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Sign of Taurus: Characteristics, Love, Personality, Qualities, Flaws – Complete

The second sign of the Zodiac, Taurus has Earth as its element, as do Virgo and Capricorn. It is considered one of the most materialistic signs of the Zodiac, closely linked to the pleasures of life. They tend to be rational, but make no mistake, as it is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, which gives Taureans an incredible ability to fall in love. Taurus description


Responsible and organized, the native of this sign can put order in any environment. He is also very persistent, committed and the best person to deliver on a mission that needs to be accomplished. Its keywords are prosperity and stability. The rulership of the Sign of Taurus runs from April 20th to May 21st.


In Ancient Greece, mythology says that Zeus fell in love with the beautiful nymph Europa. To seduce her, he decided to transform himself into a bull of incredible beauty. From this union three children were born. One of them, Minos, became king on the island of Crete. Powerful and greedy, he made a pact with Poseidon: he would give the god of the seas his best bull, in exchange for power and more wealth.

When he got what he wanted, he sent a second-class bull to Poseidon. Furious, the god of the seas took revenge by making Minos’ wife fall in love with a bull from his herd. Bewitched, she disguised herself as a cow and became acquainted with the animal. Thus was born, the Minotaur, a man with a bull‘s head. Trapped in the labyrinth, the Minotaur was killed by Theseus and his head was taken to the skies, becoming the Constellation of Taurus.

Taurus Symbols

The sign of Taurus is represented by two horns. Brazilian common sense associates horns with love betrayal, which is a vulgar reduction. All over the world, horns represent material, political, economic and financial control. It’s no coincidence that Wall Street’s famous bull statue protects the labyrinth of your business. Taurus, on the other hand, has represented, since the beginning of civilization, a great helper for man in working with the land. It is a good association with the Taureans, who dedicate themselves to their tasks with responsibility and competence. Taurus description


If you’re relating to a Taurus person, whether at work or in your personal life, it’s important to know a little about their essence. Know that they are stubborn, jealous and a little safe when it comes to spending. On the other hand, they are extremely trustworthy friends and employees. Do you want to know some more characteristics of Taurus? Then write down:

La Dolce Vita – Yes, they love comfort, eating and drinking well and enjoying the pleasures of life. Don’t invite them to camps or places where they don’t have a minimum of comfort. They will complain for hours.

Stubbornness – They’re so sure they’re right about an issue that they’ll put their foot down to convince you. It’s easier for you to accept his opinion than for him to change his mind. In certain professional areas, stubbornness can even be beneficial, as they do not easily give up on their goals.

Calm – Don’t think that because they are stubborn they are difficult to live with. In fact, Taureans are generally easygoing and pleasant. Just don’t try to change your routine.

Practical and determined – With Taurus there is not much minim. He likes to work things out rationally and is unlikely to cry over spilled milk. They think life is too short to grieve.

Like for routine – If you like surprises and novelties, forget it. Life with a native of Taurus is pretty predictable. They like stability, tranquility, peace. That’s how happy they feel.


Taureans, male or female, are the most practical of all signs. They don’t build their houses out of wood and sticks. Forewarned, build with strong structures of stones and rocks, from buildings to the roof. The Taurus personality can be uncomfortable for the more materially detached, because Taureans are very objective. For them, the fundamental thing in life is to have stability, security, comfort and enjoy the pleasures of life. Taurus description

Taurus sign personality – Among the qualities that are found in the native of the bull are elegance, good taste and extreme patience. But make no mistake, he also has flaws and one of them is stubbornness.


Like any sign, Taurus has a tame, bovine side and a warmer face like an angry bull. Nothing that cannot be solved if you know how to get around these little problems.


Stubbornness – There is no one who, knowing and living with a Taurus, disagrees: they are the most stubborn in the Zodiac. More than that, they border on obsession. Your stubbornness can also cause you to become stagnant and paralyzed in behavior that could be improved or corrected. This makes him miss out on good opportunities in life.

Good Life – Their need for comfort can also lead to them being interpreted as futile, which is an exaggeration, as they have a lot of empathy for people, the problem is that they think first about their own well-being, which they don’t give up for nothing.

Controllers – Adepts of routine, they get very irritated when they cannot have control of the situation. In relationships, they are jealous and can be difficult because of their eternal distrust. The point is that Taurus people place a high value on fidelity and expect the same from their partner.

Possessiveness and difficulty in forgiving are also characteristic of the sign of Taurus. Be careful when hurting a Taurus, he hardly forgets. Taurus description


The typical Taurean doesn’t look for casual relationships. He wants to get married, raise a family, have children. In this search, he is often disappointed. When you find the right person, go with them to the end. One of the most faithful signs, Taurus requires from its partner total commitment, companionship and lots of sex. Warm relationships don’t last.

Taurus people are also as persevering in the search for stability as they are in the search for love. In a difficult relationship, they try everything to reverse disagreements and exhaust all possibilities. When they give up, they don’t care about the person anymore. It is part of the Taurus personality to always seek tranquility. They cannot stand fights, arguments and shouting. What they really want is peace and love. Taurus description


Now that you know how a Taurus thinks and acts, find out which signs are more likely to succeed. For starters, Taureans look for similar. So they would make a great couple with another Taurus native. An unbeatable partnership. But they can also get along with the signs below:

Cancer – Two signs that value the family and a peaceful life. Perfect combination.

Capricorn – Two signs that value stability. A relationship that has everything to work out.

Virgo – because they are from the same element, Earth, and because they are more realistic, they match very well. On the other hand, with both Virgo and Capricorn, you run the risk of the relationship getting too straight and a little monotonous.

Scorpio – Being your opposite and complementary sign, one teaches a lot to the other. The Scorpio’s detached way can help Taurus relax a little more and not take himself too seriously. Also the Water element of Scorpio is complementary to the Earth element of Taurus, which can result in a very harmonious relationship. Sexually, they are explosive. In the good sense! Taurus description


Due to your need for stability, having a Taurus employee on your team is a peace of mind. He will do anything to please you, because he doesn’t like to change jobs. Furthermore, they are responsible and hardworking. They will work hard to ensure a peaceful life for their family. Another important quality of Taurus is that he is a real “bull” to work with. He likes to show service and is easy to work in a team.

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