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Venus in Taurus: Check out the characteristics of Taurus in love

When we talk about Astrology, we usually identify ourselves by our sun sign, which is the most famous in the zodiac and which, despite talking a lot about who we are in general, does not sufficiently describe all areas of our personality. In fact, only knowing the entire set of combinations of stars present in our Astral Chart can we know who we really are. Venus in Taurus

Venus is one of the stars of our chart, its purpose within Astrology is linked to the powers of the Greco-Roman goddess of the same name, also known as Aphrodite, the goddess of love. For this reason, the placement of this planet in the Astral Chart indicates how we capture, feel and distribute love in our affective lives.

Thus, if you were born with Venus in Taurus , your way of loving is related to a set of characteristics specific to this encounter of Venus with the personality of the sign of Taurus and with the Earth element, ruler of that sign. Read below the main details of these meetings and learn a little more about yourself.


At least once a year Taurus receives a visit from Venus, and both begin to move together the romantic and affective side of life both for those who have Venus in Taurus in the Astral Chart, and for the other signs, bringing more desire to feel safe in the interpersonal relationships, especially love ones.

Those born with Venus in Taurus end up having the influence of this sign even when the planet is positioned in other signs, as the presence of the sign at birth brings a milestone in the personality, which is friendly to the characteristics of the sign and the elements that dialogue with him.


Having a Taurus Venus in the Astral Chart means being very receptive to love. People with this combination tend to attach great importance to their affective life and are very cautious when establishing bonds, whether of love or friendship, family or professional, with other individuals.

Because of this, they tend to select a specific group of people they really trust and are dedicated to being close to. These Taureans take relationships very seriously, and see commitment as fundamental for lasting love, so they value openness and loyalty.

These natives tend to be the type who want to live romantic and very traditional love. They tend to comply with social conventions on the subject, where there is a promise of eternal dedication to the pair. So, if they find someone who is reciprocal and loving enough, the chances for the relationship to last for years is very high.

Among the most negative characteristics of those who have Venus in Taurus are jealousy and possessiveness, which are very present in relationships. Just as they are very dedicated partners, they also like to feel ownership of the other, participants in life as a whole. It is an exaggerated love of belonging, which can cause a feeling of suffocation in the romantic couple and in friendships.

Another problem is related to the material side of relationships, these natives may end up getting involved with some people just because of their physical appearance and having some disappointment in love when realizing that the pair does not fulfill their expectations in other aspects of life. 

In general, Taureans in love are extremely calm in their affective life when they feel loved. Even with some exaggerations, they are also people who have the habit of reflecting a lot about their way of acting with others, and therefore have more chances to improve themselves as more pleasant partners, learning to respect more the space that is not theirs.

It’s good to remember that no feature of our personality is constant throughout life, so, despite being born with the tendency to follow the patterns of defects and qualities of Taurus love, external influences can make, in some moments, you don’t. identify so much with what they say about Venus in Taurus, but in others they do.

Some examples of these influences are: when other stars of strong influence transit through your sign, as in 2020, and for the next 6 years, as Uranus entered Taurus, it tends to bring an immense desire for change, or even with the natural maturity that it is acquired in life, which tends to make you learn to be less possessive.

Thus, it is important to know your structural way of loving, which is Venus in Taurus, to know to what extent to experience different ways of living love, allowing yourself to be happy in different ways throughout life, but avoiding conflict with your own loving personality.


Dealing with the earth requires patience and assertiveness, and it is precisely through this that the relationship between Venus and the Earth, the element that governs the sign of Taurus, is built. People with this combination of elements are very careful when choosing their partners. Just as the land does not accept any seed to bear fruit, they need to feel nurtured with trust and affection for each other for a relationship to be effective.

Earth is also very attached to the physical side of relationships, so Venus in Taurus is often very fond of self-careful, visually pleasing partners. They are also people who give a lot of value to the sexual side of the relationship.


Venus is the ruling sign of Taurus, and therefore this positioning brings a lot of communion with the feeling of love and sensuality, it is a double encounter between Venus, Taurus and Venus again, like looking into a mirror and rescuing in your reflection self-love, emanating this to all your relationships in a loyal and partner way.

Venus in Taurus brings a look of tenderness to people, who tend to be very friendly and affectionate with those they love. As stated above, with the analogy of mirrors, Taurus love also sees itself and therefore the desire to relate to people who pass security, only in this way will it be reciprocated.

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