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Sign of Cancer: Characteristics, Love, Personality, Qualities, Flaws – Complete

Skin-deep emotion. Thus we can define the personality of the natives of the sign of Cancer . One of the most emotional and romantic signs of the Zodiac, Cancer is extremely dedicated to family and friends. Cancer horoscope description

Ruled by the Moon, it is no wonder that your emotional state is totally influenced by the phases of the lunar cycle. This makes the Cancer native mysterious and sometimes difficult to understand. It is in these moon shifts that Cancer can show his darker side, with emotional instability, mood swings and angry outbursts. Something that doesn’t last long, since, in general, the personality of the sign of Cancer is contained and delicate.


Cancer is the sign of those born between June 22nd and July 22nd . It has water as its element, which gives it some characteristics. While it flows well and adapts to others, like a river flowing into the sea, it can also be mysterious and crooked at times. Water signs in general are suspicious and prone to sudden changes. On the other hand, being ruled by the moon, Cancer has very feminine characteristics, such as zeal and introspection.


Fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer is symbolized by a crab. The origin of this symbolism takes us to the god Hercules and one of his 12 works: to destroy the Hydra of Lerna, a nine-headed monster that, even if cut, regenerated. Upon starting this quest, the goddess Hera, who hated Hercules for being the bastard son of her husband Zeus, sent a gigantic crab to harm him. Hercules crushed the crab with his feet and managed to destroy Lerna’s Hydra, with the help of his nephew, Jolau. But Hera, in gratitude, turned the crab into a constellation: the Cancer Constellation. Cancer horoscope description


Represented by a Crab, the Cancer sign features shyness and a sense of protection. These personality traits are reminiscent of the crab, introspective and protected under its shell.


It’s easy to define a native of cancer. He will be able to bring together all the qualities of a family man (or woman). It is part of the Cancer sign personality to be careful, protective, responsible and attached to traditions. He is dedicated to people he loves and likes to be taken care of.


Sensitive and Emotional – Think of a sensitive sign, but not just in terms of emotion, but sentimentality. Cancer is so sensitive that it overdoes it and can become needy and possessive.

Protectors – They know how to take care like no one else. They know exactly what to do to please. They are partners who offer security and very responsible parents.

Conservatives – Cancer is very attached to traditions and this attachment can make them a little closed about change. In the family, he will be the one who preserves habits, festivals and customs.

Responsible – Whether in personal life, in the family or in the professional area, Cancer proves to be a very trustworthy person, who fulfills his obligations. In other words, Cancer is pretty trustworthy. It’s the employee you dreamed of or the partner you asked God for. That’s if you’re the type who seeks lasting relationships. Cancer horoscope description


Being a very emotional sign, Cancer takes love relationships very seriously. Sometimes too much. Because they have water as elements, they are suspicious and mysterious. They tend to fall in love easily, but do not show it effusively, as they are generally shy and reserved.

Loyal and dedicated, he gives himself entirely to the relationship, demanding the same from his partner. It runs away from superficial relationships, as they are of the family type. It can be said that anyone looking for a solid marriage with children, should bet on someone with the sign of Cancer. Whether male or female, they love children and stability.


In general, people of the sign of Cancer are homely and traditional. What they really like is to spend quality time with their family. Cancerians are said to be born to care. They place great value on relationships and family ties and do everything they can to maintain them. They are not the type to abandon everything to venture out into the world. Your happiness is in your home. And beware: they hardly forgive a betrayal.


In professional relationships, the Cancerian is responsible and considerate. He likes to work and fulfill his obligations as it makes him feel useful. They work very well on their own and don’t need to be managed as they know their responsibilities. They are very reliable employees. They take their work seriously because they like stability and as they are family members they need security to support their children. They are economical and manage money well.


Such a placid and elegant sign, it even seems to be flawless. But Cancers also have their most annoying side. They are jealous and possessive. From time to time they make a scene because of need. Just as they love to care, Cancer people love to be pampered. Here are some characteristics of the sign of Cancer that are not pleasant at all:

Mood proneness – When things don’t go their way or when they’re hampered in their actions, they frown and take time to relax.

Pessimists – They are so eager to make sure everything works out that they end up suffering in anticipation, sometimes for things that aren’t even worth it.

Manipulators – Not that he acts mean. But you know that little blackmail we do to get attention from the loved one? Cancer is a master at this art. And it ends up making you feel guilty for not doing what he wants. Pure charm! Cancer horoscope description


Loving, generous and sentimental. The native of the sign Cancer is a well of emotions, some very intense. Cancerians are said to be born to care. The graphic symbol itself represents a kind of nest, referring to motherhood and protection. Gifted with great intuition and extremely homely, the native of Cancer is the one who brings people together and promotes well-being around them.

On the negative side, they are too attached to the people they love and forget some of their individuality.


The signs that best match Cancer are Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces and Capricorn . Taurus and Virgo, as they are an Earth element, complement the Cancerian’s Water element. Also because these two signs are more stable and rational, valuing the traditions that Cancer loves so much. As for Scorpio and Pisces, they do well for being Water signs like him, with the same careful and suspicious nature. Capricorn is your opposite sign, the one that completes you in everything. Their differences can either unite them or drive them apart. Cancer horoscope description

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