Sun in Aries/complete description

Sun in Aries: understand its influence on the Aries personality

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and those born between March 21 and April 20 are the true Aries, as they have the Sun in that sign. Aryans are often known for having a strong personality, with a lot of independence and leadership spirit.

The sign of Aries is ruled by Fire and Mars, the god of War, and generally defends his point with all his might. Aryans are often seen as stubborn, but this trait enables these natives to achieve visionary goals.

Curious to know everything about the Sun in Aries ? Then, check out the characteristics of this Sun and its influences on love, work, family and friendships, in order to know how to better deal with its strengths and weaknesses in your daily life.


Unlike the traditional beginning of the year in January, in the astrological calendar the year starts in March, with the entry of the Sun in Aries. The Sun represents your conscious will, and if your Sun is positioned in Aries, it means you are the true Aries.

The Aries symbol represents two horns of a ram, which is the design formed by the placement of the stars in the constellation Aries, and is linked to the most important part of the Aries: the head, as Arians are able to achieve good results in large endeavors .

The element that rules Aries is Fire, and the sign is also ruled by Mars, which brings the characteristics of a warrior to the Aries, who is always focused on his goals and on being among the first placed in his areas of interest.

An important moment of the year that Aries needs to know is the astral hell, which depends a little on the date of birth, but which, in general, happens when the Sun passes through the sign of Pisces, between the 18th of February and the 20th of March .

This is the most difficult time of the year for the Aryan, who feels his life is full of challenges and disappointments. For you to live well these days, it will be important to keep your head on straight, avoid drama when things don’t go as planned, and think twice before making important decisions.

On the other hand, the astral paradise, that moment of blessings and joy for the Aryan, takes place between July 22 and August 23, when the Sun is in Leo. And it is with Leos that you can feel many compatibilities and a great potential for approximation, for you have similar characteristics and you are both connected to Fire.


People who have the Sun in Aries are often very free, confidently expressing their own opinions and hardly being influenced by others’ opinions. Aryans are energetic people who are full of new ideas, which is very positive for their growth, especially at work.

Because they are very attached to their own thoughts and convictions, and defend them strenuously, Arians are often seen as aggressive and stubborn. In fact, Arians take a while to realize that they are not the center of the world and can be seen as overbearing and selfish.

However, when working on these traits, people who have the Sun in Aries are better able to handle other people’s ideas and be more open to listening to what others have to say.

Adventurous and self-assured, Aryans are the type who love good company and are generous, but who don’t fear loneliness when they find themselves surrounded by people they don’t consider to be on good terms.

One thing is certain: as they are a sign linked to the Fire element, extremism is one of the things that Aries carry, they are generally inspiring and lovable, or sullen and grumpy. Exaggeration is something important to be worked on by the Aries, who must seek balance when expressing their wishes.

Aryans are also somewhat inconsequential and very competitive, characteristics that, when allied, can have very serious consequences in these natives’ interpersonal relationships.

With competitiveness, Arians can easily get over other people without paying much attention to their feelings. Competitiveness is a double-edged sword for the Aryans, and it can be an ally, which will lead you to success, or a villain, if you are not attentive to the excesses and needs of other people.


Arians are the type who give themselves headlong to a state, whether it’s fleeting passions or a more concrete love. Relating to an Aries means experiencing an intense and euphoric feeling.

Because they are euphoric, there is also an initial difficulty in establishing themselves in the relationship, but when they are sure they have found someone who is worthwhile, the relationship becomes very important for these natives. 

As they have high libido, Aryans also indulge a lot during sexual intercourse. Sexuality is closely related to self-esteem and the feeling of power that Aries likes to feel in the most intimate moments.

As they are linked to the Fire element, novelty and intensity are the Aries‘ keywords in love, and monotony can be a definitive factor for an end to a relationship with these natives.


Individuals who have the Sun in Aries can be considered natural leaders, as they have a great inclination to assume these positions in a natural way. However, the desire for control and competitiveness are important factors to be observed by Arians, as they are characteristics that can turn them into a bad leader.

Aryans are very objective, they manage to focus on a goal and plan to achieve their desires with discipline. Agile and optimistic, new and promising projects are always welcome to Arians who, when they get excited, tend to see an idea through to the end.

Arians should only pay attention to the progress of projects that are not so new, as completing what has been started is important. Furthermore, determination and achievements are words that have a lot to do with people who have the Sun in Aries in terms of career. 


Aries natives are very dedicated to the family environment, and are concerned about being always present at meetings. They are protective people, who take part in a fight to defend those he loves if need be.

They can be seen as a little aggressive and controlling by the closest family members, because, when they care, they end up giving opinions about everything in the lives of their loved ones and even imposing certain points of view. In this sense, working with patience and “listening to the other” can be important for Arians in relation to the family.


People who have the Sun in Aries are often very honest friends and sometimes even too sincere. They are friends who love new ideas and love invitations to unusual outings.

Thanks to this conviction, if you have an Aryan friend, you will be able to count on him whenever you need a true opinion about something. Aries people just need to be careful to speak their minds without hurting the other person.

Transparency and honesty are key words for Aries regarding friendships.

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