Venus in Aries/complete description

Venus in Aries: check out the characteristics of the Aries in love

Our Sun sign is usually what we know best and what we use to identify our own personality. However, far beyond a single sign, our character is built from a whole connection of stars and strategic points present in the sky, each one contributing in some way to our way of being. Venus in Aries

Among these stars is Venus, a planet related to the Roman goddess of love. This bond with the goddess is not in vain, as the positioning of this planet indicates the way we deal with, see and feel love in our lives, in all social spheres, both in love relationships, as with our friends, co-workers or family members.

When Venus places itself in Aries, it exchanges influences with both this sign and the Fire element and the planet Mars, both rulers of Aries. So, for you to better understand your way of dealing with this feeling so fundamental in our lives, which is love, see below the meaning of Venus in Aries and the planet’s relationship with Fire and Mars.


The planet Venus takes approximately 312 days to make a complete circuit around the Sun, remaining for about 26 days in each sign. Whoever was born with Venus in Aries came into the world on one of these days of transit, and has a structural personality framework that is characteristic of those who have this combination.

When Venus passes through Aries, it can also temporarily influence other signs, bringing more impulsiveness and enthusiasm to relationships. For those who came into the world as a native of this placement, these qualities are quite common throughout life, even if there are some variations in intensity.


People who have Venus in Aries in their birth chart have a very strong personality when it comes to love. Energy and vivacity are very strong characteristics, and these natives tend to like to be intensely involved with people. So, if they are friends, they are real, if they have love relationships, they want a very active partner, and when enemies are extremely complicated to deal with.

This combination of stars is quite stubborn. Individuals marked by it are endowed with a strong desire to be close to whoever they want, and can be competitive when they think that the other person will share the attention with a third party. They tend to be quite impulsive and seek to experience intense love and great passions.

For those who have Venus in Aries, there is a thirst for novelty and monotony can end any friendship, courtship or marriage. Aries is a sign guided by desire and will, so these natives are always looking to keep the flame lit, and look for people who react positively to these impulses, actively participating in the relationship.

Venus in Aries displays candor. If they don’t like something in a certain relationship, they will expose it quite sincerely, which is positive, but it must be controlled, so as not to end up talking too aggressively with other people. As they are not content to live unhappy, when the relationship is no longer seen as fruitful by these natives, they do not doubt too much whether or not they should move on to another one. They are people of action.

As everything that happens in the universe ends up reverberating in the way we capture the influences of the stars, there may be some moments in your life when you feel disconnected with the descriptions of Venus in Aries. For example, when Venus moves through calmer signs such as Virgo and Capricorn, you tend to be less impulsive.

Even so, it is important to remember your Venus placement, mainly because Venus in Aries brings very strong and endearing characteristics, such as competitiveness and willpower, which can be misinterpreted and cause hurt in some people if they are not properly observed.


The Fire element governs a triad of signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, bringing a common characteristic to Venus’ relationship with these three stars, which are the yearning for the new and the passion for people they admire. In the case of Venus in Aries, the relationship with the Fire element brings the desire to be with someone strong, who fights for what he wants.

Fire also brings a lot of excitement to the love relationships of those who have Venus in Aries, these people always want to be active, they are the type who always organize a trip with the staff or plan trips with a love partner, to be always venturing into new spaces .


Aries is a sign known for being a warrior, the issue of rivalry and enthusiasm for the fulfillment of wishes is very characteristic of this sign, this is mainly due to the rulership of Mars, which, in Greco-Roman mythology, is the god of War, and that is why so much will, determination and bravery.

When it comes to the relationship between Venus on Mars, these characteristics are also reflected a lot in the sexuality of the native of Venus on Aries, who ends up being very intense, seductive and enjoying new experiences in sex. These individuals also need to be involved with people who are very sexually active if they are to feel motivated to move forward in the relationship.

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