Virgo compatibility/complete interpretation

Combination of signs with Virgo

The time has come for us to talk about the signs that go with or don’t go with Virgo. All the signs of the zodiac have very peculiar characteristics, with Virgo it couldn’t be different. A sign ruled by Mercury (as well as Gemini), is more pragmatic than its planet brother and much less talkative. While the Gemini speaks, makes speeches and argues, Virgo picks up the Gemini mess. Virgo compatibility

This was just a prelude to begin what we can speak of the sign of Virgo, the most methodical of all the signs of the zodiac.

The influence Mercury exerts on Virgo is different from that on Gemini. While Gemini imagines, thinks, draws up plans and strategies, the sign of Virgo puts order in everything he sees out of place.

Virgo, despite being very practical with everyday things, manages to make a mess of your emotional world. In addition to the shyness that appears to be a bad mood, it is a trustworthy and very friendly sign.


He can also be a dreamer, one of those who dreams more than he accomplishes with some attitude to conquer the target of his dreams. At times, he can be considered a prude, as he escapes conversations involving love, romance and sex. These characteristics appear early in your life.

Talking about it would take a lot of time, so let’s talk about things that arouse more interest in a Virgo right away, and discover the signs that best suit Virgo.


The combination of these two signs is very complicated, as Virgos are very cautious and take time to trust someone. While the Aryans want to go straight to whatever piques their interest. The Arian is not known as the one who respects the rules and that bothers Virgos a lot, who want everything just right.

Virgos love Aries’ spontaneity, but it’s a relationship that will be so much work (Virgos loves to get everything right) that Aries will soon lose interest because they find it too boring. Result: a broken Virgo heart. Virgo compatibility


Calm and persistence along with patience. This is a very peaceful combination. Virgo and Taurus combine very well for many reasons: the way they look at life is very real. They don’t wear out as much with charges, as both have their feet on the ground.

Most important in this relationship is the importance they both place on financial stability, on paid bills and everything in the most perfect order. Taurus gives tranquility and security to the Virgo. They are both very prudent and cautious when it comes to economics.

In love, while Virgo loves to be pampered, Taurus holds arms (in the literal sense) and lavishes affection on the loved one. The two will always support each other, they will be accomplices, they will understand each other and the relationship can last the way everyone dreams of: and they were happy forever.


Well, there is a relationship that happens much more intellectually. The two are good partners, however, as time goes by, the relationship cools down. Although the two spend a lot of time discussing a relationship that is ending and even trying to get along, chances are the two will never fulfill what the other thinks is right.

The moment of rupture will come when both of them come to the conclusion that they must look for different people for their lives. Despite this, the two will always be great friends and the complicity will always be present. Virgo compatibility


The combination of Virgo and Cancer is as perfect as cheese and wine. In the course of the relationship, the Virgo will need to be very patient with the mess the Cancer causes in his life. We cannot say that Cancer is an example of stability, on the contrary, he lives in internal confusion, leaving Virgos annoyed.

Virgos will always try to stabilize the relationship. The great asset between these two is the persistence of the Virgo so that the relationship works. If you both come to an agreement and are patient with each other, the relationship has a good chance of thriving.


Here there is something very unlikely to happen any combination. Leo‘s exhibitionism will turn into something deeply theatrical that Virgo won’t even pay attention to. In this relationship there will be constant fights in which the Leo will try at all costs to overthrow the arguments of the Virgo.

Leo will kick his ass, yell, stomp his feet and not shake the “indifferent” Virgo in the slightest, who will only need to be in control of the situation, something that will take time with the irascible Leo. When this control is achieved by the Virgo, he will gradually hand over some trump cards to the indomitable Leo.

If the two understand that the relationship involves two people, and if they manage to reach an agreement, it is possible that they will finally reach what they are looking for: the irremediable distance between the two.


If they match the same colors, like making financial investments, agreeing on the dog‘s name and even the clothespins that are on the clothesline, we have the perfect match.

