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Venus in Leo: Check out the characteristics of Leo in love

Humanity is connected with the universe through forces and energies that originate in the stars and strategic points existing in the sky. Venus is one of these stars, it symbolizes the goddess of love and is directly linked to the way we deal with this feeling so fundamental in our lives. Venus in Leo

In this way, when we understand how Venus dialogues with the sign in which it is positioned in our Astral Map, we can establish more conscious and healthy bonds in our affective and social life, knowing our main defects and qualities when experiencing love , both with the romantic couple, as with our family and friends.

Understand the meaning of Venus in Leo better by reading all about this combination below.


At least once a year, Leo receives a visit from Venus, which lasts for about 26 days. Venus in Leo reaches all other signs, bringing a more vain spirit and more self-love to humanity as a whole. It also affects, in a stronger way, those who were born with this combination of the planet in the Astral Map.

For these natives of Venus in Leo, all the strong properties of the personality of this sign, as well as the influences of its ruling element and planet, are very strong when dealing with this feeling so fundamental in our lives, which is love. Understand below what are the main properties of these Leos of love.


People who have Venus in Leo in the Astral Chart usually have a lot of initiative in their affective relationships. They are usually “forward” children, the kind that bring the group together and, in a way, lead it, and this is an attitude that lasts into adulthood. They are very skilled at finding admirable people as friends and partners, as this is exactly what they are looking for.

They like to be surrounded by people who they consider intelligent, creative, or who, in some way, deem worthy of attention, because, vain, they believe their time is too precious to be “wasted” with anyone, and that’s why they prefer to be closer to those they they see it as more special.

Natives of Venus in Leo are also endowed with a lot of sympathy and ability to communicate with people, they are usually extroverted and draw attention wherever they go, as they have a glow and pride of themselves worthy of those ruled by the Sun god, da mythology, which was considered the most beautiful on Olympus and loved that fame.

Regarding this characteristic, a negative side that can affect the relationships of these love Lions is the exaggerated narcissism, which makes them put themselves in a position of superiority in relation to the love partner and friendships and end up becoming selfish companions, who do not give the other the right to speak.

Venus in Leo also brings energy and liveliness to love relationships, they are intense individuals, especially in marital love, when they find a partner they really believe is ideal, they are very affectionate and dedicated and love is maintained through reciprocity – which is essential – and also of adventure, as they cannot stand monotony.

The sexuality of love Leos is also quite touched, they like relationships that are spicy and need to feel very powerful in moments of intimacy. They love to use creativity and experience new experiences, are very open to experimenting, but usually prefer the idea to come from themselves.

Finally, these are the main aspects of this energetic and passionate combination, which is Venus in Leo, and it is important to know them to understand their natural way of relating to love and guide your decisions based on this understanding, avoiding going from meeting your natural personality, and seeking more balance between your defects and qualities.


Venus in Fire Signs, like Leo, has some very strong structural attributes, such as impulsiveness and the need to admire one’s partner. A person with a Venus in Leo is the type of person who pulls partners, friends and family into their side of life. They are extremely convinced of their own ideas and worldview and tend to like people who are interested in them as well.

When they fall in love, they tend to love with a lot of desire, tend to be very affectionate and dedicated and want to be close at all special moments. Another mark, typical of the relationship between Venus and Fire signs, is the need for innovation in the relationship, monotonous relationships are not usually very attractive for those who have this combination.


Venus and the Sun are initially enemy stars, just remember that Venus makes reference to the goddess Aphrodite, and the Sun to the god Apollo. Both were seen as gods of great beauty, but they are also quite self-centered, especially Apollo.

Thus, one of the main interferences of the encounter between Venus, Leo and, indirectly, with the Sun, is the need of these natives to feel superior and much desired, making the purest love, free from vanities, take much longer to become real.

The Sun also brings to these people the characteristic of needing to consider the partner worthy of receiving their love, which is important to avoid toxic relationships, but which must be controlled to avoid two extremes: the habit of idealizing people or doing too much exaggerated demands without looking too hard at one’s shortcomings.

Finding balance between self and neighbor love, relationships tend to happen more naturally and very affectionate for these natives.

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