Venus in Aquarius/complete description

Venus in Aquarius: Check out the characteristics of the Aquarius in love

When we talk about Astrology, the most common is to identify our personality through the sun sign, when in fact we are the whole set of combination of stars present in our Astral Map. Each planet, sign and strategic point that are part of the astrological study brings some important reference about the particularities of our character. Venus in Aquarius

Among the planets is Venus, whose purpose within Astrology is linked to the powers of the Greco-Roman goddess of the same name, also known as Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Venus and its placement in the Astral Chart indicate our structural “love”, that is, the bases of our relationship with love.

Thus, if you were born with Venus in Aquarius , your way of loving is related to a set of combinations typical of this meeting of stars, such as the personality of the sign Aquarius and the influence of the planet Uranus and the element Air, rulers of this sign , on the planet Venus.


Venus takes just under 1 year to make a complete circuit around the Sun, spending 26 days in each sign.

When Venus transits through Aquarius, it tends to influence people who were born with Venus in other signs a little, bringing a desire to live love more freely.

His influences are linked to the Aquarius personality, who is quite revolutionary and sees friendship as the fundamental basis of any relationship, and therefore tends to be less possessive and likes lighter relationships, without much commitment.

The element Air, which governs this sign, is also related to Venus, in order to confirm the importance of independence within relationships, characteristic of those who have Venus in Aquarius.

The Uranus ruler, in turn, calls for more expansion and brings the will to constantly change, bringing characteristics such as openness, innovation and the desire to be one step ahead of what is socially institutionalized as right or wrong, characteristic of these natives.


Individuals who have Venus in Aquarius in the Astral Chart have a personality that attracts many people close, they are usually in a wide and diverse group of friends and tend to be welcomed by those around them, they hardly make enemies because they usually don’t pay much attention to those who do not have much positive importance in their lives.

The love for these natives of Venus in Aquarius is patient, in the sense that they prefer to start off calmly and have a healthy friendship with those with whom they intend to establish some kind of love relationship. They are the type of people who care much more about being okay with each other than with the feeling of ownership, usually remaining friends with each other even with a breakup or divorce.

They are not a vindictive type of people, they like to fight for ideals of justice and are very witty, preferring peace to the feeling of having passed over someone else. As they are not very attached to socially accepted patterns of love, they tend to idealize a lot about what love is or is not, creating their own expectations about this feeling.

People with Venus in Aquarius need to somehow admire those they live with. On the sexual side, they like people who also enjoy trying new things and fulfilling the most diverse fantasies, however, it is not just the sexual or material side that will make a relationship worthwhile for these natives.

The ideas and ways of seeing the world of partners and friends need to arouse the interest of those who have Venus in Aquarius, they have to be original and keep a touch of revolutionary. People who are too “straightforward”, too attached to social rules, are not very good at the type of people who have Venus in Aquarius.

Since everything that happens in the universe tends to hit us astrologically, at certain times in your life you may not feel very much in agreement with what Venus in Aquarius says about you. The passage of Venus by more sensitive signs, such as Pisces and Cancer, for example, can make your look become more romanticized.

However, it is essential to understand your independent side and true to your own ideas, so you don’t end up erasing yourself in relationships you don’t agree with and don’t feel good about. Knowing the characteristics of your Venus will lead you to better guide your choices, both in love and in relationships between friends and family, building true connections, but which keep your freedom active and thinking outside the box.


When in Aquarius, Venus is indirectly related to the element that rules this sign, which is Air. People with Venus positioned in Air signs are very adaptable to change, do not like monotony very much and prefer to relate to people who do not limit your freedom.

These are people who, despite having a very extroverted air, retain a hint of introspection and love for their own personality, ideas and ways of seeing the world and respect a lot the personal side of other people.

For this reason, they usually get involved with people who like space, so that both can have moments of individuality in the relationship. Venus combined with Air is synonymous with autonomy, intellectuality and creativity, both in ordinary life and in love relationships.


Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius, which relates to Venus in this position, bringing fundamental elements that characterize love for the natives of Venus in Aquarius, such as mutation, common to these people who adapt very easily to new situations and, by this, the ease of creating bonds and the lack of meaning for attachment.

Uranus would be the father of Venus in Roman mythology, and he didn’t have much attachment to his children, just as he didn’t have Aphrodite. Likewise, the relationship between these two planets can be complicated precisely because of the lack of attachment, which can generate aversion to longer-lasting relationships and even to the very vision of romantic love for those who have Venus in Aquarius.

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