Saturn in the signs/complete description

Saturn characteristics in the signs

We generally know our Sun sign quite well, the one defined on the date we were born and which normally inserts us into a group, such as the Aryans, Taurus, Gemini, and so on. But, in addition to the sun sign, our personality is also defined by other stars and strategic points present in our birth chart, including the planet Saturn . Saturn in the signs

In Greco-Roman mythology, Saturn is the god of abundance and wealth, well known for his power to conquer and fight, after all, he mutilated his own father to reach power. He may be seen as cruel and troublesome, but in reality he is just objective and determined to achieve his own goals. It is also related to timing and planning ability.

Knowing the position of Saturn in your chart is very important for you to know your points of discipline and limitation, your determination and willingness to develop personal projects. Saturn is a sign of justice, and if you are in compliance with it, you will be able to achieve many of its plans. He spends about seven years influencing each sign.


People with Saturn in Aries tend to be quite balanced in pursuing their goals. They are generally optimistic and go to great lengths to reach a goal. They are very cautious people and take a while to make serious decisions, they can be a little indecisive and easily give up on something.

This combination can bring pessimism to the individual, making him resentful and even aggressive in some situations. The energies of Saturn, when they re-enter your sign throughout life, tend to bring about improvements in those aspects that make decision difficult.


People with Saturn in Taurus are often very responsible, especially with money. They can be extremely attached to money, succumbing to greed and greed and turning some people away because of these traits. Saturn in the signs

These are people who are emotionally insecure, but who feel good if they have financial comfort. They are quite stubborn and highly value their own ideals and choices. They need to get a little more emotional.


People with Saturn in Gemini can have problems expressing themselves, as they are very picky about who they want and do not want to relate to, picking them out and putting their own ideas and opinions in front of everyone when they actually feel insecure and inferior.

It is necessary to control low self-esteem and look for better ways to relate to other people. Recognizing your own value and understanding that you can transmit your thoughts without having to force the other to accept will make you do much better in society.


People with Saturn in Cancer may experience a sense of detachment and apathy, have difficulty making friends, and feel a little out of the world. They can be quite melancholy and needy, they are always looking for someone who wants to understand their particular universe and they are quite dramatic when they don’t get attention.

When they control their emotional impulses, they can be very balanced and have a calm look when making decisions. They learn easily, are very creative and enjoy dedicating themselves to family, friends and those they love most in life.


Individuals with Saturn in Leo may have times when they find it difficult to express their own ideas. They are generally seen as good leaders, but they are very demanding of themselves. They usually experience many crises when they are in a leadership position. Saturn in the signs

They tend to be very authoritarian, like to say what they came for, and expect a lot of respect and appreciation from others, but when that doesn’t happen, they tend to feel hurt pride. They are very creative people, but in circumstances where they don’t feel very cherished and special, they can become melancholy or dramatic. They like to be recognized.


People with Saturn in Virgo are often quite shy, although they like recognition for their work. They are usually very perfectionists and observant, manage to learn easily and are always willing to dedicate themselves to what they consider profitable and pleasurable.

They are very disciplined and optimistic people, who always look ahead. They can be a little obsessive and overly preoccupied, even with the smallest everyday things. When Saturn crosses your sign during your lifetime, it brings energies of more confidence and less shyness.


Saturn brings energies that are very connected to justice, and people with this combination often seek harmony wherever they are and are able to get along well with others.

They can be quite influenceable, as they listen a lot to those they admire. If you pay attention to the energies of Saturn, you will learn to feel safe enough to stick with your own ideas. They are very smart and balanced.


Competitiveness and assiduous pursuit of desires are very strong characteristics of those who have Saturn positioned in Scorpio. They are good strategists and always keep a vision for the future.

They can be quite cruel and vindictive if they feel they are being threatened. They are not good people to get into disputes with, as they go all the way, even if it hurts them. When they feel the good vibrations of Saturn, they become more emotional and empathetic, paying attention to other people. They also become more creative. Saturn in the signs


People with Saturn in Sagittarius can have difficulty maturing, are often indecisive and take irresponsible actions in life. They are pretty carefree people, but they need to learn to deal with an excess of good humor and restlessness.

They are very curious and intelligent, and usually accumulate a lot of experience and knowledge. When they feel the good energies of Saturn, they are able to be more focused and courageous, they finally choose a path and do very well in fulfilling it.


People with Saturn in Capricorn are very active professionally, have many ambitions, and are very serious and practical in their quest to achieve them. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so they can be emotionally cold.

These individuals are very good at planning things and seek a status of power and recognition, are quite proud of their achievements, and are often reserved. They are quite self-critical and accept no less than perfection of themselves in relation to their own careers.


People with Saturn in Aquarius usually have a very strong connection with justice and the desire to do good for others. They are very calm, rational people who are very concerned about the well-being of those around them. Saturn in the signs

Some problems that people of this sign can have are alienation from reality, as they can get lost in their own ideals of the world, and emotional coldness, because they like having the freedom to act as they want, without anyone intervening.


People with Saturn in Pisces have a very strong tendency to be sensitive and easily hurt. They are quite imaginative, so they do very well in jobs that need innovation.

They are quite concerned about the well-being of both those close to them, such as the family, who are generally attached throughout their lives, and people farther away from their social life. They are very idealistic and dreamy, they just need to learn to keep one of their feet on the ground in order not to be too disappointed in reality, because when that happens, they become pessimistic and melancholy.

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