Rape dream meaning/being raped/witnessing/attempted/relative etc.

Dreaming of rape

The interpretation of dreams is an art and a technique at the same time that it consists of assigning meaning to the various elements that appear in dreams, generating great intrigue and curiosity in wanting to understand the reason for this dream. Our unconscious mind makes it easier to dream every night, yet on many occasions we don’t even remember any dreams. Rape dream meaning

This is because our dreams are deep and our conscious mind cannot remember anything, this means that our mind can reach a level of unconsciousness and dream implausible situations.

Incredibly this to you every night we dream, and we have a totally different dream, what happens is that we do not always remember what we dream and all its content and details are also no different.

Dreams are a natural part of the physiological processes that our bodies carry out. Our mind is able to rest, eliminate fatigue, tensions, worries and stress dreams, that’s why, in dreams, real events are mixed with fantasies, different time plans, geographical spaces never visited, in short dreams are a difficult mixture to define and they vary from person to person.

Lying in our beds, we travel through fantastical worlds, recreate and relive our fears and obsessions, each night expedition tells us about the worries that remain in our heads, our mindsets forged by experience, so it’s important to understand well the message hidden in our dreams because they help us to understand ourselves better.

Since ancient times, different civilizations have tried to decipher dreams, with their successes and their mistakes. Some from a more esoteric point of view, others from a more scientific conception. But, for everyone, the search has always been to understand the meaning and, if possible, avoid the consequences, if they are negative or favor the occurrence if they are positive.

What do dream about rape really mean?

Rape, as its name implies, are violent and unpleasant events, it is one of the worst experiences that a human being can live, an experience that no one wants to live or remember, in the unfortunate case of having lived them, much less dreaming of that. Rape dream meaning

It can happen, as a spectator or as a protagonist, it is a painful and regrettable fact, and we immediately assume that the feeling associated with this dream is negative, unpleasant and disgusting.

When we dream of aggression, whatever its nature, whether physical, verbal, or sexual, that dream reveals our own inner anguish. We must not make the mistake of inferring that this is an ominous fact of the possible experience of such a fact.

Likewise, it is a dream that does not stop being violent and it is normal to feel discomfort when waking up and infer that it may be something premonitory. In our dreams, aggressions are related to our fears, those that we experience in our lives, where perhaps we seem to handle them very well.

Maybe in our life we ​​are going through a difficult and complicated situation, we are facing a drastic change in our way of life, this always represents anguish and anxiety, although we believe that we are in control of the situation, our unconscious mind reflects, somehow, this feeling that produces the stress generated by our life situation, and the mind deceives us until we believe what this dream tells us.

dreaming of being raped

When rapes appear in our dreams or rape dreams, it symbolizes that we are entering a phase where we are somehow losing control of our lives, it means that we feel vulnerable and helpless in the face of the world. We feel that the people around us are capable of harming us and this creates a situation of deep and high stress for us.

Dreaming that we are victims of intimate violence reveals how deeply we are hurt and how we feel and how we are at a point where the situation overwhelms us, involves us and involves us in an absolutely unpleasant feeling that goes against itself and that also makes us feel increasingly devalued as a man or a woman and, in general, as a person.

Sexual assault, rape, is an imposition, something undesirable, so that our dream reflects a real situation, someone or some situation that overwhelms us and forces us to live situations we really don’t want, it’s a cry on our part. mind that demands your freedom, to live what you want to live. Rape dream meaning

This kind of dream, from another perspective, can be a consequence and has its origin in a growing and complex sense of guilt for something that, although it was decided voluntarily, threatens our beliefs and values ​​and offends us deeply in our essence and dignity.

This feeling of guilt makes you feel that you should be punished. At this point, we must also add an important aspect that marks us from an early age: the relationships we had with the important men in our life, perhaps in your life we ​​have experienced traumas in our relationships with siblings, relatives, relatives or any other male figure, that somehow could have been a cause of trauma.

