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Sun in Virgo: Understand the Influence on Virgo Personality

Virgos are those people born between August 23 and September 22 who have the Sun in Virgo in their birth chart. In astrology, the Sun represents what is internal to each being, the reality of a person’s soul.

Thus, Virgos reflect the tranquility and rationality that are present within them. They tend to be quite introverted, who are true to what they believe, and are not easily swayed. They are often critical, but do not express their dissatisfaction very much.

Want to know everything about the Sun in Virgo ? So, check out below the characteristics of this Sun and its influences on love, work, family and friendships to know how to better deal with its weaknesses and strengths during your day to day.


The sign of Virgo is represented by the wings of a goddess Persephone, who, according to Greek mythology, is the goddess of purity and harvest, and is linked to the sign of Virgo because it carries with it great knowledge, while at the same time being humble and simple.

Linked to the Earth element, the sign of Virgo is recognized for its rationality and for being attached to simplicity and stable situations, which are within its control and planning.

Two important moments throughout the year for Virgos are: the astral hell, which occurs between July 22nd and August 23rd, when the sun passes through Leo; and the astral paradise, which takes place between December 22nd and January 20th, when the Sun walks across Capricorn.

The sign of your astral hell (Leo) can represent those people with whom you will have difficulties to relate, because you find them arrogant and not having the patience to deal with them. In the meantime, when your astral paradise arrives, you will feel good to plan and live a regulated life, the way Virgos love. 

Virgos are ruled by Mercury, a planet that gives them characteristics of analysis and keen intellectuality. Virgos are often creative, but keep some ideas to themselves. Some historical Virgo personalities famous for their intelligence are the philosopher Hegel and the educator Paulo Freire.


People who have the Sun in Virgo tend to be very detailed, like to do things methodically and organize each step of their day to day. Virgos can be seen as prosperous people who fulfill many dreams precisely because of this ability to plan and execute.

A weakness for Virgos is the emotional side. Virgo people tend to be emotionally insecure and have unstable self-esteem. They are often introverted and have difficulty expressing what they feel.

They like to control situations, so it is quite unusual to see them having a nervous breakdown or being extremely in love. But it’s not coldness, they feel the emotions, they just can’t bring them out.

Virgos may not notice some subtleties more linked to the emotional side, when, for example, someone is jealous or in love with them, but they are usually very loyal and tend to get used to people’s presence.

Virgos are sincere individuals, who like to tell the truth, but who generally only have opinions about things when they are questioned, are the true observers of the zodiac. They are usually practical and determined.


Virgos are very insecure beings when it comes to romantic relationships, they have certain difficulties in dealing with their own feelings and with those of other people.

When they enter a relationship, they are usually careful and very affectionate, but they are not that extreme and super passionate couple, they like to be discreet and are exquisitely romantic.

Virgo people prefer to associate with less dramatic people, although they are sometimes attracted to people from the fickle Water signs. They are shy, in the beginning they hide their feelings a lot, but with time they open up and coexistence becomes clearer and more pleasant.


People who have the Sun in Virgo tend to value their work, are organized, like to follow the rules and are methodical, great for positions of trust.

The natives of this sign like refinement, so they place great value on material possessions and the status that a good job can offer. They are ambitious and are always looking to the future, new trends and new things to learn.

While there are shy Virgos who keep their ideas to themselves, there are those who have a revolutionary spirit and express themselves very well. Many are dedicated to the arts and are successful in this field, two examples of these Virgos are Freddy Mercury and Michael Jackson.

Very straight forward, Virgos in senior positions tend to be quite demanding and want goals to be met very rigorously. But they are not bad bosses, they are usually patient and help when they understand that this need exists.

Virgo natives are highly motivated at work, being good co-workers who seek to accomplish their goals as effectively as possible, remain available to help, but notice if they are being exploited.


Virgos are very caring family members, enjoy being present at family gatherings and feeling connected to their home, but are sometimes seen as eccentric by family members because they like to think outside the box and are more introverted.

People with Sun in Virgo also like to be honest, so if they don’t feel good with their family they tend to keep their distance. But if they are on good terms with their families, they are people who will insist on being generous and will strive to keep in touch, even if they are quieter.

When they become fathers and mothers, natives of this sign often enjoy participating in the education of children, teaching them new skills and allowing children to fulfill their role as natural philosophers.


Virgos are very sincere friends, they talk about what they think, but they also give you a lot of freedom to be who you are. They like to be present at the most varied moments and may have peculiar tastes that will take some getting used to.

They are people who maintain few friendships, but who tend to select very well who is part of their important contacts, prefer to maintain lasting bonds with few people than live surrounded by people they know little.

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