Banana tree dream meaning/complete interpretation

dream about banana tree

Dreaming about a banana tree can be very curious, you wake up wondering why you had this dream. The banana tree has interesting symbolisms. And the meaning of this dream can give you the keys to understanding yourself. Banana tree dream meaning

The banana tree is not a tree, but a herbaceous plant, devoid of a woody trunk. Its stalks, very soft, disappear after fruiting. This is the reason why the Buddha makes the banana tree the symbol of fragility, of the instability of things, which do not deserve to absorb interest: Mental constructions resemble a banana tree. Furthermore, one of the classic themes of Chinese painting is that of the Sage, meditating on the impermanence of things, at the foot of a banana tree .

Considering this symbolism, we can conclude that dreaming about banana trees is closely related to mental processes, thought patterns, habits, routines and way of acting in the physical world. The fuel that fuels thoughts is the Ego itself. It is through the ego that instability sets in in a person’s life. The Ego wears out, consumes, tortures and takes away any possibility of happiness entering our lives. There are a multitude of Egos, such as greed, envy, anger, violence, etc. But at the root of all Ego is lust.

Humanity is by nature a fornicator, this is the cardinal sin. That’s where the other Egos come from, each struggling to take mental control at a certain time. At some point, we want to get into the gym, dedicate ourselves to health and good nutrition; In the other, we want to stay at home eating and sleeping; In the other, we want sex, love, arguments, fights, nitpicking, lies, and so on.

All of this creates instability in life, just like the banana tree in its symbolic aspect. Therefore, dreaming about banana trees means that there are priorities much higher than the pleasures, satisfactions and even dislikes triggered by the Ego. Banana tree dream meaning


Green, although it has a lot of connection with affection, affection and love , in this case symbolizes exactly the need to conquer such virtues. Dreaming of a banana tree with a green bunch represents immaturity. People who have this dream tend to live life as if it were an amusement park. They are asleep and mired in worldly desires, wants and pleasures. As a result, the mind tends to become restless, dissatisfied, nothing is good. Moments of existential crisis come and go and the person does not realize that he needs to nourish his Soul with adequate foodlove .

This dream symbolizes deception. It is urgently necessary to work on oneself, studying, learning and developing. Leaving room for daydreams makes life much more difficult and, in the end, fear, insecurity and depression tend to become stronger and stronger, as this is what is nourished by the invigilance of an unruly life.


Yellow is the color of creativity, disposition, doing and happening. However, dreaming of a banana tree with a yellow bunch just symbolizes the lack of such qualities. The great yeast for such an imbalance is poorly digested emotions. People who feed on thoughts about the past and future tend to create severe emotional blocks over time. Yellow is the color of the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is located two fingers above the navel. And this Chakra is the center of human emotions. When this plexus is out of balance, emotions become profoundly strong, which can lead to suicidal impulses.

Staying connected to the here and now helps balance your emotions. It’s important to stop harboring toxic thoughts right away. In addition, it is necessary to engage in breathing and yoga practices and exercises. So little by little, the accumulation of undigested emotions will dissolve and the mind clears again, bringing full happiness again.


Dreaming of a banana tree falling indicates a certain awakening of consciousness. This dream reveals a certain degree of maturity. This dream signals understanding with yourself. It is very common for this dream to occur when one starts to realize that we are acting wrongly, with negligence and immaturity. When worldly pleasures and satisfactions begin to saturate us, we start looking for something more. And this dream signals this transition period, where what doesn’t serve is left behind, while new doors open for a new beginning full of learning and inner evolution. Banana tree dream meaning

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