Banana dream meaning/green/rotten/bunch/fried/eating etc.

Meanings of Dreaming About Banana

Dreaming about a banana will attract positive energies into your life, but it will depend on the circumstances in which you had the dream. Banana is one of the oldest fruits used by man and is a food that by nature human beings recognize as food. Banana dream meaning

This compartment imprinted on our genes is used by cosmic energies to send us messages; moreover, it will depend on the color and state of the banana to mean something specific. In other words, an energetic message that a banana is positive depending on its color, state, composition, quantity or absence.

Throughout history, landowners who dreamed of bananas predicted positive times of harvest and abundance. Currently, we adapt the meaning of sleep to our daily behavior and routine. Have you ever dreamed of bananas and want to find out what they mean?

What do dream about banana really mean?

From pregnancies, solutions to problems, business successes and even future damage, it comes to dreaming of bananas. Obviously, this will depend on the circumstance in which you had this dream, remembering that sometimes they are reminder dreams and not interpretive dreams.

That is, if during the day you only ate bananas or wished to eat them and couldn’t, the dream is probably just a reminder of the activities you did during the day and not necessarily a prediction that can be used to interpret them.

On the contrary, if the opposite happens and you had a dream in which bananas were the protagonists, it’s time to remember the color, the composition, green or ripe, alone or in bunches, in good condition or in decomposition. Here are the most accurate interpretations of banana dreams.

dream of green banana

The color green always means being in serenity and fullness. Good health and positive mood accompany this color. In the dream of green bananas is a prediction of serenity.

It is an invitation not to argue with your family or partner, even if the argument comes, you must be prepared to face them calmly without complicating the relationship. This will provide a high maturity point that will prepare you to face new challenges. Banana dream meaning

Opportunities will come into your life, but remember to treat them completely or the result will be the opposite of the meaning I mentioned. Sometimes being too calm is a personal stagnation, so enjoy calm moments to improve your life by making good decisions.

dream of yellow banana

The color yellow is a sign of the positive and the negative, it is up to us to make the right decision. As long as you can choose happiness, you will be one step away from sadness.

The yellow bananas in our dreams are signs of happiness, but they must be in perfect condition. A yellow banana will guarantee fullness in the next few days, but it’s up to you to accept love, success and new opportunities, or reject them.

The path you choose will be filled with happiness, but remember that the most desired opportunities are always presented daily and sometimes we don’t take them. Take advantage of what you dreamed of yellow bananas to take it as a sign of positivism.

dream of rotten banana

Of course, the rotten state does not bode well. It is a sign to review the daily behavior of our activities, that is, whether our actions cause positive or negative aspects in other people. Banana dream meaning

If you dream of rotten bananas, don’t make new deals, take care of your health and treat everything with caution, that is, take precautions. It’s not the end of your life, because from the most rotten banana comes the best cakes and sweets.

Pay attention to the following weekdays and do not carry out activities where you do not feel safe or calm. Stress is the emotional state that consumes the most energy.

Dreaming about a bunch of bananas

People generally believe that bananas are a direct sign of health problems, but in this case it is an invitation to remain calm. When dreaming of a bunch of bananas, it is a prediction of abundance, of course, illnesses such as stress and fatigue will be present, but it will depend on your positivism to overcome it.

Abundance will be considered positive if it is the way you want it. That is, the decisions you make in the days ahead will come multiplied, so make a good decision based on your own intentions and not on the thoughts of other people. Remember that positive energies always flow when we don’t have obstacles created by other people. Banana dream meaning

If, when you dream of a bunch of bananas, you are picking or picking, it warns that it will depend directly on your actions to overcome these health problems or avoid the ones that come.

dream about ripe banana

Maturity is a state in which men and women accept their responsibility. This responsibility will increase if you dreamed of ripe bananas. It’s a prediction of new job changes, salary increases, and a different concept of what others believe about you.

Evidently, new changes and responsibilities require commitments and greater dedication, therefore, they try to avoid stressful situations and enjoy intimate family moments.

However, there is a special case when she is a woman who dreams of ripe bananas. This means that you will have to make the right decision regarding a job, family and even a trip proposal. The decisions you make over the next few days will be essential for all your personal development and spiritual tranquility.

dreaming of fried bananas

Prepare the banana, heat the oil, fry the banana and serve it on a plate, it’s a signal to let you know that your efforts will begin to pay off. Everything you’re looking for finally pays off, and even if, during the fried banana dream, you’re cooking and consuming, your earnings will multiply more than expected. Keep up the good deeds.

Making fried bananas for your family or friends means they depend on their next decisions to move forward, get a better job, or improve their work environment. If you are the head of a company or other people depend on your decisions, review the details before submitting the information. Banana dream meaning

dream of big bananas

Remember what we mentioned in previous predictions, the size of the banana will depend on the state it is in. However, it usually means big and positive changes, help given and received, wholeness and health, but beyond that, there is a sign that things are on the right track. Obviously, these bananas must be in good condition as they are in a rotten or very small state; they mean otherwise.

dream of many bananas

Abundance will come into your life thanks to your efforts. If you are going through a bad situation and dream of a lot of bananas, it means a positive and gradual change. If, on the contrary, it is in full, the change will be positive, but immediately. That is, abundance and good energies will come as long as your current state is energetically balanced.

