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Creative visualization, which we could also call “the power to succeed”, consists of having a clear idea or image of what we want and being aware that in order to achieve our goals, whatever they may be, we must imagine our reality transformed into what we want. achieve and subsequently carry out this transformation. On the other hand, we could also say that creative visualization is what differentiates the human being from other forms of life and is essential for success, especially in survival situations.

In this Online Psychology article we will delve deeper into this technique to better understand Creative Visualization: what it is and how to do it .

What is creative visualization

Creative visualization is a technique that consists of visualizing things or situations in our mind to bring about their materialization and that they can happen in reality. A spiritual methodology with great relevance in the teaching system and practices of New Thought and positive thinking. Creative visualization was theorized in the late 19th century by Wallace Wattles, one of the best-known exponents of New Thought and author of the Science of Getting Rich.

Therefore, visualization is a conscious mental representation of something that is not present in front of us at that moment. In turn, the mental images visualized can belong to the past or the future, they can be spontaneous or voluntary. Through them, you can feed your mind with positive images and sensations and thus prepare yourself to become the person you want to be. In fact, creative visualization techniques are an effective therapeutic tool to reduce stress, anxiety or overcome fears, in addition to improving mental and physical performance and generating desired changes.

Creative visualization and daydreaming

The difference between creative visualization and daydreaming is that in the act of fantasizing, the person creates an image or mental scene that the spectator is looking at from the outside. In the act of creative visualization, on the contrary, the person who visualizes is at the very center of the visualization itself and experiences it in the first person , striving to perceive it as real as possible through all the senses.

In this way, visualization techniques can also be found in Eastern religions such as Buddhism, as well as in the scientific field. These techniques have also been studied and applied widely in the sports field by sport psychology, both to improve technical-tactical and mental aspects.

Tips for doing creative visualization

How to do creative visualization? Below, we show you some tips to correctly perform creative visualization:

  • Start with relaxation : Inner images arise when the body and mind are free from tension.
  • Emotion is the engine of visualization , therefore, for the mental image to be effective, it must activate the emotions and the senses.
  • Inner images are not just visual : some people visualize better through sensations than through images.
  • Visualization is not a form of fantasizing, to be effective we must anchor it in reality.
  • Don’t think about the goal already achieved : direct your attention to the process, to the actions to do it.
  • The visualization should focus on the specific actions that are taken on a daily basis.
  • Negative images must not be rejected : if images of negative situations arise spontaneously, they must be transformed.
  • Training makes a difference : Visualizing is not easy for everyone, it takes a little exercise.
  • Specific training : Learn this technique with specific training and speak with an experienced therapist.
  • Imagination is a key ingredient in creative processes. It is important to remember that when we visualize we are giving an order to our unconscious.

Creative visualization exercises

How to practice creative visualization? Below, we explain visualization exercises so that you can master this technique.

Learning to see with eyes closed

One of the simplest and most extended ways to exercise visualization is to focus attention on natural moving images , such as ocean waves, a flower, or the leaves of trees moving in the wind. The practice is always to start with simple images and then gradually make them richer and more complex.

In addition to images of nature, people with a mystical bent and linked to a certain iconography will be able to use images of saints, angels, masters, etc., gradually imagining them more and more vividly, until they are completely submerged and merged with they.

Design a being better than you

It is an exercise designed to design and support the change and personal improvement that are intended to be carried out. The exercise, which consists of a repetition of 21 days, consists of visualizing the characteristics and aspects that we want to activate.

So it is clear that foreshadowing is the place of change and possibility, but also of vision and upward propulsion. It is the area where it is possible to “visualize” the intended goals through imagination.

Identify the new you

What really excites and motivates you is to visualize an image of yourself that directs you to what you most want to manifest. Take a few deep breaths to achieve a state of tranquility and concentration, submerge yourself within yourself, and for a full minute visualize your new self.

Afterwards, replace the old image with the new one you want to identify with. Strive to make this visualization as concrete as possible. Imagine yourself happy, peaceful, serene, but also capable, effective, active. In this way, try to visualize the feelings related to these new ways of being and try to apply them to yourself. The awareness of this new “image” will be able to give you new and renewed energy.

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