Dream about a machete/attacked/hurting your head/not feel pain

Dreaming that you are attacked with a machete

In a general sense, dreaming of being attacked with a machete is related to questions of security, power, control or superiority over something in our life. Also, a dream where we are attacked with a machete represents our internal struggles and all those feelings of vulnerability that we must resolve. Dream about a machete

Sometimes it can be a bit disturbing to see that you are being attacked with a machete, but this type of dream opens a door for us so that we can work with our pain and control, and manage to overcome them. Also, this dream can show us that we attack ourselves too hard and do not forgive ourselves for making mistakes.

Dreaming that you are attacked with a machete

If a person attacks us with a machete, we can expect a lot of work ahead. Being attacked with a machete by someone we know alerts us to treacherous friendships. We must be careful to identify those bad friends. Being attacked from behind with a machete indicates that we must always be on the lookout for cunning friends. They are trying to make our life hell, destroying our family and work.

Being attacked with a machete and getting into a fight and winning, augurs well for success and professional growth. But if we get into a fight when we are attacked with the machete and we lose it, it indicates that due to reasonable suspicions, an unpleasant conversation will start with a family member. Let’s try to stay calm to achieve an understanding and to be able to get out of doubts easily.

If someone tries to attack us with a machete, but thanks to our reflexes we manage to avoid the blow, it shows that circumstances will force us to make decisions quickly. Getting hurt from a machete attack, and seeing blood come out, indicates that we will discover something unpleasant about someone we trust a lot. Dream about a machete

Seeing a machete attack on television indicates that great changes are coming to our lives. Changes that we will have to face. When the attack ceases out of revenge, it signals that a lie will endanger our reputation. Being alone and being attacked with a machete, and being able to feel fear in the dream, reflects the fear we feel that someone will hurt our feelings.

See in the dream that we attack with a machete

Being the ones who attack someone with a machete shows that we have an evil secret. Going head-on against someone and attacking them with a machete indicates that we will fight for leadership in the workplace. Attacking an animal with a machete, and then feeling guilty for what we have done, signals that we will take a great step in our lives. This will help us a lot to achieve our dreams. Attacking someone with a machete and regretting it or feeling sorry for it indicates that we will do something that we will later feel very ashamed of.

Dreaming about being attacked with a machete and hurting your head

Being attacked with a machete and getting hurt on the head, it means that someone will make unjustified reproaches to us for something we have not done. If they hurt our heads when they attack us with the machete, but no blood comes out, it is very positive, since it shows that life has pleasant surprises for us. Dream about a machete

If people attack each other with machetes in the dream

Seeing how many people attack each other with machetes, and seeing that there are wounded and dead, predicts many changes within the family. Not all will be good. If we know people who attack each other with machetes in real life, it shows treason within the family.

Dreaming that you are attacked with a machete but you do not feel pain

This type of dream is very positive for our life, since it shows that we have finished a stage and we will begin a new one. In this new stage we will have to make important decisions that will make us overcome problems and thanks to this we will be able to achieve success. Dream about a machete

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