Arguing dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about discussion/Arguing really mean?

Discussion dreaming is a type of dream that can have many different meanings depending on the context of the dream, but basically it means that you have something that needs to be resolved, a situation that you are living or about to live. Arguing dream meaning

If you think that this is a situation that is yet to happen, this can make you anxious and aloof with the people around you, which can create a lot of tension in your relationships. Be very careful not to let this happen as it will only make things worse.

When these dreams happen, try to remember as much detail as possible, such as who you were fighting with in the dream or if the person you were fighting with in the dream looks like someone close to you.

Check out some of the meanings of this dream below:


Fights and arguments at home are absolutely normal and part of everyday life, but you must be careful not to overdo it at this time.

Dreaming about an argument at home can mean that you have a bad conscience, as you must have done or said something very wrong and are now worried about it, especially if you are a very impulsive person.

If, during the discussion at home, you lost your mind, the dream is a warning not to make rash decisions, as this attitude can harm you immensely.


Dreaming of arguing with the father is a good sign, as it indicates that the relationship will improve.

If you already have a good relationship with your father, this dream indicates that the bond will tighten and you will have more complicity. If you don’t talk to your dad, that dream means you must soon settle down.

If your father is dead, this dream indicates that you miss him a lot.

This dream can also indicate a change in family life in general. If there is any conflict or unresolved issue, it is advisable that you go to the person and talk about what happened, because this dream indicates that you will be right. Arguing dream meaning


Dreaming of the mother, on the other hand, doesn’t have a very good meaning. It indicates that you have a bad conscience for not doing something and that she will charge you for it.

The best thing to do in this case is to fulfill what you promised and make sure that it doesn’t happen again. It’s taking more responsibility for the activities that are delegated to you.

But that is not always the meaning. It may be that this dream is indicating that you want to improve your relationship with your mother. If there was a problem in the past, call her to talk and resolve everything. This conversation will make you understand each other and, consequently, improve the relationship of the whole family.


Dreaming that you were arguing with your spouse means that your relationship is about to enter a bad streak and you need to do a deeper analysis of possible causes. It’s important at this point to stay very close to him and be very careful.

It can also indicate that there are disputes between the couple and this is affecting the relationship, but that, soon, there will be a reconciliation. And then, if this reconciliation really happens, you can expect beautiful moments that will happen in the near future.

The dream also indicates reconciliation. Wait for good and happy moments together.


If you’re dating, dreaming that you’re arguing with your boyfriend can mean that you’re afraid of losing your love or that you and your boyfriend are very mates with each other and therefore will have a great time together.

If you haven’t dated yet, this dream indicates that you will find your love very soon. Get ready!


Dreaming of arguing with a stranger has a very good meaning!

It means something good is about to happen to you. It means hope! It is a strong indication of new love or a chance for professional opportunity.

But, while it is a good omen, you must ensure that this opportunity, which should be lasting, is not just a passing one. Be alert! Arguing dream meaning


Dreaming that you argue with a sibling indicates that you are a person very close to the family and that you are willing to resolve any family conflict that may exist. You are the conciliatory person who always seeks peace.

This is great, however, be careful not to over-internalize a problem that is not yours. Even though the problem is that of a person so dear to you, each one has to carry their own burden and carrying the other does not mean that you will be able to solve it. Avoid worrying about the problems of others so as not to suffer more than necessary.


Dreaming of arguing with a friend means that you are likely to experience financial difficulties.

But take advantage of the opportunity that the dream gave you and anticipate avoiding entering this hole. Redo your calculations and any purchase you make, think carefully beforehand. Make your buying decisions based on your budget and never spend more than you can and, most importantly, think carefully if you really need to spend money on it at that moment. Be aware.


Dreaming that you win an argument means that you are very angry about something that was done to you and that generated a strong grudge. It is important to think that not all people think the same or have the same understanding about a certain subject and based on that, we should always try to forgive others.

This dream can also indicate that you will be prone to unusual arguments in the next period, pay attention and think carefully if it’s worth getting upset about it.

Dreaming of losing an argument indicates that you don’t have enough knowledge about yourself. It means that you have to pay attention to yourself so that you can know better who you are and what you want.

This dream can also indicate that you are losing control of your daily routines. Maybe you have too many things on your mind which creates confusion which can generate this lack of self-control. Try to control yourself, look for your center and learn that everything is as it has to be. Accepted. Arguing dream meaning

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