Venus in Libra/complete description

Venus in Libra: Check out Libra’s characteristics in love

We are interconnected with the Universe through forces and energies that flow from the stars and strategic points in the sky. Each planet present in the astrological study refers to a god or goddess created by Greco-Roman mythology, and relates to the history and personality of those gods. Venus in Libra

Venus is one of those planets, and it makes reference to the Roman goddess of love, referring to the way we deal with this feeling in our lives. Therefore, it is important to know how this planet works in each sign, so that we can understand our attitudes and feelings within the loving relationships we establish.

Venus is also the ruling planet of Libra. Thus, when it is positioned in this sign, it ends up bringing these natives much more receptiveness to love, and building their own way of dealing with passion, which you will learn about in this article. Check out everything about Venus in Libra below.


The transit of Venus through all signs takes about 26 days, which can vary in different years and signs. When passing through Virgo, the planet starts a relationship based on intellectuality and commitment, typical characteristics of this sign.

The natives of this combination, that is, those who came into the world with Venus in Libra, tend to have the structural characteristics of affective life closely related to the aspects that Venus receives from both the sign and its ruling element and planet.

This gives rise to a unique personality that, despite being able to undergo some changes throughout life, such as emotional maturation, are very specific to these subjects. Check out the peculiarities of this relationship of stars below.


Those who were born with Venus in Libra in the Astral Chart came into the world with a very calming spirit, as these natives see love as a precious feeling in every moment of life, and struggle a lot to feel good and at peace with their hearts, and that includes the feeling of being loved by other people.

A problem linked to this characteristic is that, when people who are more false or with ulterior motives realize that love Liberians always seek to be on good terms with others, they can take advantage of these natives’ situations of vulnerability to take advantage, both emotionally and material.

Venus in Libra also trusts other people a lot, they don’t usually do character tests or analyze in advance whether the other person really deserves to know you deeply, and this can also make them look like easy prey within a relationship. For this reason, they tend to idealize a person a lot, becoming disappointed when they realize they have been deceived.

If they develop a sharper eye to see who is who, they are very intelligent and make a point of showing that they don’t like the other person’s attitudes. When these natives become someone’s enemies, they tend to be quite rude and always look for ways to expose the other’s faults.

This point says a lot about the sense of justice of those who have Venus in Libra, they are adorable with those who captivate them and show themselves to be really good people, seeking justice when they see someone establishing toxic relationships.

Librans in this combination are very romantic and dreamy about love. They are usually linked to the most classic ideas of what love is and believe in sensitive and poetic love, with that, they also feel attracted to people who highly value the most attached type of relationship.

And it’s not just affection that makes an ideal partner for these natives, they’re also very concerned about the pair’s physical appearance and intellectual abilities. The perfect person for those with Venus positioned in Libra can perfectly balance inner, outer beauty and intelligence.

Finally, it is important to emphasize the importance of understanding how you are influenced by Venus in your love life, precisely to try to balance your defects and qualities and also to know what you should look for to evolve or not, just so you can each day look for the best version of you to share with whoever is important in your life.


When Venus is related to Air signs, which are Gemini, Aquarius and Libra, one of the main characteristics that these natives start to have is the ability to get along socially, that is, they make friends easily and are resourceful to get along with many people.

Those born with Venus in Libra received this influence from the Air sign in an original way, as, unlike the other two signs, they are much more attached to those around them and are usually surrounded by many people.

These natives are generally seen as the class advisor, precisely because they talk to everyone and respect the peculiarities of each human being. They are usually the settlers for arguments and disagreements that can happen in a group of people. Venus’ indirect contact with Air also contributes to their being very careful, good listeners and loyal partners, always open to dialogue.


Venus is the ruling planet of Libra, which is also a factor that ends up distinguishing it more from the other Air signs, balancing more the emotional and rational sides. When Venus is also the planet that governs love relationships, the double union of the planet and the sign brings a lot of receptiveness to affections, making these natives very charismatic and dear people.

The need to love and be loved by these natives is so great that, while it can be very positive, making them very empathetic individuals and faithful to their friendships, which are not few, it can also have negative aspects, such as excess of lack or decision-making based on the opinions of others and the desire to please.

Knowing all these characteristics, it is through this knowledge of the positive and negative aspects that the relationship between Venus, Libra and the stars that work in the sign, brings to your personality and to your interpersonal relationships, that you can work on your self-knowledge in search of balance, making love an increasingly positive feeling for you.

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