Sun in Pisces meaning/complete description

Sun in Pisces: Understand the influence on Pisces personality

Born between February 20th and March 20th, Pisceans are known for their imaginative and creative minds and for being the loveliest sign in the horoscope. These people, who have the Sun in Pisces , are very empathetic and dreamy. Sun in Pisces meaning

Do you know that person who manages to fit in very easily and who understands and respects that each human being has his way of being? So, this person is probably a Pisces. The energy of the environment usually changes with the arrival of these natives, who, with a very open and engaging heart, easily share the richness of their soul.

So, curious to know everything about the Sun in Pisces ? So, check out the characteristics of this Sun below and its influences on love, work, family and friendships to know how to better deal with its weaknesses and strengths during your day to day.


Pisceans are represented by two opposing curves that are connected by a dash. According to Greek mythology, the two curves represent two dolphins linked by a golden cord that helped Eros and Aphrodite escape a terrible fire-breathing monster.

Dolphins are animals linked to protective characteristics, being emotional, intuitive animals that have a lot of communication skills, connecting even with beings of another species. As such, it is the perfect animal to describe Pisceans. Sun in Pisces meaning

People with the Sun in Pisces are linked to the Water element, which gives these natives a certain inconstancy. They can change temperaments easily and are sensitive to moods in the environment. They feel depressed in sad and melancholy places, and happy in livelier places.

Unlike the two other Water element signs, Cancer and Scorpio, Pisceans are often extraverted, along the lines: Cancerians are ambiverts and Scorpios are introverted. Pisceans get along very well with people of the sign Cancer, which is their astral paradise.

During the passage of the Sun into Cancer, which takes place between June 21st and July 22nd, natives of Pisces tend to feel much more romantic and creative than usual. The opposite happens when the Sun goes through its astral hell, which is Aquarius.

During the astral hell, which occurs on January 21st and February 19th, Pisceans do not feel comfortable to interact with more rebellious and inquisitive people. Pisceans are ruled by the planet Neptune, god of the seas in Greek mythology, and, like the Waters, they are profound and extremely sentimental.


People who have the Sun in Pisces tend to have a great sense of justice, cling to what they feel is right, and tend to stand up for someone they feel is being wronged. They can, with that, end up taking part in fights that are not necessarily theirs.

Pisceans are much more concerned with emotions, with being good about themselves and the well-being of other people, both those they love and those who are not so close, than with material and external goods. They are owners of a true search for “being” in priority, followed by the search for “having”. Sun in Pisces meaning

Pisceans are also very idealistic, they tend to have their own vision of reality and generally think against the rules they try to impose on them socially, however, despite disagreeing with some things, unlike Aquarius, who seeks changes, they remain stopped just complaining. They may have a reputation for grumblers.

Pisceans tend to be indecisive, tend to know about a lot of things, and like to ask other people for their opinions before making decisions. They can be disappointed when they get to know something or a person deeply easily, because they put too much expectation before actually knowing it.

Some very important characteristics that Pisceans should work on are resilience, the ability to not be easily affected by the environment and self-confidence, so that their own well-being and happiness do not depend too much on other people.


People who have the Sun in Pisces are lovers who are very connected with their partners. They also like to meet many people, even being in a relationship, which can cause jealousy in the couple.

However, they are very concerned about not hurting their love, always seeking to please and make the other feel comfortable in the relationship. They like to interact with people open to dialogue, people who are enthusiastic and happy with life, because they need this positive energy to feel good.

They are good listeners and very patient, they try to understand the defects and are not used to judging the pair. They avoid fights and arguments, as they are sensitive and a single word can become a pain for these natives.


Pisceans tend to be a little distracted, which doesn’t help much in a work environment that requires concentration and agility. On the other hand, they are extremely creative beings and dedicated to projects that make them excited. Sun in Pisces meaning

Pisces people are usually linked to the company’s values ​​and mission and must feel fulfilled in their place to be able to work well. They can be undisciplined employees, failing to follow pre-established deadlines and schedules to the letter.

They are usually better in group roles, exercising shared activities, where they can exchange positive energies with everyone. They are more active when they feel the group needs to get somewhere than when they have to lead and decide where the project should go.

They are better at jobs that are more focused on communication and the arts, which allow them to connect spiritually and mentally with those around them. They feel good in places that they can express themselves and that don’t put pressure on them, letting them work at their own pace.


Pisces is definitely the zodiac sign most connected to the family. Pisceans usually have the umbilical cord attached to the family breast throughout their lives. Even if it is not the mother or the father, there is always at least one member of the family who symbolizes that someone these natives could not live without at all.

People with the Sun in Pisces are very dedicated, like to bring the family together and tend to feel within themselves the conflicts that may exist within the family, even if they are not involved in the situation.

As they are very intuitive, they usually notice when a family member is doing well or not, and are always available to embrace the cause and make the person feel happy again. If they feel betrayed by a family member, all areas of life end up being affected by a sadness that only goes away with a long time.

They don’t react very well to the loss of special people, they tend to be depressed for a longer time than usual with the death of someone they love very much, and when they get better, they usually remember the person’s entire time, as if they were still there. They are very loving and loyal to the family. Sun in Pisces meaning


Pisceans tend to trust people a lot and make friends easily, they can be vulnerable to overconfidence, being betrayed without realizing it. At the same time, Pisces people are often intuitive and may brood on some people for seemingly no reason, but it’s actually the heart telling them that this approach wouldn’t be good for them.

As well as being very connected to the family, Pisceans are also very companions and loyal to those people they consider true friends. They are quiet friends, good advisers and who strive to be present in the lives of those they love.

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