Taurus ascendant appearance/complete interpretation

Ascendancy of the signs with Taurus

The sign of Taurus is usually well known on the internet due to the games they play with their almost eternal hunger, which often tends to the side of pure and simple gluttony. This sign, however, is much more complex and goes beyond this simple detail. Taurus ascendant appearance

All those born between April 20th and May 21st are the Sun sign Taurus . These people are ruled by the planet Venus, which symbolizes love and sensuality. They are also of an Earth sign, which makes them very realistic and down to earth.

The main characteristics of Taurus, therefore, involve all possible combinations between the symbolism of the planet Venus and that of the element Earth. They tend to have a greater attachment to the material and the pleasures of life (especially, yes, gastronomic pleasures). This causes them, many times, not to have a keen sensitivity or attachment to religiosity or esoterism.

They also appreciate a planned life, which gives them security, making them run away from adventures, uncertainties and sudden changes. Stubbornness is also another trademark typical of Taurus.

Let us see throughout this text how the characteristics of the sign of Taurus behave as an ascendant in contact with the other signs.


Aryan energy tends to focus and expand at intervals, resulting in many projects and plans started with a vengeance but often abandoned halfway. The Taurus ascendant meets with the sign of Aries to bring a little more perseverance and persistence to this personality, ensuring that it can accomplish more without giving up along the way, or at least coming later to that point of despondency and disinterest.

The result of the combination between the sign of Aries and the ascendant of Taurus are people who are intense and passionate about life. In romance, they also get the most out of it, but they can border on obsessing, so it’s important to try to measure their intensity.


The sign of Taurus appearing twice in the same birth chart, as a Sun sign and as an ascendant, is a guarantee that its main characteristics appear quite reinforced. Taurus people with a Taurus ascendant are often even more stubborn than simple Taurus, as this trait appears twice in their birth chart. Taurus ascendant appearance

The desire to always be right in everything – and to be seen as such by those who are part of them – is also quite marked in their attitudes, in addition to the insecurity they feel in relation to their decisions. As a result, these people are often seen as inconvenient or even unwanted.

They can also be the type who crave fame and go to great lengths to get it. It is necessary to try to dose better and find a balance. Quietness is something they seek in life, but they can also lean towards laziness. In love, they are very sensual and, in life, they value sophistication.


The sign of Gemini by itself tends to have a very unstable nature and the Taurus ascendant is not enough to change this, at least on its emotional side, which continues with the same instability and even vulnerability characteristic of Gemini.

It turns out that Gemini people with a Taurus ascendant tend to be more hardworking and intellectual than the normal standard for that sign, even though the typical Taurus stubbornness shows up in their Gemini personality traits as well.

Despite the fact that the sign of Taurus is very down to earth due to its Earth element, it is not enough to remove the need for changes that Gemini has within him and his aversion to routine. In society, this person is quite engaging and magnetic.


Cancerian sentimentality meets a bit of bullfighting and he becomes someone capable of fighting to the last consequences to achieve his goals, especially when they have sentimental value for them, such as a great passion or even the desire to revenge, after all, all traits can be used for good or for bad, be they positive or negative.

Sentimentality is a very present and important element for the sun sign of Cancer. The sign of Cancer with a Taurus ascendant is quite sensual due to being ruled by the planet Venus, but doesn’t see any problem with not being the dominant one in a relationship, especially with people who really seem to understand their soul essence. In terms of love, Cancer and Taurus balance their characteristics perfectly.


The combination of the sign of Leo with the ascendant of Taurus results in a lot of luxury and sophistication, things dear to both signs, after all, Leo is ruled by the Sun and Cancer by Venus, mixing light and sensuality for a very peculiar personality.

One of the most frequent problems that Leos with a Taurus ascendant face is giving in to their tendency to have a mania for grandeur. Creativity and positive energy are hallmarks of this astral combination, forming magnetic people and, in general, very loved by those around them. Sensuality is also present, but with a very important rational touch for it to be effective. Taurus ascendant appearance


The sign of Virgo is recognized for its organization and meticulousness which, when combined with the bull-ascendant stubbornness, can result in a very difficult and methodical person, the type who just wants things his way. You always have to be careful not to end up isolating yourself because of this type of behavior.

On the other hand, he is also a very practical person and, therefore, few will insist with him, because, in general, his way will really be the best and easiest. Therefore, when Virgo with a Taurus ascendant is a person who knows how to measure his words and stay away from exaggerations, he will always be a loved one among those around him.

His critical sense is very sharp and, because of that, he can also be a person a little difficult to be pleased, but always very reliable in terms of indications, for precisely the same reason. It’s essential to strike a balance between Virgo and Taurus traits so you don’t lean too far to either side and become boring.


The sign of Libra, when combined with a Taurus ascendant, tends to result in a very pleasant personality, the kind that is generous and cares much more for others than for itself, the very personification of altruism. Sometimes this generosity of yours can slip away and become excessive preoccupation with things that don’t concern you.

He values ​​love a lot and, therefore, he is likely to suffer disappointment and have his heart broken, because he falls in love with intensity and, when it goes wrong, he is also disappointed and saddened with intensity. Your sentimentality needs to be balanced so that you don’t end up going down a sad path and falling into depression. While this is a possibility, it is not the rule and should never be treated as such.


The self-centeredness of the sign of Scorpio meets the stubbornness of the Taurus ascendant and can result in a person who is not one of many friends, despite being quite sociable. Always try to be in control of situations. However, those who can prove that they are really companions will have an intense friendship and, in love, a passionate companion. Taurus ascendant appearance


People of the sign of Sagittarius who have the Taurus ascendant usually let their feelings take over, whether good or bad, and therefore it is always good to seek balance and the reality of life, avoiding putting yourself in situations of too much sadness that they might trigger a possible case of depression.

Life, seen through the eyes of Sagittarius people with a Taurus ascendant, is always very romantic and they have a tendency to like adventures, especially if they involve some kind of radicalism and adrenaline. The biggest enemy to this personality is the routine that binds them to sameness. They also don’t like to be contradicted.


Capricorns ruled by the Taurus ascendant follow their pattern of being hardworking, hardworking and also very realistic. Your personal and professional growth are extremely important and financial is part of the focus.

The sign of Taurus gives you more focus and breath to reach your goals, but always with your feet on the ground, avoiding anything that is grandly risky: be it adventures or love. Aside from her work routine, which is responsible for a large part of her day, this personality likes to devote herself to luxury and sex, values ​​her comfort in well-being, enjoying the fruits of her hard work. His rigidity and realistic personality can make him a skeptic.


The combination of the Sun sign Aquarius and the ascendant Taurus is generally very positive as it reflects in very honest personalities. Taurus makes Aquarius more practical in its dealings with life and a little more stable, with its earth element and its feet on the ground. When it comes to love relationships, he is usually less airy and reckless than Aquarians, as his Taurus element curbs his Aquarian impulses a little.


One of the most striking characteristics of the sign of Pisces is being an incorrigible dreamer and the Taurus ascendant arrives to add a little indecision to your dreams, but also a little more hardworking spirit.

The only thing however is that, to awaken this working side, Pisces people need to believe in what they do and in the ideology of the work itself, as they only get excited about the things they think are right. He is usually a very dear person in his social life for his sensual and also sensitive characteristics. Although Taurus is down to earth, Pisces can still get carried away by a great passion and let things get out of hand. Taurus ascendant appearance

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