates that you still haven’t forgotten him, a very common dream if you’re suspicious or annoyed that your ex has another partner and that he doesn’t feel anything for you anymore.

Dreaming that you still haven’t found another partner

If you haven’t found another partner yet and are dreaming of your ex-girlfriend, it means you haven’t gotten over your break yet and would like to regain the relationship you had in the past.

Dreaming that you miss your ex

If you dream that you miss your ex, it could mean that you really miss that person or some of the experiences you’ve lived with. It is also interpreted as a way of expressing the need to feel loved again, to find someone to make you happy again.

dreaming of dead ex boyfriend

In this case, the dream is interpreted as having forgotten your ex-boyfriend and the love you felt for him is gone.

As you will see, the meaning of dreaming about your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is very relative and depends largely on your current feelings, the type of dream you have, and the rest of the elements and people that appear in the dream. Analyze your dreams, interpret them and draw your conclusions.

dream that you get back with your ex

Did you dream that you return with your ex? (ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend). Maybe you get upset … or maybe it’s the opposite and get up happy until you remember reality.

In any case, your mind is telling you that, in a way, you may be missing something from the past. If they are very recurrent dreams, perhaps you can find this person facing you in the not-too-distant future. Think carefully about how you are going to act.

dreaming that your ex is pregnant

No doubt it’s a confused dream that requires a more extensive interpretation. We recommend that you read the article that talks about pregnancy dreams.

Dreaming of ex boyfriend and didn’t do it a long time ago

If you’ve dreamed about your ex-partner and haven’t done so in a long time, their interpretation is that you’re missing something to talk to him about. Maybe you’re still in love and want me to give you another chance.

On the other hand, these dreams don’t need to reflect on personal issues or your romantic relationships. Some interpretations are related to other issues in your life that you have not yet resolved and therefore bother you.

Anyway, if you dreamed something like the above, a good way to calm down is to call your ex-boyfriend and talk about the issues that concern him. It’s the best way to clarify your thoughts, you can be sure.

The truth is that dreaming about your ex can be interpreted in a thousand ways that change according to your current mood. In any case, it is a dream that reflects something you are currently living or events that will take place in the very near future that you must not forget.

If you have a partner today and you think everything is going well, take a moment to think about it, as this kind of dream can indicate that trouble is coming and that it could end your love story. Look closely at the context of the dream to better understand its meaning.

dream about your ex-husband

If a couple takes over the marriage, if you get married (also look at the interpretation of dreaming of getting married) and form a family, it’s not surprising that you dream of that person. You and your ex-husband shared many moments, it is important to you, he is the father of your children and it is logical that you continue to feel affection for him to the point of seeing him in dreams.

Possibly, there is also something in your current partner that you didn’t find but had the previous one. So look back and remember the good times you had with the other person and that you haven’t lived or won’t live now (or it’s not the same).

In conclusion, the meaning of dreams when you dreamed of your ex, you must first describe how you felt when you woke up and then specify an interpretation of the dreams. Dreaming about it once is normal, however, if it becomes recurrent and you don’t understand exactly why it can become a headache.

dreaming that your ex visits you

Dreaming of a simple visit from your ex-partner need not be misinterpreted. In the dream world, dreaming that your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is visiting is interpreted as something positive.

This means that the relationship ended well and that you only have good memories and feelings for the person you shared so many moments with.

Dreaming that your ex-partner is in a relationship with someone else

If your ex-partner appears in this dream with someone else, it’s a clear reflection that you still have feelings for that person. This dream often occurs in jealous people who cannot accept the separation or who cannot get over it.

Keep in mind that the other person, i.e. your ex-partner, will have gotten over the breakup, so do it yourself.

Dreaming that your ex gives you advice

While it may seem like a weird dream, since there’s nothing stranger than an ex-boyfriend counseling an ex-girlfriend, it’s a situation that often occurs a lot in dreams.

Its meaning is very clear. In this situation, your subconscious is warning you about past mistakes, the ones you made with your ex-partner, so you don’t make them again with future partners.

dream that your ex dies

If you haven’t rebuilt your life after this relationship, the message of this dream is very clear. Dreaming that your ex dies means that you must let that person go once and for all, that what brought you together no longer exists and that it’s time to start a new life.

Dreaming that we have sex again with our ex

We should look at it as a state of natural arousal, in which we remember the ex as someone dominant who hurt us, we’re not interested, and we don’t want to see him again.

In this case, the meaning of dreaming about your ex represents that it’s a past step for us and we don’t want anything more to do with the other person, we’re not interested in what might happen to them.

Dream about your ex and that you get along

Dreaming of your ex and that you get along, whose idyll was largely friendship, involves preparation. Our subconscious is introducing into our minds the idea that the ex may already be seeing someone else, thus trying to restructure our minds and our feelings to avoid suffering.

dream about your ex talking

This type of fantasy clearly represents an admiration for this person, who left his mark on us for his personality and the values ​​he taught us when we lived together. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’re still in love.

Dreaming that our ex wants to start the bride again

If it is a fantasy in which the ex appears wanting to resume the relationship in a positive way, we must translate it as a new person will appear in the dreamer’s life, a new couple who will make us see the old relationship as something definitive and over.

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