Uranus in the signs/complete description

Characteristics of Uranus in the signs

Uranus is one of the many stars and strategic points in our birth chart that define our personality, in addition to the famous sun sign. In Greco-Roman mythology, Uranus was the God of Heaven, and formed, with his mother and wife Gaia, what we know today as our world. Uranus in the signs

From the perspective of shaping our personality, this planet represents immensity, that which leads us to expansion and personal development. Uranus takes 7 years in each sign, taking 84 years to make a complete circle around the Sun.

Thus, when a sign receives a visit from this planet, it is usually greatly modified by its influence, transforming people into new subjects, bringing an idealistic character and inspiring them to new and immediate realizations.


Those born with Uranus in Aries have a tendency toward research and exploration. They are very curious and dreamy. They are people very connected to the scientific area and who take it as a passion.

They are usually quite rationally inclined and have an aversion to religious ideals. They can be very arrogant and feel superior, trying to impose their own beliefs on others and taking credit for others’ beliefs. They are usually very sincere, so they sometimes end up being rude.


People with Uranus in Taurus have a very futuristic look, like innovation, and generally feel young even into middle age. They are quite materialistic and are always looking for the realization of their ideas.

This combination brings a great desire for change. When they start a plan, they are very impatient and immediate, they want to see the results right away, which can be bad from a financial point of view, with long-term investments. They are very concerned about material possessions, and the loss of money makes them very stressed. Uranus in the signs


Uranus in Gemini makes people very inspired by contact with the world and with people. They have a lot of originality and are outgoing, make many lasting and deep friendships through their communication skills.

People with this combination love new things and have a very imaginative mind, generally have a very artistic side and very positive ideas for the future of humanity, they are usually optimistic and dreamers.


Uranus in Cancer is a sign of revolutionary thinking. Generally, family characteristics and characteristics of empathy and love, common to Cancerian, are reviewed in this position. These are people who tend to feel disconnected from their family environment.

When they are close to the family, they tend to have a feeling of friendship rather than seriousness. They build relationships that are lighter and less attached. They tend to have a very rational side when it comes to interpersonal relationships.


People with the placement of Uranus in Leo are very self-confident, they usually have wild ideas and manage to put them into practice with the help of a lot of determination. They are very creative and love new things. Uranus in the signs

People with this placement are also endowed with a lot of individuality, they can be a little selfish and find it difficult to give credit to other people. They can also be too competitive and intense when they’re excited about something.


Virgo is a very practical and logical and analytical sign. Likewise, people with this combination often have a lot of concentration and focus on concrete goals, learning and professional and intellectual development.

They are very linked to the future, science and technology, they like to be among those who create new things. They usually have a great talent for research and are excited about studies and other ways of getting to know the world and the universe in depth. They have a very investigative mind.


Creativity and willingness to innovate, especially with regard to love, are striking characteristics in those who have Uranus positioned in Libra. They are very real people, who do not give much importance to society’s impositions on what they think or how they relate intimately. They are natural advocates of free love.

People with this combination enjoy fairness and don’t settle down when they realize that society doesn’t have the qualities they stand for. They have a very revolutionary and idealistic soul.


Whoever has Uranus in Scorpio definitely takes control of their own lives. He has his own strong convictions and opinions and is not afraid to show them to the world. They are people with souls who are very attached to being and to primordial pleasures, such as sex, spiritual connections and political ascension. Uranus in the signs

They are people with communicative talents, but who generally keep part of what they think to express in a profitable moment. They are very strategists and are always looking to live in an original way, fulfilling as many wishes as possible.

They cannot stand being in hierarchical positions of duty and obedience and like to overcome socially established limits.


People with the Uranus in Sagittarius combination are often very soul-oriented. They may be dedicated to one or several religions and are always looking for answers that transcend the material question. They are very fond of collecting new information and, therefore, they usually make a great effort to get to know other places and people.

They have a very nomadic heart and, while they love to communicate with other people, they also enjoy having the freedom to be alone, to experience and understand what their inner self means. They are usually very lively people.


Whoever has Uranus in Capricorn is usually quite political and likes to occupy positions of power. They are very determined to reach their goal and, despite not having many communication skills, manage to be seen as exemplary and trustworthy people. They are very reserved and are often linked to very traditional beliefs.

They are people with excellent administrative skills and who tend to always look to the future, seeking to achieve all their professional and personal goals and desires. They can often have a tendency to promise much more than they can actually offer, being remembered as dishonest and negligent by some people. Uranus in the signs


People with Uranus in Aquarius have a mind quite ahead of time. They usually grow up committed to acquiring a lot of knowledge about the world and create a very unique, original ideal of life, which they strenuously defend.

They are people very concerned with the collective, with the equality of ideas with a strong belief that they can carry with them. They like to have freedom of expression and feel good having friendships and closeness to people that allow them to be free to dream.


People with Uranus in Pisces are very intuitive and can capture a lot of the energy around them. They often easily sense when someone is happy, sad, or hiding something. They tend to look at people with a deep look and without malice.

They are individuals who have a great memory, but who, in order to maintain their own good mood, and to avoid melancholy, like to be connected with the present. They are generally good advisors and like to be around people in a good mood to feel alive. Uranus in the signs

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