This kind of dream is nothing more than an unconscious revelation of what we feel because of the way men treated us in real life. This dream is common in women who have never had sex, that is, they are virgins who are afraid to experience a sexual encounter, although on the other hand they desire it and because of this fear itself, which is a fixed idea in their mind. These kinds of dreams come to mind.

dreaming of witnessing a rape

Sometimes, in dreams, there are situations in which we do not participate. Dreams are described as situations that happen before our eyes. These dreams may reflect the feeling of being stuck in a situation in which you have no opportunity to intervene.

In dreams there are violations of different kinds, whether physical, verbal or sexual; they directly reflect a person’s mood. This dream indicates that we feel vulnerable and helpless to what is happening around us. This vulnerability prevents us from reacting in a timely manner in any situation. Rape dream meaning

They are also common dreams in people who have been harmed. They occur during periods of stress and depression, so when these dreams become recurrent it is advisable to seek professional help. It is possible that the person begins to show other symptoms that reflect a lack of self-esteem.

Also, witnessing a rape may reflect genuine concern that it might happen in real life. These dreams can be caused by a period of difficulty, as the person is expressing his own fears through this dream. The people who show up there may be the ones we care about.

Dreaming that we kill a rapist

Dreaming that we’ve killed a rapist means we’re in love and let our emotions get carried away. You need to learn to control yourself, especially nerves and anger, that way we’ll be able to live better, more peacefully, and fulfill the goals we’ve set.

Dreaming of a sexual assault

Dreams in which there are references to different aspects of sexuality are one of the most difficult to interpret. They usually reflect some real situation where the person having this dream feels that he or she is being subjected or violated. Sometimes they reflect the need for freedom as well as the need to satisfy some desire.

Sometimes this kind of dream occurs when a relationship crisis is happening in real life. They are dreams in which a person’s deepest thoughts are manifested. The need to express oneself and express some emotions may be causing a state of anguish, which generates this type of dream.

Furthermore, some opinions hold that these dreams reflect feelings of guilt. It is possible that a very important recent conflict is the source of these feelings. Also on some occasions, feelings related to envy and revenge can be reflected in this way. Rape dream meaning

When dreams of this kind recur, it is always advisable to review the personal relationships we maintain. That is, it is possible that these dreams are warning signs to reconsider or make changes in behavior. Possibly, unconsciously, we know that we are causing some kind of harm to those close to us.

dreaming of attempted rape

This dream means that you still have doubts about your profession and your sexuality. We recommend that you don’t do things you don’t want or aren’t willing to do, because only you can make decisions about your life.

This dream is also common in people who engage in sexual practices just to satisfy their partners and now don’t feel good about themselves, so we insist that you only do things you feel comfortable with.

Dreaming that they raped a person I know

When we dream that it is another person who has been raped, it may indicate that we have conflicts with that person, that we may have experienced a betrayal or some other problematic experience with that person and, out of resentment with that person, we may wish and live, dreams, this experience.

This speaks to the fact that we are giving way to deep resentments that drag us down and sink into our own poison. It’s low feelings and destructive and harmful desires that destroy the person feeling it more than the person they feel it for, because he isn’t even aware of it.

The warning message about this dream is that when we wish evil for others, we attract it to ourselves. Recreating evil, even in dreams and enjoying bad things that happen to others, is an impoverishing feeling that robs us of joy and happiness. Rape dream meaning

Dreaming of rape of a relative

Dreaming about the violation of a family member in dreams can be similar in terms of meaning to the violation of an acquaintance, this dream wants to express a feeling of anguish that is within us towards this family member.

The fact that we dream about this person will only be related to a genuine concern that something will happen to him. We certainly experience a strong bond of connection with this person and we don’t want anything bad to happen to them.

Our concern for this person is that we have this dream. Maybe in real life, this person is a concern for us because they’re going through difficulties or maybe they’re going to go through it and we feel like it’s happening to us.

Dreaming that I’m raped and I still feel pleasure

When we dream that we are victims of rape, it would be normal to feel rejection, but despite this, the bodily sensations we experience during or when we awaken from it are of a certain pleasure or a feeling of pleasure and even relief, although this seems absurd to us. When we hear rape, we immediately feel disgust and rejection.

