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Aquarius Phrases: See the phrases that best match the Aquarius

People born between the 21st of January and the 19th of February are the sign of Aquarius. Belonging to the element Air, they are ruled by the planet Uranus. They are people who represent freedom, renewal, independence, improvisation, renewal and change. Aquarius quotes

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac in the wheel of signs, he no longer sees concern or fear of facing obstacles, they are innovative and independent and tend to question themselves a lot about their goals on earth. Self-indulgence doesn’t please you, if something doesn’t feel right, they’ll question your instincts.  

They can be misinterpreted when it comes to social life, they don’t care what they think, and at times they can sound a little too realistic and even arrogant. This is due to his questioning way, which does not conform to arbitrariness. For the rest, he makes an effort and strives to make everyone well.

Aquarius is a generally confrontational sign, but everyone likes to have it around, as its adherents are free, and show others that they don’t need to get caught up in the small details of life. As an expansive sign, its mind is always at work everywhere.

Some phrases that can better define each sign, and those of Aquarius will vary according to the personality of each decan, and the rulership of the planet. Remembering that you can know your decan by doing your birth chart.

 Check out the best phrases of the sign of Aquarius below. Aquarius quotes

  1. The greatest freedom of human beings is being able to have a free heart.”

Aquarians of the first deanery, between the 21st and 30th of January, are ruled by the planet Uranus, which in Greek mythology represented the deity who personified the heavens. Represented by the element Air, it is the first decan that most shapes the general view of the sign of Aquarius.

They are free, they don’t care about anything, they live creating and thinking a lot about the future. You will not see them crying past hurts, nor reliving something, because they think ahead, mold themselves according to the environment, but always imposing themselves.

Nothing stops them, and they are aware of it. Aquarius exerts his freedom with clarity, as he is a very rational sign, he always knows what is going on around him. Freedom would certainly be part of the list of phrases in Aquarius, especially from the natives of the first deanery, who are the ones who most surrender to the freedom of the sign.

The vast majority are more difficult Aquarians to deal with. Because they have a more inflexible personality, they tend to criticize everything harshly, have an aura of natural anarchy, don’t settle for little and want to achieve everything.

Aquarians from the first deanery tend to think they only live once, so you should enjoy every moment.

In relationships, they don’t usually open up very much, their mind prefers to focus on more abstract things that don’t require as much wear and tear. They’re not the type to get into a fight, unless she’s one of the ideas, so he’s willing to argue and question.

For being the first, it is the Aquarius who comes closest to the sign’s trends. He is a great business partner as he has a unique creative mind, but he doesn’t like having bosses, they are better as partners or in positions where they can have complete freedom. It is a sign that is not content with little and will do what it takes to get where you want, they have great impetus to accomplish tasks.


Aquarians in the second deanery, approximately between January 31 and February 10, are Aquarians with Mercury prominently featured on the map. These are people who have a personality more similar to the second Air sign, which is Gemini. Aquarians tend to be more linked to the field of intelligence, are more fickle and not so inflexible to opposing opinions. Aquarius quotes

They tend to think quickly about anything, so they already have an opinion for them, but they like to argue without feeling like they are the owners of reason, since this Air that governs them is more open to change.  

They are not accommodated, they like to flow with theirs, and they also have greater attachment energy. They are great conquerors, as they don’t give up easily, and their wit is a weapon they admire, as they know they are smart and tend to have something to say at the right time.  

They have a speech that is often quite persuasive. They are not about breaks, they know what they are talking about and guarantee everything with enviable certainty.

Aquarius also has the sense to notice when something is wrong, and even if they forgive, expect changes and believe in them, but from the moment he no longer sees confidence in what was guaranteed to him, he gives up trying again. They are Individualists and don’t care about little.

The phrases of the sign of Aquarius will vary according to decan, Moon or Ascendant placement, and even some retrograde map placement. Therefore, it is important to consult all aspects of your birth chart.

Another curiosity about the Aquarians of the second deanery is how they work on their individuality, they manage to keep everything in its place and are not one to spend anxious nights not knowing how to act on something. They are not used to taking all the responsibility for themselves, they are more relaxed about making things easier, but not affected.

Finally, the second deanery Aquarian is the one who will be the most sensible, always knowing what to say and what to do, he has his views on right and wrong well framed. Aquarius quotes

  •  “You have the right to feel any emotion that comes to you.”

Aquarians of the third decanate, between the 11th and 20th of February, are people with characteristics more similar to those of the next third sign of the Air element, which is Libra. His rulership comes from the planet Venus. He is considered one of the best Aquarians to relate to, as the rulership of Venus, who is also represented by the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite, makes them the kindest under the sun of Aquarius.

They don’t make a point of being right all the time, not because they don’t know something, it’s because they prefer the tranquility of avoiding conflict. They are also more romantic, they give in in a relationship and their Air drives the Aquarius to live intensely without worrying about silly problems.  

Let’s say it’s rebellion mixed with the tranquility of wisdom. After a lot of questioning, above all, at this point the Aquarius no longer sees why he is so concerned with problems that he doesn’t affect them.


The phrases that match Aquarius invite you to reflect in order to know who they are and affirm their positions with tranquility and lightness. Because they are individual, Aquarians tend to keep their space free and carefree, so weigh your carefreeness, live free and lightly, but without being irresponsible. Aquarius quotes

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