Seeing chains in dream/being chained/broken/of fire/dragging etc.

Meanings of Dreaming with Chain

Surely you’ve had one of those nightmarish nights where you felt trapped with no way out. Dreaming of chains is an unpleasant dream, but it happens to encourage you to act, to break free from your chains. In this article we will provide you information of Seeing chains in dream.

You don’t really know what’s going on in your dream, but it’s clear that the currents are the protagonists. You will certainly notice that feeling of violence implicit in some dream situations from which you want to wake up as quickly as possible or, which amounts to the same thing, escape. The fact that there are chains in your dream may be because you were kidnapped, but in any case, what you are is trapped.

What do dream about chain really mean?

With this, you can intuit the meaning of this dream, which you can in no way interpret literally, because it is not a precognitive dream either. But reflect on your own life. You are chained, you are tied up, you have no freedom. What or who are you chained to? It could be for your job, your partner, your family, or a way of life that isn’t what you want.

Think about it, it’s quite common. That one day something happens that makes you open your eyes and realize that all this time you have been acting in the wrong way, letting yourself be carried away by others and by what was expected of you and forgetting about yourself. You have lost sight of the goal, which is to be happy, and now you find these chains in your dreams to encourage rebellion.

Release. It’s time. That’s what this dream comes to tell you where the emotions are so negative they become a nightmare. But the nightmare occurs so that you can be aware of your vital moment and can act. Now that you know what’s happening to you, now that you know you’re in chains, you can wake up and start letting go.

dream of being chained

When you see a dream you are chained, it means that you feel chained, because there are many situations in your life that generate problems, frustration and stress, and that make you feel tied to your feet and hands, without being able to find the solution to the problems , it’s a strange dream, and that can sometimes turn into a nightmare, just try to breathe and achieve stability in your life, solve the negative of your reality and little by little you will see how you stop feeling chained or cornered by so many problems.

dream of broken chains

Seeing a dream with broken chains represents freedom, you may have solved a problem in your life and now you feel free, you feel calm and full of peace, so it’s good as you will achieve stability in your reality in the best possible way.

But it could also be that there is some problem from the past that you finally managed to solve and overcome, that makes you feel calm, happy and stable in your present life, because it’s always good to try to solve what oppresses us, what stresses us out and it fills us with doubt and stress because it is the only way to achieve peace and calm in our lives.

Dreaming of flaming chains of fire

This type of dream is very complicated and strong at the same time, as it means that you feel trapped or tied to the past, to some conflicting situation in your life that you still can’t overcome in your reality, because things are piling up, and It’s not just the problem, but your feelings about it, that you brought back from the past, so it’s time to overcome each problem, to accept what happened and to forgive, because it will be the only way to achieve peace and stability in your life, then focus on being able to find the solution to past problems that you feel chained to and you will see how things get better for you. Seeing chains in dream

Dreaming of chains and dragging them

Dragging chains in dreams symbolizes problems, you are a person who feels depressed, sad, full of problems and a lot of stress, because many problems have already passed, or conflict situations in your life that generate frustration and stress in you, and that just for you leads to maximum depression in your reality, you should gradually seek professional help or have the support of people close to your life to help you overcome these problems and gradually achieve happiness in your life. It is not normal to feel depressed , as this can lead to much more serious health problems in the future.

dream of chains in your hands

Seeing dreams with chains in your hands, whether they are attached to them or tied by the hands, means that you feel deprived of your freedom, or that you are avoiding problems or adversities in your reality, which makes you feel oblivious to many things, but not it’s good to leave the problems aside, you have to be aware of them, and work to resolve them, because in the future they can become serious personal and even emotional conflicts, so it will be necessary for you to take the problems and face them the best way. way possible, to gain your freedom and tranquility.

dreaming of foot chains

The foot chains are a symbolism of guilt, of conscience charge for something you did in your reality, you may have somehow attacked some important person in your reality and now you feel guilty for what you did, and if that happens , because the best option is to be honest with that person, apologize and move on, as there will be no other way to resolve the negative things in your life, then you will see how guilt disappears from your reality.

Dreaming of many chains

Seeing many currents in your life symbolizes the desire for full freedom in your life, where you can make a change of job or residence in order to achieve that stability and freedom you so much desire, so drastic changes in your life will be needed to be able to achieve peace and calm in your life, because you need stability and with these changes you can. Seeing chains in dream

dream of silver chains

The silver of your dreams is an indication that the relationships you’ve managed to build are very good and that their stability will last for a long time, whether they’re work, social or romantic with a special person, so don’t There’s nothing wrong with that kind of dream, because emotional stability is about to come into your life.

dream of gold chains

Gold chains in dreams symbolize stability, steadfastness, responsibility and lasting and successful changes in your life, so it’s a big dream and nothing to worry about as many good things can happen in your reality in all areas . You can get a better job, have a stable relationship, or even improve financially, which will always work for you.

dreaming of chains in the mouth

It’s a strange dream, but its meaning is associated with the maturity you have as a person, which you were able to reach by always working within yourself, making changes, strengthening your self-esteem and thus being able to have more peace and stability in your reality. I dream to see chains in the mouth, as they symbolize changes in your personality for the better, and this is positive, as it allows you to achieve greater changes in your life and thus be even more secure.

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