The two Virgos are like kindred spirits. One accompanies the other in every decision made. It’s even boring for others to look at this couple and see so much harmony, friendship and love. Virgo compatibility


The combination between Virgo and Libra may even seem bizarre, as it is the luxury against the balance of savings. But the smart Libran knows how to use the right words to bend a Virgo. In fact, he’s one of the few to make Virgos change their minds about financial spending.

Despite all Libra’s sensuality, this sign needs to work hard on sexuality so that the relationship is good in bed. Virgos are shy by nature, but if Libras are patient, they will have a loyal and loving companion by their side.

The biggest problem between the two will appear when they let routine take over their relationship. Don’t let that happen, as the balanced Libra will say goodbye to a sad Virgo.


Mystery attraction brings this combination of Virgo and Scorpio closer to each other. The mysterious aura that Scorpio leaves wherever he goes is intense and everyone feels this power. Interest in the mysterious Virgo possesses will bring the sensual Scorpio closer.

We are getting close to an intense relationship, but it needs a lot of care to make it work. The mystery that the Scorpio emanates will leave Virgo suspicious and with the flea in the ear.

Scorpios will never give up the power they wield, and Virgos will ask inconvenient questions. This will make the Scorpio very angry. The sensual Scorpio awakens in the Virgo a desire he didn’t even know he had. It’s a really passionate relationship. Virgo compatibility

If both are able to maintain a dialogue instead of arguments, the relationship can last for a long time. But if things get awkward, the two of them will be extremely shaken, and that’s when the relationship could end.


Virgo and Sagittarius are two signs that have their combinations, but they are usually very different from each other. Although it’s a relationship with a lot of chemistry, everyone likes something different. If the two give up their addictions and quirks and accept each other’s way, the relationship has everything to work out.

It’s important for both of you to remember that when you first met and fell in love, you were just as you are now, everything can get better for both of you.


For those who enjoy rhythm and perfect performances, as well as living next to two Swiss watches, this relationship can turn out to be exactly like that. Both like the same things. While Virgos are looking for perfect bedding that matches all the colors of the house, Capricorns will look for the perfect home.

This perfection is linked to everything they do. The best school for the children and one that is nearby, a table placed for four people to eat at the same time, arrange to help the children with their homework, and everyone in bed at the right time. This is the perfect couple.

But it’s crazy, boring perfection. The two need to have a social life, otherwise they will become two people who no longer have the same hots for each other. If you both convince yourself that things sometimes go wrong and don’t put your fault in the other’s face, there can even be great harmony for a while. Virgo compatibility


The combination between Virgo and Aquarius is not the easiest and usually difficult to happen. The Aquarian idealist will find a Virgo who, in addition to being discreet, will find the Aquarius completely crazy.

Things from Virgo‘s head. Aquarian Attitudes. There is only one thing that goes with the two: strangeness. Aquarius is the sign that loves change, likes the unexpected and idealizes the perfect world. It’s engaged with movements for ecology and extreme libertarian… indeed, when we talk about extremes, we’re talking about Aquarius.

He is a dreamer, but he does not dream of material things, what drives him is humanity. Want a visionary? Look at an Aquarius.

Virgo is frightened by everything that is proposed by Aquarius. We almost forgot a positive detail: the two love work and enjoy tidying up the house by moving the furniture around.

For the relationship to work, it is necessary to become more socially involved, reducing criticism that one makes of the other.

Another important thing in this union is that the two spend more time together not only to exchange ideas, but also for greater intimacy. The Arian would only benefit from the inventive and experimental Aquarius. While the Aquarius will discover how good it is at certain times to set foot on the ground.

It is easier to look at the sky and the stars hand in hand than to open the windows of the house and see the world in a utopian way.


Now, we will talk about opposite and complementary signs. Is the combination of Virgo and Pisces possible? After all, whereas Pisces sees an entire forest, Virgos can only see one tree at a time. We believe it to be the biggest hurdle between the two.

Ah, ah! Virgo finds the things that Pisces do funny, they’ll even think you’re crazy.

If the two unite against so many oppositions and differences, they will be an inspiration for other couples, including in terms of sensuality and romanticism. Both need to feel loved and give love to their partner. If you let this happen, you will enjoy life to the fullest! Virgo compatibility

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