Statue dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about statue really mean?

Dreaming about a statue means that changes are about to take place in your life. It can also represent a need to fill some void in your life, or that you need to be more firm with the situations in your life. Statue dream meaning

In real life, statues represent works of sculpture created with the intention of portraying a certain entity, whether imaginary or real.

Often, these statues portray a deity, saints or even angels, and in Catholicism they are usually ritually blessed, then receiving the name of image. 

But, dreams with a statue have other concepts and meanings. Dreaming about a statue can even mean big changes or a phase of transformation.

On the other hand, the meaning of dreaming about a statue can also represent the need to adopt a slightly firmer posture if you cannot handle certain situations.


If you dream of seeing a statue, it means that there is an emptiness inside you, and that you cannot fill that hole inside, causing you certain negative feelings.

Also, when you try to hide this emptiness, you end up lying to others, usually to those closest to you, which can hurt those people without your intention.

So avoid doing this. The best thing to do is to be truthful and discuss your feelings so you don’t hurt anyone and realize that this emptiness is not for life.

First, do a self-analysis to understand what this emptiness means and where it came from, so that you can work from it and develop that part that needs care and attention.

On the other hand, dreaming that you see a statue also has other symbologies, such as indicating that you are living in the midst of falsehood, that is, that you are being deceived by someone who represents an image (such as a statue) that will hardly be true . Statue dream meaning

If that’s the case, beware, no matter how beautiful the illusion is, it’s always better to live with reality, and people who cheat are always malicious.


Dreaming of building a statue can mean that good news is to come. If you are married, it can indicate that a new member will arrive in the family, and this will certainly represent the arrival of a new child, a baby that is on the way.

If you are not yet married, you can indicate that you will receive a marriage proposal very soon, great news for those who have been waiting for this for some time, right? 

Furthermore, dreaming of building a statue also refers to building your own plans.


When dreaming that you buy a statue, your subconscious indicates that you will have many joys in relation to your family, this can also refer to projects and abandoned wishes that can come true when you least expect it, symbolizing positive idealizations.

However, dreaming of buying a statue also has another representation, perhaps alerting you to your narcissistic way. If that’s the case, it’s time to work on your empathy and develop love for others. Self love is great, but overdoing it can ruin your relationships and your personal life in general.


Dreaming that you’re a statue can be frightening, it’s certainly terrifying if you’ve tried to move without success.

But when you dream that you are a statue, it is an indication that you are limited, perhaps very still, and that you need to develop attitudes and move more so that you do not fall into a state of lethargy. Statue dream meaning

So, be encouraged, start a project, make more friends, put your plans into practice and don’t wait for tomorrow, that is, wake up to life, because it’s passing by without you realizing it, don’t just be a spectator of your reality.


If you dream of a statue coming to life, it means that you want to make peace with someone, or even hope to rekindle some relationship that was abruptly ended.

Certainly this dream symbolizes your need to give life to something that may no longer exist, however, it is necessary to assess whether this broken friendship or the old frayed relationship are worth rescuing.

If you believe that these relationships can come alive again, go out in search of it, but if you analyze and find that it is really not worth the effort to resume this relationship, then wait, because life can surprise you with new friendships and relationships.

Besides, dreams in which the statue comes to life may represent the resumption of old projects, maybe it is a good time to continue plans that were interrupted before.


Dreaming of a crying statue can signify the passion and devotion you have for something or someone.

But beyond that, it can also indicate that you will be able to accomplish something almost impossible, symbolized in the dream by some kind of miracle.


Dreaming of a giant statue, a sculpture much larger than the real one, may indicate that you should take a little protection, because maybe fate will give you a big scare.

But take it easy, this doesn’t necessarily mean something bad. Just make sure you’re prepared in advance for this surprise without a big shake-up. Statue dream meaning


Dreaming about a statue of a known person can be a very funny dream or, in a way, even frightening.

But if you’ve dreamed of an acquaintance or a friend in the shape of a statue, it means that you must look beyond, perhaps another perspective needed to envision a solution that is difficult to find.

But, know that whatever you are looking for, the search is close to over. Through your ideals, you will recognize your goals and, primarily, achieve them.

If the statue is of a woman, it is good to remember her particular features: was the statue cheerful or with a serious countenance?

If she was smiling, it represents an outgoing, confident and intelligent woman; on the contrary, if she was serious, she represents a woman full of pride and a certain arrogance.

If the dreamer is a man, this reveals characteristics of the person you are getting involved with; if you are a woman, it may represent your own characteristics today.


Dreaming of a statue of a saint, that is, statues or sculptures of worship, can symbolize that you are afraid of some sin or improper attitude, as if you were reproving yourself for lying to God.

But, dreams of a statue like you see a statue of a saint also represent that other people around you share your idea or opinion, even if they don’t know it, a kind of worship of the same thing or person, like a devotion.     


Dreaming that you see many statues, or that you see many statues together in the same group, indicates that you may be sabotaging yourself, failing at something through your own mistakes. On the other hand, if these statues or sculptures represent gods, it actually symbolizes that you will have great success in a short time. So keep an eye out for future opportunities. Statue dream meaning

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