Wedding ring dream meaning/complete interpretation

dreaming of a wedding ring

Dreams of wedding rings and rings are very common. Many people soon think that dreaming of a wedding ring is an omen of marriage. Although there really is this possibility that the dream is an omen, one must take into account the multiplicity of symbolism that this dream carries. There are many variables and details that can completely change the meaning for each person. For example, during dreams of this type it is very common to come across: Wedding ring dream meaning

Of course, there are many other scenarios in which the wedding ring can appear as the main object of the dream. But, it is essential to remember as much as possible all the details (dreamlike and existential), as they are the ones that can help to understand the real meaning of dreaming about a wedding ring . For example, there are reports of women who dreamed of a pair of gold wedding rings , and weeks later discovered they were pregnant with twins.

In other cases, the dream may be an unconscious manifestation of the desire to start a family. And in others, the simple reflection of recent events that are somehow related to marital events or activities. In this case, people who are scheduled to be married or planning marriage may end up having dream visions associated with the alliances.

But, like all dreams, there is always the symbolic aspect, which can give you the keys to properly understand the reason that made you dream about a wedding ring. Wedding ring dream meaning

So, read on and discover the symbolic side of this dream.


The alliance symbolizes commitment, pact, union and fidelity. Therefore, it is the main symbol of marriage and, by extension, it is also a symbol of love, affection, affection and respect. Furthermore, the covenant can also represent authority and protection.

The engagement and engagement rings are worn on the right ring finger, while the wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger. This is because, according to what is said, the left hand is closest to the heart. Hindus believe that the fourth finger of the left hand passes a vein (vena amoris) that is directly connected to the heart. And that’s why wearing a ring on the left hand ring represents love and union.

Furthermore, the circular shape of the covenant is of extreme symbolic value, as it represents communion and eternal love. And, because of that, coming across a broken alliance in a dream can signal some kind of conflict or discord in waking life.


The first point to know if your dream is positive or negative is to observe the condition of the alliance in the dream, as well as the emotions and feelings experienced. Clean rings, whole and without stains or alteration, certainly reveal the positive side of this dream, whose meaning may manifest itself in your life in many different ways, whether with a wedding, a trip, a relationship, an enterprise, etc. Wedding ring dream meaning

On the other hand, dirty, broken or defective alliances have a negative connotation. Whose dream might open your eyes to the spots in your life that you’ve been neglecting.

And finally, the emotions and feelings experienced are also of great importance. Negative or heavy emotions indicate the poorly digested emotions in waking life that are pulling you off the hook. Positive emotions reveal inner balance and harmony.

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