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Sign of Sagittarius: Characteristics, Love, Personality, Qualities, Flaws – Complete

The Sagittarius native is endowed with a remarkable intelligence that manifests itself in all areas of his life. Passionate about traveling and discovering new places and people, his generosity is one of his main characteristics and he has an unequaled joy of living that needs to be shared with everyone around him. Sagittarius description

Can’t stand to see injustices. He is a born vigilante always fighting for the weak and the oppressed.

It is considered the sign of resilience, optimism and sincerity. For Sagittarius, the important thing is to feel good about yourself and everyone else. He can’t stand the idea of ​​having someone behind him pick up on him.


Ninth sign of the Zodiac, Sagittarians are those who were born between the 23rd of November and the 21st of December .

Sagittarians have Fire as their element and are ruled by Jupiter. In Sagittarius it is where man unveils his path through knowledge, seeking to unveil with greatness the meaning of life, always using his innate joy.

The sign comes after Scorpio and before Capricorn. The Sagittarius native is totally different from the Scorpio, who wants to have control over everything through the emotional. Sagittarians manage by understanding with superior knowledge. It is a Fire sign, like Aries and Leo, which stand out for their intensity and dynamism.

Sagittarians find their balance and complement in its opposite: the sign of Gemini. The sign Sagittarius represents energy in constant motion. It is a mutable sign, along with Gemini, Virgo and Pisces


Sagittarius is represented by the centaur in Greek Mythology. The being, who was strong and adventurous, had the image of half a man (head, back and arms of a human being) and half a horse (body and legs of a horse). In Roman Mythology, they were the intellectuals. They had in their hands a bow and an arrow, expressing all the authority and freedom, hallmarks of the sign. The arrow represents the search for conquest and destiny and, when launched, it travels a whole way, just like man, who is always looking for his transformation through intelligence, and these are the typical specialties of a Sagittarius. Sagittarius description


Sagittarius is positive and always seeks to renew itself, as it favors all kinds of change. He doesn’t like routine and is always looking for something new to escape the everyday.
Optimistic and creative, he has a natural facility for public speaking.

Its purpose in life is not to be bored. He loves to live unique and unusual experiences. He is an honest and sincere friend, always willing to give advice and listen. He runs away when he feels he’s going to get into conflict or have some kind of disharmony. It is typical of the Sagittarians’ personality to be aware of the strength of their word and know that they can hurt and hurt when their speech is filled with hatred or resentment.

Sports practice and mental exercise are also characteristic of Sagittarius. He likes any type of sport and is a good reader, always informed and looking for a good reading.


A characteristic phrase of Sagittarius is: I understand and believe. He has an incredible gift for making people laugh, and through these laughs, Sagittarians bring hope and life, always bringing light where there is darkness.

Sign of Sagittarius – Characteristics – restless, they have a positive outlook on life, always in high spirits and going in search of their dreams. However, they often believe themselves to be the owners of the truth and show arrogance. As they cannot be calm, this makes them lose things they have achieved, which are often contradictory.

Ruled by Fire, Sagittarians have a teacher side to their personality that has a lot to teach. But, throughout life, the Sagittarius native can bring instability in his bag, causing insecurity to people who approach him. Sagittarius description

One of the characteristics of Sagittarius is life. They are essentially independent and outgoing. As a Fire sign, they like to complete all their tasks without a lot of beating around the bush.


Regarding the profession, the Sagittarius sign loves to be stimulated intellectually and emotionally. The professions that best match are those that combine freedom with intellect. A born speaker, he is a great promoter. As it does not support the lack of justice, it can play a great role in the area of ​​law.


Sagittarians often expose themselves through their gift of speech. It talks about you a lot, and that contributes to your ego. He often talks too much and ends up making mistakes for using a unique sincerity, and he regrets not having kept his mouth shut.

Sagittarius is annoyed by his exaggerated enthusiasm and is sometimes seen as a person with no limits to excitement. The native of the sign Sagittarius often lacks a little moderation with words. Despite having an excellent oratory, he is not always tactful.


Sagittarius natives have an incredible gift for fellowship and demand sincerity. She is always open-minded and adventurous, but likes to be in control in the relationship. Very loyal and friendly, he does not accept betrayal. Even if you manage to forgive, you won’t be interested in staying in that relationship.

As he is very restless, it is essential that the person next to him gives him stability, as he does not like to feel insecure. Sagittarius doesn’t like to be tied to the relationship, the feeling of imprisonment bothers him deeply.


Sagittarius, in general, has a keen taste for love, with acidic and carnal relationships. He escapes from routine, but likes to be the ideal lover. As he is from the Fire element, his temperament makes him break away from everyday life, impressing those beside him. Sagittarius description

In a relationship of love or friendship, the signs that best match Sagittarius are:

– Libra – is a relationship full of complicity, you must always be aware of the carnal ones because they cause different ambitions.

– Aries – is a couple to succeed in everything, but it is necessary to use the Sagittarius’ patience to deal with the Aries. A sincere and beneficial relationship for both.

– Leo – this relationship has everything to achieve happiness, creativity and good humor will be important for happiness in this relationship.

– Twins – opposites fit together, a relationship to work, the relationship between the two will always be one of conversations, parties, travels and happiness.


The Age of Sagittarius is from 6,001 to 4,000 BC. C. Its foundation was to facilitate transport and keep communication exercised and active. His main stimulus was to go further, improve knowledge, achieve wisdom and be able to conquer all foreign lands. Polarity appears here, where opposites complement each other, as is the case with Sagittarius and Gemini. Sagittarius description

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