Rape is one of the worst experiences a human being can experience, but in the case of dreams, if that experience, against all logic, turns upside down and the sensations it connects us with are of pleasure, it means that It’s an experience that, in some way and to a certain degree, we’re looking forward to. Rape dream meaning

If by living the experience of dreams of being attacked, instead of rejecting, we produce pleasure, enjoy, cause morbidity and even increase your sexual desire, this is a possible indicator that you are expressing that you need such experiences .

Nature and that dark desire comes to the fore, perhaps because of a feeling you couldn’t handle, perhaps because you want to break away from the monotony or boundaries that surround you and cannot do so while you are awake.

It may be that you reveal yourself against the life you lead and, although this act is an act of repression deep down, you know that you will move forward and that everything will be fine, hence this feeling of pleasure that you experience. This dream can also mask a disorder, something that arises in dreams because you are not allowed to wake up.

Dreaming that they were trying to sexually assault me, but I managed to escape

When we dream that someone doesn’t try to sexually assault, but we run away, the fact that we dream of a situation as difficult as it is, but manage to overcome it, suggests the arrival of drastic and very important changes in our daily routine.

It may be that we don’t feel valued as a person or that our relationship is going through a difficult time, but we haven’t made the decision to make that change.

Rape is a cat that we are subjected to and left without decision-making power, but if we manage to escape, it represents a premonitory fact related to something good that is coming to us.

Dreaming of rape and escaping something as difficult as rape is overcoming violence and imposing our strength on it and imposing our rights. This dream is not only positive in the dream itself, but it means that good things will come into your life, because of your power and determination. Rape dream meaning

Maybe it’s a new job offer, a lifestyle change, a change, a change in the country you live in or a new partner.

Dreaming of rape by someone else

If, instead of dreaming that we or ourselves are the ones attacked, but that someone we know is raped, its meaning may be related to a conflict we have with that person.

Maybe it’s a friend or family member who has betrayed us and therefore we don’t trust that person too much, who will be subjected in the same way we submit to lying or their actions in real life.

If in the dream the person who is raped is shown helplessly, this has a lot to do with our own personality. In another being, we reflect what we feel in our waking life.

We know that the life we ​​lead, conditioned by what they say or how they judge us, is not what we want, but we don’t do anything either.

Dreaming of rape of a family member

Dreaming a family member can be something like dreaming about someone you know being raped. There is an anguish inside us that has to do with this relative.

The fact that we dream about this person will only be related to our concern that something will happen to him. We certainly feel a strong bond with this person and we don’t want anything bad to happen to them. Rape dream meaning

Our own concern is what drives us to violate the dream, since we are the ones who generate this kind of dream. Maybe in our waking life, our family member is going through a bad time, or maybe he has one and we’ll feel like it happened to us in our own person.

dreaming of raping our daughter

Something similar happens with a parent’s dream in which they rape a daughter. Dreams of children have a lot to do with the deep relationship we have with them; therefore, this dream reveals our greatest concern that something bad will happen to them.

A breach in a dream is always something to do with the fact that there is a negative feeling inside of us. In the case of the rape of a daughter, there is a concern that, for some parents, it becomes a bit obsessive, so that the dream ends up being recurrent.

We must let the sons, in this case the daughter, live their own lives. We cannot think that, because we dream of its violation, it will occur in real life.

dreaming that we escaped rape

Dreaming that we are able to escape a violation suggests the arrival of a major change in our daily routine. We may feel unappreciated or perhaps not happy with the person who shares our life, but we also don’t have the courage to say it or make it clear.

The rape is the act in which our apathy and inaction are related, but dream that escaped him has to do with something ominous or what is to come. If you run away, not only is it a good thing in the dream, but it also means that a big change you had not planned is about to take place in your life.

Maybe you get a job offer that forces you to move house, or you find a new partner radically different from the one you had. Rape dream meaning

Dreaming that we are the aggressors or we rape

If, in the dream, we are the aggressors or rapists, this is closely related to the fact that we feel lost in our own life and not really wanting to do anything or try to change our lives.

