Sun in Aquarius meaning/complete description

Sun in Aquarius: Understand the Influence on Aquarian Personality

Born between January 21 and February 19, people who have the Sun in Aquarius are often eccentric and self-possessed, known for their free thinking and clear expressions of what they think, without fear of judgment. Sun in Aquarius meaning

Some Aquarians can also be shy, but they all carry an essence of free spirit and a lot of rationality. Because they like freedom, they can convey the impression that they don’t care so much about others and that they live in a made-to-order world that only supplies what they believe.

Curious to know everything about the Sun in Aquarius ? So, check out below the characteristics of this Sun and its influences on love, work, family and friendships to know how to better deal with its weaknesses and strengths during your day to day.


Symbolized by two waves, Aquarians are usually harmonious and rational, they like to be right, but they are humble. The two waves represent that feeling is as present as reason in the unconscious of these natives.

Linked to the Air element, Aquarians are also very communicative, enjoy being around many people, and generally communicate well with everyone. They are not used to holding grudges or grudges and prefer to abstain from discussions that they deem fruitless.

Two very important moments throughout the year for Aquarians are astral hell and astral paradise. In hell, which takes place between December 22nd and January 20th, the Sun transits through Capricorn, when they tend not to tolerate living with materialistic people who try to trap them in excessive commitments. Sun in Aquarius meaning

The second moment is the astral paradise, which is between May 21 and June 20, when the Sun passes through Gemini and leaves Aquarius with a feeling of freedom even greater than usual, making them more communicative and distanced from sentimentality too much.

Ruled by Saturn, a planet linked to reason and a passion for freedom, and by Uranus, which is linked to rebellion and the appreciation of renewal, most Aquarians have a rebellious spirit, and this can make other people misinterpret their attitudes, causing the impression of “rebels without a cause”, and may also be seen as “against” people.


People who have the Sun in Aquarius are usually very calm and treat everyone with great cordiality. It is also a sign that likes to express its ideals and that seeks to escape from pre-established patterns by society.

Some say that if an idea is presented as predominant, it is enough for the Aquarius to look for arguments to refute that idea. Evil tongues also say that if you want to induce an Aquarius to do something, it is enough to say: “But you CANNOT do that…!”. And this phrase triggers the extreme need of the Aquarius to prove that YOU CAN, YES, DO IT.

Averse to prohibitions, the Aquarius hates the feeling of having his freedom restricted in any circumstance of life. He has the need to breathe freedom and hates reins.

Because it is linked to the Air element and its constellation is located south of Pegasus and close to other constellations of Water signs, Aquarius is a sign of light, relaxed people who adapt easily to any situation, in addition to finding themselves constantly in internal conflicts between reason and sentimentality. Sun in Aquarius meaning

They have extreme difficulty in dealing with their own emotions and sometimes prefer not to give them space, preferring to resort to reason in excess. While they are highly supportive of what they believe, Aquarians tend to be more connected with the truth than with the ego, and admit to changing their opinions when the other person has arguments that they consider relevant.


Because they are ruled by Saturn, Aquarians are usually very rational in affective relationships and have difficulties in showing feelings, in addition to constantly questioning themselves about everything they feel. They are practical people, who are bothered by games and scandalous displays of affection.

If you are interested in or are in a loving relationship with an Aquarius, don’t try to diminish their freedom, nor be a controlling person, as this will certainly make them run far away from you.

People of this sign usually have a very low affective frequency and do not feel the need to spend the whole day exchanging messages with their partner, in addition to not supporting excessive demands. For an Aquarius to express what he feels, he must be sure about his own feelings, as they are fickle people, just like the waves of the sea.

Aquarians have great sexual desire, are often very unpredictable and sometimes even eccentric in sex. Generally, people of this sign hate false moralism and talk openly about their own fantasies (sometimes very strange) and about their own sexual experiences, even if they are shameful.


The natives of this sign tend to have a well-developed critical sense and are particularly fond of areas that involve development for society as a whole. They like to be involved with activist and social causes, even if in a minimal way.

In the work environment, they are usually quite creative and innovative, and have a gift for adapting easily to changes. They stand out in group work, precisely because of their communication skills, they tend to be good leaders, committed to the company’s commitments and ideals. A negative side of this sign can be the impersonality in the work environment. Sun in Aquarius meaning


Aquarian children tend to have a lot of problems with controlling and conservative parents, as the natives of this sign have a very keen sense of independence and tend to question everything.

At the same time, and despite being contradicted many times, they like to dedicate themselves to their family members and maintain a positive dialogue with them. They don’t usually have the traditional dreams of building a family and they don’t see problems with being alone.

When they choose to be parents, they are usually close to their children, they like to be seen as friends and to give children freedom. They are not usually owl parents.


People with the Sun in Aquarius make friends easily, are original and sociable beings and with admirable philosophies of life, which attract people around them. They are not usually prejudiced and tolerate the faults of others, being very positive friends and not demanding reciprocity all the time. They understand people’s time.

They like to be surrounded by different people, many Aquarian friends have thoughts that are completely contrary to the ideals of these natives, but they still get along well.

It’s important to remember that in addition to the Sun, the other elements of your birth chart often define your personality a lot as well, so it’s important to delve into all of them. Sun in Aquarius meaning

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