Black frog dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about black frog really mean?

Dreaming about black frog is a warning to be careful and protect yourself from malicious people who want to do you harm. Black frog dreams can often be frightening for some, but rest assured. The frog has a positive symbology in dreams, being a friend and protector. Black frog dream meaning

Frogs are animals that, at the same time, know what the depth of bodies of water is like, and the surface where we are. Dreaming of a black frog has a meaning in this sense: the frog came from the depths of the lake of your subconscious to send you an alert.

But as dreams about a black frog can have many different interpretations, try to remember all the context of your dream and the details, so you know exactly what dreaming about a black frog means.


Dreaming of seeing a black frog can be interpreted as a warning to stay vigilant. The danger of falsehood and malicious gossip is haunting you, but it hasn’t reached you yet. So this dream is a signal to be smart and never let your guard down.

This dream also comes as an alert for you to change your attitudes about how you interact with people who might hurt you. Try to focus on the good people who love you, and step away from the people you think are dangerous and malicious.


Dreaming of holding a black frog can be a bad sign regarding the health of your romantic relationships or friendships. There are people who envy you in their life and who wish you didn’t have certain friendships.

The black frog in your hands is a warning to worry about who you love, whether friends or romantic partner, and not let malicious gossip about you end up affecting your relationships.

Watch out for people who talk bad about you behind your back, as they want to bring you down and ruin the good relationships you have. Don’t let yourself be shaken and your relationships with the people you really care about will come out stronger. Black frog dream meaning


Dreaming of a black frog means that there is someone who is happy when you are suffering or struggling. It’s a warning that there is someone who considers you an enemy, and takes pleasure in your failure.

Perhaps this person in question is very envious of you, and cannot control himself with anger when you are capable and happy, so when you are down, envy makes him feel pleasure in his suffering.

Now is the time to try to tell how much you are exposing yourself to other people, try to be more reserved during this period, to prevent someone from wanting to bring you down or make you suffer. The attention other people have on you, and the admiration they feel, is a pain for that person who wants to do you harm.


Dreaming of a big black frog is a sign that a very big lie and an even bigger falsehood are very present in your life. This dream is a warning that a lie about you is surrounding you, and a false person is propagating this lie to see you suffer.

The bigger the frog, the bigger the lie and the more that person wants his bad. Now is the time to go carefully, and try to unmask this person who wants to make you suffer. But often the best solution is to stay calm and talk about it with people you trust. A lie has a short leg, if you have the patience to overcome a lie using the truth, the problem will end up alone.


Dreaming about a small black frog has the same meaning as dreaming about a big black frog, the difference is that the lie is just beginning and the person who is propagating the lie has not yet managed to harm you.

This dream is very good, as it is a warning that you can use to your advantage, and nip it in the bud. Discovering a small lie may be more difficult, but don’t give up. If you can really find the problem early, it can go away more easily. Look at it this way: it’s easier to kill a small black frog than a giant black frog!

So now is the time to get away from people you don’t really trust, people you know are mean, and thus avoid headaches in the future.


Dreaming of a black frog chasing you can be frightening many times, and that is the meaning of the dream. You are going through a period of danger, and the dream comes as a big warning so that you don’t get too comfortable and something bad happens because you weren’t aware. Black frog dream meaning

If you dreamed of the black frog running after you and woke up with a feeling of fear, know that fear often protects us from danger. Stay alert and avoid anything that is most dangerous in your life, at least for now.


Dreaming of a black frog in water has three different meanings depending on where you were in the dream in relation to the water. But basically, if the black frog is in the water, it’s a sign that someone might try to pull your rug.

If you are watching the water from afar, know that there is still time to prevent someone from doing harm to you. If you are near water, it is a sign that they will try to deceive you with lies, seduce you with sweet words to hurt you. And if you’re in the water, know that someone has already tricked you or has already attacked you.

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