Dreaming about bananas in a fruit bowl

You can dream of a large number of bananas in a fruit bowl. They are there ready to eat and you are watching them. Why? Your dream presents you with what you need on a platter, a little more energy, regain your strength and feel a little better to be able to continue. Feel free to eat these bananas.

dream of eating a banana

Dreaming about eating a banana may be talking about your sex life. After all, the banana sometimes functions as a phallic symbol. What is your intimate life like? Maybe you need a little more action or, why not, a little more imagination. In any case, don’t be surprised if this dream starts with eating a banana and turns out to be a sex dream. Banana dream meaning

dream about banana peels

Be careful if you dream about banana peel, as you already know there is a risk of slipping. And slips we all have in life. It is not a premonitory dream that you will fall in the middle of the street, but a warning of the danger you are in in these moments of emotional decline.

dream about spoiled banana

It has a negative meaning in relation to work, as it is related to lack of production and discord, which entails losses and limitations. Don’t drop the level and keep working steadily as this won’t harm you.

dream of selling bananas

If you happen to dream of selling bananas, this could be a symbol that businesses are springing up in your life. Maybe you become part of a project that won’t really work and will only result in a huge waste of time for you. It may be that when the job is proposed to you, it doesn’t even capture your attention.

Dreaming that you pluck a banana from the plant

Dreaming of picking a banana from a banana tree symbolizes your dominant nature. That is, you may be in the process or soon adopt an actively dominant attitude toward the person with whom you have a sexual relationship. Banana dream meaning

This behavior may be motivated by fear of being dominated or threatened by the male organ. Alternatively, you can envy male position and performance, compete with them, or try to dominate them.

Dreaming that you peel a banana

Dreaming of peeling a banana can translate to his strong masculinity. You can feel or act like a macho man. Regardless of your actual gender, this attitude reveals a strong affinity for stereotypical male principles, beliefs, and behaviors that can extend far beyond your sex life. You may want to be the ultimate man, possessing and manifesting qualities generally ascribed to men.

dream that someone else eats bananas

Dreaming of seeing someone eating a banana is a symbol of sexual attraction. In that case, there may be someone sexually attracted to you. This person will desire you and seek to establish a closer, more sexual relationship with you. Despite the clarity of your intentions, you may not have noticed it yet.

That is, you may not be aware of their fascination with you. However, your subconscious is picking up on these signals and asking you to recognize them. Banana dream meaning

Dreaming of enjoying the smell of a banana

Dreaming of eating a banana and enjoying its flavor and aroma is a symbol of fast cycles. You may soon find yourself in a situation with quick repercussions, developments, or consequences.

The succession of these events would be extremely rapid. However, not every event would be a novelty or a surprise. That is, there may be some repeated events and family reactions.

dream that you buy bananas

Dreaming of buying bananas at the supermarket can be a warning. That is, you must be careful and monitor each of your actions. This is because you might be dealing with powerful and influential people.

These people can easily create some unwanted problems and headaches. To avoid these disastrous results, it may be necessary to pay close attention to your behavior and behavior.

Dreaming about bananas growing on a plant

Dreaming of watching a banana grow on a banana tree is an unfavorable sign. You may soon run out and get tired.

This physical and psychological state would be a consequence of your relationship with someone you find unpleasant, interesting, unsatisfying, boring, or unworthy. In the end, you may regret spending your time and attention with this person. You would feel tired and disappointed.

Dreaming of sliced ​​bananas

Dreaming of meeting or watching other people cut bananas into small pieces can be a symbol of restrained flattery. That is, you can be sexually attracted to someone and, at the same time, flirt, flatter, or make fun of them. Also, their efforts and attempts were noticed. Banana dream meaning

As a result, this person can end up being possessive and jealous. He or she would try to stop you from flirting with other people.

dream of transporting bananas

Dreaming of buying bananas and then taking them home can predict a sexual relationship. You may find yourself in a romantic relationship.

This relationship would be very fulfilling and fulfilling and would make you feel excited and alive, bringing you so much pleasure. Alternatively, you may be about to receive an unexpected gift. Though modest, it would be a treat for you.

Carrying bananas is an indicator that you or someone close to you will have a sexual relationship. There is a chance that you will have a romantic relationship in the near future that will be fulfilling and fulfilling while making you feel alive and excited because of the pleasure it brings you.

On the other hand, this dream may imply that you will receive an unexpected gift that will be delicious.

Dreaming that you watch bananas

Dreaming of seeing yourself seeing a display of bananas  for sale without buying any can be a negative sign. Specifically, it can provide for a period of solitude or isolation. However, you would not like that. Instead, you would feel neglected or abandoned and hope to have some company with you. Banana dream meaning

Looking at bananas may indicate that perception is likely to change. The banana, as we have already concluded, is related to our sexual pleasures, so perhaps you are looking for a new relationship? The fact that you are contemplating bananas in a dream means that you are thinking about moving forward in your love life.

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