Venus in Gemini/complete description

Venus in Gemini: Check out Gemini’s characteristics in love

Our Sun sign is usually common knowledge within Astrology, defining us as Aryans, Gemini, Taurus, and so on. However, there are a number of other stars and strategic points in the sky that greatly influence our personality, which is why many people may not identify very much with the descriptions of the horoscope. Venus in Gemini

The truth is that, in order to understand our true essence, we need to look at all the elements present in our Astral Chart, as each one of them describes a part of our existence. Among them is the planet Venus, which helps us to understand the love relationships that we establish in our affective life.

If you have Venus in Gemini in the Astral Chart, read below the form of love linked to this sign, to the element Air and to the planet Mercury, both rulers of Gemini, and better understand your qualities and defects within this important area, which is love life, related both to life as a couple, as well as to friendships, family life and co-workers.


The transit of Venus lasts a little less than a year, varying each year, but in general, Gemini is visited by the planet annually, and this visit lasts for about 26 days.

When it arrives in Gemini, Venus builds a love relationship based on contact, influencing other signs, which become more socially inspired, including the more shy ones, such as Capricorn and Virgo, encouraging them to be more uninhibited.

For those born with this positioning on the Astral Chart, there is an involvement with the characteristics of Venus in Gemini, even when the planet is going through other signs, since the affective structure of each one of us is based on the stars and on their positioning when we are born.


Venus establishes a relationship that emanates the social ease, typical of the sign of Gemini. People with this combination are very outgoing, are not afraid to share experiences with others, and seek to establish nurturing, information-based relationships. For this reason, they end up preferring to make friends with more dynamic individuals who are not shy.

It can also be said that love Geminis have a certain fetish for people who are dedicated a lot to a specific hobby , such as cooking, photography, painting pictures, in short, they like to communicate with people who are very good at what they do and who know how to transmit your knowledge.

Venus natives in Gemini are quite detached from the relationships they form, precisely because they make friends with many people at the same time, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love people.

In fact, the bonds for them are based on news, it is necessary that the other remains as someone active in their lives, because only then will they really feel connected. You

Geminis in love like relationships that are light and without too many demands, they do not appreciate being with people who are very possessive and jealous, who deprive them of their greatest pleasure, which is socialization. Venus in Gemini also calls for intense relationships, alive and full of novelties.

They are natives who like to travel and meet people from different cultures, with whom they can exchange many ideas. They tend to have shorter, more hectic relationships, they don’t get along very well with relationships that involve a lot of routine or that are too regulated.

Spontaneity is one of the main words to describe individuals who have this combination in the Astral Chart, it is no use forcing contact or insisting on a relationship that they no longer see as productive. If they don’t feel excited, motivated to have a connection with someone, friendship or love won’t have a chance to happen.

Furthermore, these natives’ true relationships tend to be quite fun, filled with interesting conversations and arts, which is great for people with an adventurous and dynamic spirit like Venus in Gemini.

For those looking for something more serious and longer-lasting bonds, this combination is a challenge, which can be successful and bring a lot of happiness, but it will require a lot of donation and dedication to keep the flame of novelty lit between the couple.


Venus in Air signs brings a lot of lightness to relationships, but also a greater need to love through thought. The syntonic of ideas is essential for a relationship, of any type – love, friendship, family, work – to be positive for this combination.

When relating to Gemini, it is precisely this profile that Venus incorporates through her indirect contact with the element Air, ruler of this sign, transforming the love of the natives of this mixture into something more rational, ideological and flexible, without much physical attachment and freer . These characteristics are common, with only a few variations, in the other two Air signs, which tend to relate well to love Geminis.


Mercury and Venus are mutually friendly planets in astrology. This means that when one planet is related to the other through Venus’ contact with Gemini, a lot of positivity and balance is brought into the lives of the natives of this meeting of stars.

Mercury is the planet that activates communication skills, just like in mythology, and that’s why love relationships and who has Venus in Gemini is so guided by communication, which is actually something fundamental for this combination.

Other characteristics brought by Mercury to the affections of these natives are the anxiety to establish relationships with those he admires, curiosity and good humor.

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