Star of David symbol meaning/Complete description


The  Star of David  or  Shield of David  is a symbol formed by the union of 2 overlapping triangles, resulting in a  6-pointed star  ( hexagram ). Star of David symbol meaning

It is a popular symbol of Judaism and its appearance occurred in the time of David (1003 BC – 971 BC), the greatest king of Israel, where the symbol was drawn on the shields of the combatants of his army.


The meaning of the Star of David is not accurate. Some sources indicate that it arose from the name of King David, whose letters in the Hebrew alphabet were triangular in shape, and which overlapped to form the star. Other sources say that the two triangles symbolize the union between the masculine and the feminine. Star of David symbol meaning

In the 12th century Jewish book “Eshkol Hakofer”, the symbol is no longer portrayed as just a seal and is now a protective amulet. This meaning remains alive today, where the star (hexagram) is strongly linked to the Jewish religion and the symbol that was used as an ornament also represents protection.

During the Nazi period, Jews were persecuted and murdered in what became known as the holocaust, and the Star of David symbol was sewn on the shirts of those who followed the religion, so that they could be identified in the concentration camps.

The hexagram is also present on the flag of Israel, the only largely Jewish country in the world.


Although it is sometimes associated with the Seal of Solomon (or Star of Solomon), there is no relationship between the two. The Star of David is formed by the union of 2 triangles that form the 6-pointed star and the Seal of Solomon, in turn, is formed by a 5-pointed star (pentagram).

The stars also symbolize different things. While the Star of David symbol is linked to Judaism and represents, among other meanings, union and protection, the Seal of David symbol represents magic and sorcery.

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