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Virgo Phrases: See the phrases that best suit Virgos

The sign of Virgo represents individuals born between August 23rd and September 22nd. Belonging to the element Earth, they are ruled by the planet Mercury, which brings a tendency to observant, rational and intuitive individuals. They are attached to the orderly method and are quite uncomfortable with anything that falls outside their pattern. Virgo Quotes

Virgos have a great intimacy with their native element, the Earth, as they need a solid foundation, firmness on their feet, and become able to grow. This sign is also related to fertility, the Sun period in Virgo was traditionally associated with the harvest time.

Therefore, check out below which phrases best match the sign of Virgo, since words can carry meanings and contexts as complex as those native to that sign.

We’ve selected a phrase for each of the decans, so be sure to consult your birth chart to find out more about the three decans that make up the sign of Virgo.

  •  “Knowledge is power.”

The first decan of Virgo belongs to those born between the 23rd of August and approximately the 1st of September. This is the decanate ruled by the planet Mercury itself, so the natives of this decanate are more influenced by the planet, and tend to be more reserved and observant, always inquisitive and looking to find out how things work.

Once a Virgo is intimately acquainted with his surroundings, he ends up feeling confident and secure, capable of developing his true potential. At the same time, this sign is aware that the world is in constant change, so learning must also be constant, so it always seeks to update itself.

Hermes represents Mercury in Greek mythology, and is the fastest of all, the messenger god, the one who shares knowledge. Hermes is also associated with occult knowledge, research, ancient orders of alchemists and sages in his incessant search for the essence of things around him. Virgo Quotes

As with magical practices and the scientific method, the search for knowledge must be meticulously done, and Virgos seek to carry this aspect into all areas of their lives, efficiently and pragmatically. This can sometimes be exaggerated and make Virgos seem cold and out of touch with other people’s feelings.

  •  “All in good time.”

When we’re talking about the second decanate of Virgo, we must remember that individuals born between September 2 and 11 receive a greater influence from the planet Saturn, so they tend to be the most methodical among Virgos. This accentuated influence implies greater reflection and caution in the personality of the individual of that sign.

Members of this group are the most resistant to changing habits, are more reserved and self-sufficient, as they are very productive when they are doing things their way. The phrase for the sign of Virgo was chosen because it represents the spirit of natural order that drives the Virgo.

When we imagine the evolution of man and the world, the Virgo period represents the one in which we claimed to be capable. Following the sign Leo, Virgo represents slow, repetitive work, the foundation of something that will be much greater. It’s harvest time, so seriousness and a sense of obligation are necessary for development to be possible. Virgo Quotes

Its efficiency comes from perfectionism, the Saturnian influence leads the individual to think and review their actions several times, constantly seeking to improve each step of their plans. Because they are aware that there is always something to improve, they sometimes end up acting with a certain exaggeration in their perfectionist attitudes, having difficulty enjoying their achievements.

The natives of the sign of Virgo, especially those of the second deanery, must be careful not to exaggerate with their critical sense, especially with self-criticism, because they are very exaggerated in their judgments and can become depressed and melancholic, because they cannot see the real value of their actions, sometimes they feel tired, as if their efforts were not enough.

In such a dense moment, it’s important to be light, to open up more emotionally and spiritually, there are times when you can’t find objective answers, it’s important to dedicate moments to simply feel good, for no apparent reason.

  •  “Those who don’t get attached will not be disappointed”.

The third decanate of Virgo, the final period of the Sun’s passage through this sign, approximately between the 12th and 23rd of September, is ruled by the planet Venus, when the natives will perceive a greater connection with their emotional side, but without never lose the rationalistic and skeptical aspect. It is the time when a greater understanding of feelings will be sought.

Because they are suspicious and attached to security, it will be very difficult for a Virgo from the third deanery to open up to someone easily, this is a slow and time-consuming process, in which the native will look for several indications that the other is really deserving of such intimacy.

Questioning is a constant in these people, there is always some doubt when dealing with an issue as precious and intimate as the emotional side. On the other hand, when you are able to understand the complexities of Virgos, you will find yourself with someone who is faithful, trustworthy and stable, as long as they know how to deal with their high expectations and their critical sense. Virgo Quotes

When taking into account past experiences and disappointments, the phrase for the sign of Virgo that was selected reflects the difficulty a rational and objective individual has in dealing with issues as subjective and confusing as another person’s feelings and the complexities present in the relationships.

Despite this dilemma present in the stars that influence the third Virgo decanate, there are some advantageous aspects that the native can use to favor himself on these issues. As a sign originally ruled by Mercury, communication is an aspect that will be very useful in the search for this emotional harmony, with little effort you will find the best ways to express yourself.


Considering all the pragmatic aspect behind what Virgos think and do, the first piece of advice has to do with the positive aspects of this sign; you have to trust yourself, your instincts and your well-founded judgments, as Virgo tends to have a clear and objective view of his surroundings and has a very practical sense when determining what the next step should be. if follow. Virgo Quotes

The next piece of advice has to do with the excesses that can come from analytical and critical behavior, which is distrust, which in some cases can border on paranoia. Be careful not to become too self-absorbed and overlook constructive opinions of others. Being too closed in on your own methods and conclusions can miss many opportunities to increase your knowledge.

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