White horse dream meaning/chasing/flying/walking beside/playing etc.

Meanings of dreaming about a white horse

The interpretation of dreams is related to the feelings and personality of the person who dreams, the meaning of dreams has its origin in our emotions, our joys and sorrows. All these feelings are reflected in our subconscious as dreams and these show us in the form of a person, dreams of animals or our things. deeper concerns. White horse dream meaning

There are different dreams about horses and each one of them has its representation in real life, in our case, dreaming about white horses is associated with purity, prosperity and good luck. And depending on what kind of horse dreams we enjoy, whether it’s dreams of dead horses or dreams of running horses, they will have one meaning or another.

So, to know the interpretation of dreaming with white horses, it is important to analyze the dream well. Other recommended dreams are white bull dreams, as they can help you discover the meaning of your dreams.

What do dream about a white horse really mean?

To know the meaning of dreaming about white horses, it is important to make a small distinction.

Dreaming of a white horse means sexual need: On many occasions, dreaming of white horses represents sexuality. In this case, it represents the desire to have sex. Also, if the horse is wild, this represents the mockery of its need.

Dreaming of white horses represents purity: Alternatively, another meaning of dreaming of white horses means purity, prosperity and good luck. If you are being chased by a white horse, this probably represents difficulties in dealing with love and sexual issues. White horse dream meaning

Dreaming about horses means change: If you’ve had dreams about white horses, it means something is about to change. You have the opportunity to learn to have new experiences and you have to know how to make the right decisions so that everything goes your way.

dream of a white horse chasing me

When we dream that they chase us, we feel a threat and we dream of a white horse that chases us and leads us to escape, symbolizes the strength a person feels when escaping from a threat.

This could be, for example, facing a serious problem without any negative consequences, the same thing that happens when you dream that a bee chases you and you manage to escape from it.

dream of white horses flying

On many occasions, dreaming of a flying white horse represents the desire for freedom you feel. It’s totally the opposite of flying wizard dreams, because according to this interpretation, it’s likely that you’ve had a difficult time, a lot of work, and need some time to rest and disconnect. Don’t worry, you will soon feel the freedom you deserve.

Dreaming of a white horse walking beside you

A good friendship is coming. It may be the best opportunity of your life to have a sincere person by your side to help you make the changes you so much desire. He is a strong and cheerful person who will bring you a lot of happiness. White horse dream meaning

It will also help you deal with difficulties that arise. Trust this friendship and make time for it. The rides together and the fun in general will do you a lot of good. Enjoy this new sun that lights your way.

dream of white horse playing

This dream will have a very positive meaning. If the white horse in your dream was playing, it’s a sign that good times are coming. You will go through a phase of peace and tranquility in your life. This period will allow you to have more control of your emotions and achieve self-knowledge. Take the opportunity to relax.

dream of running white horse

The dreams surrounding this running animal bring a revelation about its state of mind. It is a sign that you are pursuing your dreams with a lot of determination and determination to fulfill your desires quickly and objectively. It also indicates that pursuing your greatest dreams brings happiness and fulfillment.

The dream can be interpreted as a way to show that you are on the right path and that you must keep fighting for your dreams, as you can find happiness on the path that will lead you to reach your goals.

dream of dead white horse

This dream indicates that you are hiding from the problems that pollute your life. It is important that you know that they exist and that one day you will have to face them. Problems must be solved, it’s no use avoiding them. They will continue around you. White horse dream meaning

It is possible that you have had a disagreement with someone close to you and don’t have the courage to face that person. You are afraid that the relationship will deteriorate. But running away doesn’t change the fact that the problem is already established and requires a solution.

dreaming of a wounded white horse

The meaning of dreaming of an injured white horse is associated with blood, pain and danger. You may feel fear for something that has happened in your life or fear for what might happen as a result of your actions and these are represented in a dream mode with an injured horse.

Dreaming of being chased by a white horse

This dream is a wake-up call for your sex life. When you are chased by a white horse, it is a sign that there is a problem related to your sexuality. Take advantage of the warning your dream gives you to rethink your life and see if something is bothering you in this area. Seek help if needed and don’t neglect your health.

dream of sick white horse

Dreaming of a sick white horse brings an important warning about your health. Far from being a bad omen, the dream appears as advice to take a break from the rush of everyday life, to devote oneself to thoughts and rest. White horse dream meaning

At certain times, we need to stop and recharge our energies so that illnesses do not appear. Take a vacation, relax and take the opportunity to restructure your interior.

Dreaming that you are riding a white horse

A sign of strength and persistence, this dream has a good interpretation. It means that you are taking control of your feelings and can overcome any obstacles you face by facing your fear and acting with great balance. You are an example of courage and discipline to those around you and I admire you for that.

It’s a warning that you’re doing the right thing and that if you stay on that path, it will all work out in the end. Another interpretation of this dream is that you will make important friends on this path.

The meaning can get even better if you easily guide the animal. It can symbolize that there will be wonderful surprises along the way.

dream of a white horse coming towards you

Dreaming of a white horse coming towards you indicates that you are a person who values ​​freedom. You feel free to act, speak, and relate to anyone who approaches you. This is called charisma and it’s not so common in people. White horse dream meaning

You present yourself in the environments you frequent, both at work and in friendship and family or social circles, with a lot of sympathy and lightness. Like this powerful animal, you have strong, vibrant energy and find it easy to gain everyone’s trust and friendship. Don’t lose your natural sweetness. Don’t stop being a caring person.

dream of fat white horse

Dreaming of a fat and healthy white horse indicates a lot of prosperity in your financial life. Make sure that luck is on your side, having positive results in your projects, and with that you can enjoy travel and material goods.

In addition, the dream points to the beginning of a new stage in his life, which is always accompanied by good luck, which can bring great results in the games.

Therefore, take advantage of the opportunities to achieve this success, take advantage that in all these situations luck will be on your side to help you in these achievements.

dreaming caressing a white horse

Good omen. You are entering a positive stage in your life. Enjoy and seek introspection, enjoy the peace that comes, harmonize with beauty and hope.

Take time to analyze your professional, social or emotional life. Shake off feelings, talk to yourself. Try to identify the good opportunities that are open to you and work on each of their aspects. You are about to reach your goals. 

dreaming of a thin white horse

Perhaps this is the only negative message in that dream about a white horse . Although you are a gentle, friendly animal that represents companionship, dreaming of a thin white horse may indicate that some people posing as your friends will try to take advantage of you.

So be aware when you have this dream and remember that all is not lost, as white represents peace, and this will give you wisdom to avoid this moment of falsehood.

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