Dead horse in dream/drowned/on road/white/in the water

Meanings of dreaming about dead horse

Animals appear in dreams with very powerful symbolism and therefore you wake up with very intense positive or negative feelings. In the case of dreaming about a dead horse, it’s a dream that can turn into a real nightmare because your freedom is at stake.

These horses should be running through the fields or grazing, but what you see in your dream is that they are dead. The feeling is of nightmare, misfortune or even tragedy and it is not just the sadness of seeing those lifeless animals. What is going on? Dreaming of dead horses is not a premonitory dream, but it is a warning of danger.

What do dream about dead horse really mean?

In the meaning of this dream we find a close relationship with their freedom, their independence and their autonomy. Horses in dreams symbolize many things like elegance, nobility or professionalism, but above all they are a symbol of freedom. You just have to imagine yourself riding a beautiful horse, taking the reins by yourself.

The fact that the horses are dead means that you have lost the reins of your life. The same would happen if you dreamed of running horses, but in this case you go a step further because you feel you have no way of regaining control. Loss of control is one of the symptoms of anxiety problems or even depression. When you think there’s nothing you can do to change the situation.

It is precisely this situation of lack of control, lack of initiative, lack of illusions or lack of direction that dead horses warn. It’s up to you that your dream doesn’t come true. Wake up and take charge of your life again. And if you can’t go on horseback, you can always go on foot.

Dreaming of drowned dead horses

It is important to know that dreaming of drowned dead horses has a negative meaning. This type of dream represents the failure you feel, whether in the personal and loving field, or in the professional. The same is true in dreams of dead cats. It’s time to take the reins of your life and start again.

Dreaming of dead horses in the water

The meaning of dreaming of dead horses in water represents the power of your subconscious. By adding to this dream the fact of dreaming about water, you have a new perspective or different perspectives on life and it is important that you know how to face them so that everything works out.

Dreaming of dead horses on the road

On many occasions, dreaming of dead horses on the road means that you feel uncertain about the future. You think things aren’t going well for you and you’re worried. Don’t be too quick, no one can guess the future and things can be better than you expect.

dream of dead white horse

As in the previous cases, the death of a horse means the loss of control, freedom or motivation of its favorite activity or life plans, whether due to internal or external problems.

However, if the white horse continues to appear in your dreams, it could mean that the purity and prosperity you thought you had in your hands are disappearing and that the opportunity you haven’t finished taking advantage of may be gone.

Remember that dreaming of dead horses is a sign of danger. You might be interested to read about What does it mean to dream of a zoo? You are interested in learning some curious facts about horse symbolism in different cultures in different historical periods.

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