Dirty river dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about dirty river really mean?

Dreaming of a dirty river means a certain lethargy, or tiredness on your part. This can be related to some illness of yours, or even bad feelings, however fleeting. Your emotional side can still be quite susceptible to strong impacts, so there are many things that can shake you. Dirty river dream meaning

Furthermore, the meaning of dreaming about a dirty river can be linked to bad things that happened in the course of your life. The river is a symbol of the flow your life takes. In Japanese mythology, there is a river called Rio dos Três Caminhos . Those who die must cross this river to reach the underworld. Depending on the person’s life, he or she must follow one of three paths. The more full of bad things your life is, the harder it will be. Therefore, finding the dirty river in your dream resembles this myth of Japanese culture.

However, it does not mean that you have bad deeds necessarily, as this can represent suffering in your life. Illnesses in the family or disagreements may be the causes of this dream. Therefore, the dirtier the river, the more difficult it will be to overcome these situations.

Furthermore, dreams of a dirty river may not be linked to your past, but rather to your future. You may be surrounded by a lot of insecurity caused by your problems and more difficulties will probably be in your way, mainly because of the path you chose to take.

You cannot say with 100% certainty what the dream means just by analyzing it in general. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze everything from a more concentrated parameter. In this way, you should pay close attention to the context so that you can understand more precisely what it means to dream of a dirty river.


This dream is not usually a good sign, as it brings a reflection on your moment. It is very likely that you are not at your best. This is reflected in their uncertainties, mainly due to their difficulty in dealing with reality. Some people may even be deceiving you, but you don’t want to see it. Dirty river dream meaning

It’s killing the river inside you, and making it dirtier and dirtier. Therefore, you should pay close attention to your friendships. If you notice that there is a falsehood in your relationships, the best thing to do is to move away from this negativity to let a real cleansing be done in your life.


In case you are swimming in a dirty river, the meaning of this could be coming from your subconscious, which is trying to send you a very simple alert. Things aren’t going well, and it’s no use denying that. You find yourself immersed in dirt, and you try to convince yourself that everything is going well, but everything around you is not clean.

You have a lot of uncertainties and you end up hiding from the truth because of that. Things aren’t being easy and you’re going to have to fight a lot to change the game. Many obstacles are in front of you. So it’s time to stand up and face facts. Understand better what is happening, why things are not going well, what can be done about it and, finally, take action. Only you are able to get out of this mess.


Navigating in clean water usually indicates that the person is very open and communicative. In this case, the dirty water portrays that you are living in an opposite moment. So you need to get that more sociable side back so you can feel better again.


Imagine you are walking and encounter a river. We would normally no longer drink your water. But you notice that the river is dirty. Would you drink the water from this river that way? Certainly not, so why in your dream do you take that attitude? Dreaming of drinking dirty water from the river indicates that you are going through a great deal of suffering and are going into a certain process of mourning.

Perhaps this is the result of a heartbreak or some kind of anguish you are experiencing. Contaminating yourself with this water represents how much anguish you are suffering. The more water you drink in your dream, the more suffering you must be going through in real life. Dirty river dream meaning


We already know that the dirty river can represent bad things in your life. So if you can get past him and avoid contact, that means you’re getting away from the negativity.

In this way, you are fully capable of overcoming difficulties, especially those that deal with your emotions. It’s important to note how you now have the ability to see things from above. Having this different perspective can be very interesting because you are seeing yourself above your problems. Maintaining this vision can be a very good thing to get over your problems.


You even tried to avoid letting the negativity affect you, but ended up falling into it. It’s a complicated situation, which can cause some distress. You’re not being able to let go of negative emotions and it’s messing up your life too much. Try to rebalance yourself, as your recovery depends on your strength and ability to overcome yourself. Try to find more positive emotions to make your river a little less dirty. Gradually, you will be able to make it through this without falling into the water.


Once again, this dream represents your difficulty in dealing with your situation, but in this case it is even more serious. You’ve let despair take over and it won’t help you at all. Try to breathe a little to alleviate this feeling of drowning.


In this case, the river’s dirt is something more specific. Here, there is a strong meaning attached to illness, or even death. Therefore, you must take this time to take more care of yourself and your health, as that is what matters most. Dirty river dream meaning


Seeing yourself in the current of a river is something that brings a strong interpretation, but it depends on your relationship with water. If you are swimming upstream, this is a strong indication that you are fighting something. In case you are struggling with your negative feelings and all the negativity in your life. They can be very strong, but the dream is a sign that you will not accept this easily and will continue to fight for your happiness. It’s even more interesting when you can overcome the water and succeed in your dream, as it is a strong sign that your recovery is going well and that you will soon feel good again.

On the other hand, if you are with the current, as if you are using it on impulse, it may mean that you are accepting the current state of your life. This indicates that you are letting the negativity take over.

Your emotional and bad situations are exerting a lot of energy on you, and this makes it very difficult for you to bear it. Therefore, you are in urgent need of re-establishment. If necessary, ask someone you trust for help. Don’t let things get any worse, you have all the capacity to overcome all your adversities. Dirty river dream meaning

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