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Taurus Phrases: See the phrases that best suit the Taureans

People born between the 21st of April and the 20th of May are in the sign of Taurus. They belong to the Earth element and are ruled by the planet Venus. They tend to be people who cultivate their roots and like things the way they are. They have a great appreciation for the beautiful things in life, comfort and practicality are words that define part of the Taurean personality. Taurus quotes

As the second sign of the zodiac, it is he who builds, who builds walls, is the sign of persistence and stubbornness. It’s a fixed sign, so it’s not easy to get them off the axis. They are always calm, what bothers them is just something that takes them out of their comfort zone, when that happens they get irritated just like the bull animal.

They must be aware of laziness, as it can make you waste too much time in life, just imagining something and never doing it. Another point is jealousy, Taureans like to love and be loved, and to keep things as they want them to be, they can go overboard in some situations.

It is a generally well-regarded sign, as people born with the Sun in Taurus are kind, like to share, keep their feet on the ground, are sincere and enjoy life well. They like what is good and having people next to them to share.

There are a few phrases that can define each sign, and Taurus phrases will vary according to the personality of each decan, and the rulership of the planet. Remembering that you can know your decan by doing your birth chart.

Now, have you ever stopped to think about what are the phrases for the sign of bull? Check it out below. Taurus quotes

  • “No language is capable of expressing the strength and beauty of the Earth

Taurinos from the first deanery, between the 21st and 30th of April, are ruled by the planet Venus, which is also linked to the Greek goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite. Therefore, their strength and persistence combine with sensuality and protective instinct, tend to be more linked to the feminine side, to fertility and sexuality, in addition to the maternal and nurturing side.

This comes from his connection with the Earth and its fruits, because, in the past, in the age of Taurus, he was the one who built the abode with his strength and united everything with his calm, patience and love. Among the Earth signs, Taurus is the most connected to nature, which is why “No language can express the strength and beauty of the Earth” is one of Taurus’ phrases.

They are also very attached to aesthetics, arts and beauty, as they can be very good in the kitchen and perhaps start a family early on. On the downside, they may have karma in relationships, as Venus positions itself twice for you, they may also be too attached to material possessions, so it is necessary to change these limiting behaviors. Taurus quotes

Taurinos from the first deanery also have a greater innocence for life, it’s as if they’re really only going to live once, and this is also balanced with a certain lighter, less rigid posture, which is typical of Earth signs. Eating, talking, it’s all in the momentum.

As the first, he is the Taurus that comes closest to the sign’s trends. He is one of the best people to relate to, as they always like to enjoy what is good in life with someone special. They are very fragrant and take care of themselves like no one else. Own the beauty of Terra.

  • “Each thing in its place”

The Taurus natives of the second deanery, approximately from June 30th to May 10th, are Taurus with Mercury in the most prominent position on the map. They are people who have a personality more similar to the second Earth sign, which is Virgo. They are more critical Taurus, quick thinking, and their speech can sound a bit thick at times, as they are very sincere. It’s important to check which sign your Mercury is positioned in to better know where the sign’s trend will go.

They are curious, tend to be more rebellious in their points of view and also have some changes in professional areas during their lives, they are determined and can be pioneers in some areas.

They have a great speech and that is often very persuasive, they hardly ever stutter, they know what they are saying and when they do, it is for sure. Some see them as a parent in some situations. They are patient, determined, resistant and ambitious.

The Taurus sign phrases will vary according to decan, Moon or Ascendant placement, and even some retrograde map placement. That’s why it’s important to consult all aspects of your birth chart. Taurus quotes

Another curiosity about the Taureans of the second deanery is their fertile imagination and intuition, all influenced by the Moon. They are very connected to food and their preparation, the picking of ingredients, they are very careful in every detail. When they’re cooking, which they normally like, they don’t appreciate being interfered with, they prefer to do things alone, because they know that only they will be able to do it in the best way.

That’s why the phrase “everything in its place”, they have a great memory, they always know where things are, they know how to carry out processes and are able to focus their minds on the work. They are great at business and excellent partners.

Finally, the Taurus of the second dean is the one you will see as a mentor, someone who will always have something right to say and express, always confident in his speech and accuracy. By observing a lot, they end up concluding the facts with a unique speed, but they must pay attention to the harshness of their speech so as not to sound arrogant or arrogant.

  • “Everything at its time.”

Taurinos of the third deanery, between the 11th and 20th of May, are people with the personality most similar to the third Earth sign of the zodiac, which is Capricorn. Under the influence of Saturn, they are more thrifty people and act as if they were made of rock. He is a taurine a little more enticed with his economic situation and can be considered the most stubborn deanery of the three.

Taurus is a sign who goes easy on everything he does. To avoid wasting too much of your energy, your reasoning is faster than your actions. Taurus is practical, and even if it takes a while to do something, when it does, it’s accurate and quick to get it over with and he’ll keep resting, his economy isn’t just financial, it’s everything.

Stubborn and persistent, when he puts something in his head, nothing makes Taurus go back, hence his enormous capacity to build and keep things lasting, without haste, but with focus and persistence. Taurus quotes


Phrases that match Taurus give you the chance to get to know yourself better, and evolving requires growth and abdications. Taurus is a centered sign that is sure to grow and prosper, is an Earth-connected sign who has a desire to live well on it without worry.

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