We are unable to see what we are doing wrong and are always on the defensive to get closer to ourselves and force others to come closer.

This selfish attitude makes you behave like an aggressive person in the dream, capable of raping someone else and not the other way around. So if you don’t want to suffer or suffer this kind of dream, you better change your attitude and solve all these problems. problems you have with yourself and those around you. Rape dream meaning

dreaming of being accused of rape

Sometimes we act without thinking, we don’t measure our actions and we are not aware of the consequences, for example, being punished for doing something. Dreaming of being accused of rape is a normal dream and indicates the fear we have that he will come to light and punish us for something we have done.

It can be a sign of that, we don’t realize that we are hurting other people, that’s why we sometimes have the feeling that there are people who are pulling away from us. We recommend that you reflect on other people’s attitudes, reactions and opinions.

Dreaming of taking pleasure in raping

Some dreams can be considered unconscious revelations of repressed feelings. Some opinions hold that dreams in which sexual intercourse occurs may indicate some kind of fear or unfulfilled desire. It is one of the most difficult dreams to interpret because many factors must be considered.

If this kind of dream occurs in a man, it may indicate his desire to want to have power or gain a person’s trust. It is also related to the need to defend yourself from people who seek to harm you. Being the person who commits this act of violence indicates that in real life the person seeks to be in control. However, in the case of being the person violated in the dream, this would indicate otherwise.

In the case of women, these dreams have a multitude of possible interpretations. One of them is related to the fear of experiencing new situations not necessarily related to the sexual sphere. It may also reflect the fear of being in a relationship or, instead, want to avoid experiencing any kind of physical pleasure. Rape dream meaning

Another interpretation suggests that there is likely an increase in people’s sexual desire. It also reflects the need to break away from the daily monotony. Perhaps the excess of responsibilities or work makes the person feel the need to feel some kind of pleasure.

On the other hand, when a woman dreams that she is exerting this aggression, it may indicate that she feels anger or rage. These are dreams that manifest when we detect an act of betrayal. They also reflect resentments toward the person we would be attacking during the dream. Different types of conflicts can be related to this type of dream.

The need to destroy or harm other people may also be reflected in the act of aggression we are performing in the dream. It also indicates that we are being drawn to this type of violence, but it does not necessarily indicate that we want to recreate a real-life rape. Viewed from another perspective, it indicates an implicit desire to enjoy the pain of others.

dreaming of a nice rape

It’s no secret that rape is a form of sexual assault, but in certain cases it happens that while we’re dreaming we can experience a pleasant, relieved, even pleasant feeling, even if it sounds a little crazy.

Yes, sexual assault is the worst experience anyone could have, although in the dream it could be quite the opposite, and see only the desire or desire one has to have sex.

Take into account if you notice bad feelings in your body and fear, as this means it is a violation, but otherwise it gives you pleasure and I undo it, take it for granted that the dream is a sign that you have the desire .

Dreaming that I’m raped and I still feel pleasure

When we dream that we are victims of rape, it would be normal to feel rejection, but despite this, the bodily sensations we experience during that dream or when waking up from it, are of a certain enjoyment or a feeling of pleasure and even relief, although it seems absurd to us. When we hear rape, we immediately feel disgust and rejection. Rape dream meaning

Rape is one of the worst experiences that a human being can experience, but in the case of dreams, if this experience, against all logic, is reversed and the sensations with which it connects us are of pleasure, that is, that it is a experience that somehow and at a certain level we are wanting.

If, when living the experience of the dream of being attacked, instead of rejection it gives us pleasure, we like it, caused morbidity and even makes you increase your sexual desire, this is a possible indicator that you are expressing that you have a need for experiences of this nature and for this tenebrous desire to surface, perhaps for a feeling that you have not been able to bear, perhaps because you want to break away from the monotony or the limits that surround you and cannot do it while you are awake.

It may be that you reveal yourself against the life you lead and although this act is an act of repression, deep down you know that you will progress and that everything will be fine, hence this feeling of pleasure that you experience. This dream can also mask a disorder, something that arises in dreams because you are not allowed to wake up.

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