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Cancer Phrases: See the phrases that best suit Cancerian

Cancer is the sign of people born between June 20th and July 21st. Governed by Water and the Moon, it is an intense sign, which feels more than others, being very emotional and companion. People of this sign are often known as the most loving people in the zodiac, as they are very attached to family, friends and people around them. Cancer zodiac quotes

They are the most emotional of the zodiac. Being the first in the Water sign, emotions are still more open than for others who are also influenced. Your personality varies from time to time and something bad can mean the rest of the day in solitude. They must be careful not to let themselves be influenced so much and keep their feet on the ground.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, and its mission in the wheel of signs is to maintain ties, show affection, build solidity in relationships and emotionally settle in order to keep the ground cultivated for the next sign, which is Leo.

We can say that there are some phrases that define each sign and, here, the Cancer phrases will vary according to the personality of each decan. Remembering that you can know your decan by doing your birth chart. Cancer zodiac quotes

Have you ever stopped to think about the phrases that best define the native Cancerian? Check out some of the best phrases of the sign of Cancer below.

  •  “I’m kind, but I hardly forget when they hurt me.”

Cancerian of the first decanate, approximately between the 21st and 30th of June, are ruled by the Moon. They are the most typical of Cancerian and their interpretations of this sign come from this first decan.

They are the emotional part, protectors and family members. Women from this first deanery are usually the ones with the most maternal characteristics. They are extremely dedicated and protective, but their energy can easily wear out, as they commit everything they have to taking care of others, and this can lead to dealing with people considered toxic.

The Cancerian of this first deanery must be attending to people who drain his energy, always protecting himself and being aware of who he really must keep by his side. Prioritize your family and friends, but don’t get caught up in any bad intentions.

This is one of Cancer‘s phrases, because he knows what it is to strive to protect and take care of what he finds convenient, however, due to his delivery, he can be easily disappointed, and when that happens, they never forget.

The Cancerian of this first decanate tend to be the ones with the most prominent Moon, and their mood varies according to each phase. They are not passive, but neither are they aggressive. Perhaps they prefer to keep their feelings rather than expose them. He is a fickle being who understands his phases and sometimes prefers to take shelter. Cancer zodiac quotes

  • “I have feelings, but I prefer my foot on Earth

The Cancer natives of the second decanate, approximately between the 1st and 10th of July, are Cancerian with Pluto in the most prominent position on the map. These are people who have a personality more similar to the second Water sign, which is Scorpio. They will be more closed and suspicious Cancerian. They’re not that emotionally unstable either. Another characteristic is that they are organized and are very attached to things and people.

In a relationship, they tend to be more conservative, like to set goals and do not enter into a relationship that will not last. On the downside, it could be that people from the second decanate of Cancer are aggressive and lose their temper easily, especially Cancerian who have Mars in Aries.

In the sequence of sentences of the sign of Cancer, they will vary according to the decanate, Moon or Ascendant placement, and even in some retrograde position of the map. That’s why it’s important to consult all aspects of your birth chart.

Another detail of the Cancerian of the second deanship is that, in general, they are more stingy people, as they do not trust others so much, they end up closing themselves even in moments that involve the financial side. Borrowing money from them is out of the question.

Perhaps Cancer is a misinterpreted sign, as their feeling comes from a lot of emotion involved, so opening up and speaking what you really feel is a difficult task, as they usually feel that no one will understand them. Or because they are so emotional, they want to get away from this stereotype and end up being tougher and less kind. We know that a glass that is too full for an hour is overflowing, that’s why the Cancerian can’t always avoid feeling, and expressing himself can be a therapy since he keeps so much feeling to himself. Cancer zodiac quotes

They are people who will always be there to listen and will help in whatever they can with great empathy and care. It’s not the most reliable sign of the zodiac, however, being a Water sign, he will never hide when he doesn’t like something and his dialogue is usually full of protection and truth, as he won’t disguise what he really feels, and deep down he doesn’t even need to.

  • “I feel everything, I observe everything, but I only say what interests me”

Cancerian of the third decanate, approximately between the 11th and 21st of July, have a greater energy coming from the planet Neptune, which is what deals with the sensitivity of our unconscious and speaks about our deepest desires. At the same time, it is the planet that influences us to look at the whole, to be rational and not surrender to illusion and madness.

Cancerian of the third decanate are more sensitive and intuitive, so they must be extra careful not to get carried away by alcohol and other substances, as they can exaggerate their sensitivity, making it difficult for the native of Cancer to deal with. Taking care of yourself must be paramount, as it will not be easy to deal with all these feelings without trying to understand them.

One of the characteristics of Cancer is feeling too much, and you, Cancer of the third deanery, by having this involvement with Neptune, which is the planet that rules the sign of Pisces, makes these feelings and fluidity more exacerbated. Cancer zodiac quotes

In this evolution of the signs, the Cancer of the third decanate is already harder emotionally, and he is no longer so immature, his emotion has evolved into intuition, and here he must remain firm so as not to get lost in his sensitivity and work himself to evolve to the next cycle, which is Leo. The Cancer of the third decan will observe everything around him and his speech will come after much analysis and certainty.


Cancer is a sign that understands how to bond, renew and feel. Sensitively, but with that touch of distrust and keeping your opinions to yourself. They dose it with a lot of solidarity and empathy

The phrases that match Cancer try to bring you this chance to know yourself better, remembering that the path of the zodiac wheel is the same as life and it demands growth and some abdications. Cancer is the sign that introduces the world to emotional interactions.

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