Sun in Libra/complete description

Sun in Libra: understand the influence on Libra’s personality

Born between September 23rd and October 22nd, individuals who have the Sun in Libra in their birth chart are often seen as balanced, able to handle emotions well, and are very rational.

Librans have a great sense of fairness, are usually polite, are not easily changed, and generally take a reconciling stance when dealing with intrigue. They always tend to analyze the other side of every situation.

Curious to know everything about the Sun in Libra ? So, check out below the characteristics of this Sun and its influences on love, work, family and friendships to know how to better deal with its weaknesses and strengths during your day to day.


The sign of Libra can be represented in two ways: the first is by the symbol of the sunset, which is related to the position of the sun in this astrological period, or by the symbol of the scale, which represents balance, indecision and justice, characteristics present in people which has the Sun positioned in that sign.

Governed by the Air element, which gives them two main characteristics (clear thinking and sociability), Libras tend to get along well with the Fire signs, as they are powered by air, and both are complementary elements.

It is important to know that the sign of Libra represents the fall of the Sun in Astrology, so while the sun represents the “I” and excessive concern for the interior, people who have the Sun in Libra tend to be more outward-oriented. , the other, the being loved for interacting and not for being something beyond.

Two important moments throughout the year for Libras are the astral hell, which is when the Sun transits through Virgo (between August 23rd and September 22nd), which makes you want to distance yourself from routine and commitments; and the astral paradise, which is when the sun walks across Aquarius (between January 21st and February 19th) and you become even more sociable than usual.

Librans are ruled by the planet Venus, which is linked to love, affection and self-esteem, so they are people who look a lot at not only external beauty, but can see people beyond their faults, being very understanding and human, in addition to being intuitive and affectionate.


People who have the Sun in Libra are often indecisive, as they always seek to see the multiple options, they end up thinking too much about everything and taking a long time to make decisions.

In addition, they idealize a lot about everything, creating a lot of expectations about what attracts them in different areas of life. If they believe in something, they will certainly act as if it is the best thing there is or the absolute truth for them.

When they disbelieve, Libras are also exaggerated. They can be seen as unreliable, as they often easily let go of what no longer makes sense to them, even if it’s something they used to love.

Because they know how to deal with people, Libras can be manipulative, using very persuasive speech and convincing others to change their minds. They can convince you through praise and because they usually know how to say what you want to hear.

Because they don’t like conflict and prefer peace, Libras have a habit of hiding what they feel, keep their grievances to themselves, and are often not honest about what they are or aren’t feeling in uncomfortable or sad situations.


Librans are usually very vain, pay attention to the physical aspects of their partner, despite knowing that it is not the only criterion used in choosing the ideal pair. While they are emotional and believe in true love, they tend to analyze the path very carefully before embarking on a new love adventure.

With regard to sex, they tend to be detail oriented and pay a lot of attention to touching and exchanging with the pair. They are dedicated and concerned about the pleasure of everyone involved. They usually don’t make many commitments right away and tend to want to know as many possibilities as possible before choosing a more definitive status.

Librans tend to deal well with their partners’ shortcomings, they understand that interpersonal relationships have both positive and negative sides. At the same time, they are people who end up keeping everything to themselves to try to keep the peace, rather than talking about what bothers them.


People with the Sun in Libra often have a reputation for being lazy because they put off important work, because they have the common habit of procrastination, and because they are always connected to the possibilities of rest and rest that arise.

But they are not really lazy people, they like to dedicate themselves to work that they have affinity and, when they have a goal, they are very energetic, generally achieving the results of what they set out to do.

Librans are very suitable for group work, avoid conflict and are generally calm people who advise colleagues to maintain peace and balance. They are usually quite responsible, and when they are in charge of something, they like to stick to deadlines well.


Librans are usually very understanding individuals and companions, like to live surrounded by family members who are more attached and may even be dependent on relatives they consider wise, as if they were oracles that influence the decisions of these natives.

Libra is a sign of cooperation, Libras like to be together no matter what, and they love a good and fun time with their family. They are usually dedicated parents and children who seek to establish peace and tranquility in the place where they live.

They can be greatly affected by arguments between important members who are connected, such as parental divorce or inheritance disputes.


Individuals with the Sun in Libra are always looking for group harmony, they love to be surrounded by many people, but they know how to differentiate true friends from colleagues.

They are extroverted people, who love a well-accompanied party, but who also love to talk more head-on. They feel comfortable in large groups and like to receive attention, they always try to feel accepted in the groups they are part of.

They are not good advisors, because sometimes they prefer to make you comfortable than to tell a necessary truth, but they are always present, even in the saddest moments, and try to understand the defects of friendships rather than criticizing them.

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